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Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Things I Love

Happy Valentine’s Day!!  If you follow my blog then you probably love many of the same things I do. So today, the day of love, I thought celebrating Valentine’s Day with things I love would be a good idea. Since my list is long, I shortened it up … otherwise we’d be here all day! In no particular order, here are just a few of my favorite things.

{ Home Decor }

Collection of White Ironstone PitchersWhite ironstone is definitely on the top of my list of things I love.

Some of my favorite pitchers are here in the hutch.

The interior is painted Duck Egg Blue to make the white pop. Love this look!


Town-and-Country-Living-KitchenI admit … I do love my farmhouse kitchen. A lot of heart and soul was poured into this room. We added the bead board, painted the entire room more than once … the baseboards and trim were a bright kelly green and the walls a too-bright yellow when we moved in! I feel like we breathed new life and energy into this once tacky room.


Bead Board on a Farmhouse HutchWe have lots of bead board in the kitchen … and bead board is another thing I love! Although this built-in hutch was the same kelly green as the trim, I saw its beautiful potential. It was one of the first things I painted when we moved here.


Farmhouse Cottage Dining RoomThe dining room is another thing I love, because we put a lot of work into this room too. There was a huge modern mirror on the wall with the two paintings. I took it down and gave it to a friend who had just moved into a new house herself. I ripped out the carpet, painted the floors and added the bamboo rug. The walls are painted Steamed White (from Lowe’s) and I painted the table and chairs, which I’ve had for years!


Farmhouse Front Porch in the SummertimeCelebrating Valentine’s Day with things I love has to include my front porch.

Sometimes I just sit out here and enjoy the warm breezes, the singing birds, and beautiful butterflies.

Once in awhile I’m lucky enough to spy a sweet hummingbird drinking from the impatiens.


Farmhouse Cat on a Front Porch SwingTaffy likes to sit out here with me. I love my kitties, too!!


{ Simple Flowers }

Simple Tulip Centerpiece in Farmhouse Dining RoomFlowers!  I LOVE Flowers! They are God’s creation and I’m forever in awe when I see their colors spattered across a field. Riotous colors that mingle and mix and never clash. During winter, I have to settle for store bought flowers, like these precious tulips.


Country Wildflowers in an Enamelware PitcherBut in the summer I can pick fresh bunches of wildflowers from the field …


Yellow Wildflowers in a White Enamelware Pitcher… or clip them from the garden just outside the back door.


White Queen Anne's Lace in Blue Ball Mason JarThe simplest of flowers look grand in a blue mason jar.


Roses and Carnations in Vintage White PitchersRoses and carnations look sweet in vintage white pitchers.

I like to arrange my own flowers … they’re less fussy that way.


{ Country Living }

Big Red Barn in the Illinois CountrysideWhile I’m out collecting flowers, I like to admire all the big red barns we have around here.


The Beauty of a Farm Field in the CountryI love the beauty of God’s creation, which is boldly evident in the country.

I feel blessed to be able to enjoy His magnificent scenery.


Country Wedding in IllinoisMy daughter Bridget enjoyed a country wedding. It was beautiful!


{ Family }

Family Portrait at a Country WeddingI saved the best for last!

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with things I love wouldn’t be complete without my family.


Couple o Silly MunchkinsI hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day with some of the people you love!

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  1. Your home is so pretty! Love all the white pitchers and when they’re filled with flowers it just adds that bit of Spring we all need right now. Happy Valentine’s!

  2. I want an all white color pallate so that I can play with any accent color at a whim! You are lucky to have the options to enjoy a rainbow of color pops of your choice. I can dream,!

  3. Oh ! Beautiful!! I love looking at your white home and wish I could start over, not possible however!
    Thanks for sharing all your talents ! Cookie

  4. Just Beautiful Jennifer. Love all your pretty memories and pictures. My fav is your porch. You might just look out someday this summer and find me sitting on your porch enjoying the cool breezes of summer and enjoying that lovely view. Oh I hope we see that beauty soon.
    Happy Valentine’s Day.

  5. I love having a white bright kitchen as well. The brightness makes me feel alive, specially first thing in the morning. In the picture showing the white ironstone in your hutch, I love the pitcher on the bottom right. So pretty!!! I also collect white ironstone and have them on display in my kitchen. Your kitchen is gorgeous!!!

    Your daughter’s wedding looks very beautiful!!!

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!!