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Do you long to be more organized at home but you keep putting it off? I stumbled across The Complete Book of Home Organization by Toni Hammersley and am so in love with it, I have to share a free copy with one of my readers. To enter win a copy of the book, simply leave a comment below telling me you want to be entered for the drawing. (This post contains affiliate links.)

The Complete Book of Home Organization by Toni Hammersley


The book is written by the same person who blogs at A Bowl Full of Lemons. I reached out to Toni and asked if I could share a few photos of the inside of the book, to which she graciously said yes. Toni has a fabulous blog – be sure to visit her!

The book is divided into weeks, instead of chapters. So the idea is that your home (and even your car) can become organized within 15 weeks.

The Complete Book of Home Organization by Toni Hammersley


Each week is further divided into numbered tips, making it easy to read and follow.

The Complete Book of Home Organization


I was surprised at the beautiful photos of rooms and vignettes. I wasn’t expecting to see such pretty photos in a book about home organization (which is part of why I fell in love with it).

See how to organize every room in your house.


When I saw this bathroom sink, it reminded me of my upstairs bathroom. I felt like it was a sign that I was supposed to buy the book. When you live in an old house like mine, you don’t have a lot of storage options. So it’s nice to see a book that provides solutions for charming old homes that have very few closets.

See how to organize every room in your house.


I’ve already gained lots of great organizational tips. And the book is enjoyable to read and browse through since it’s filled with plenty of eye candy, too.

See how to organize every room in your house.


I’ve added it to a stack of some of my favorite books. It may take me longer than 15 weeks to get organized, but I’ve definitely gotten started!

The Complete Book of Home Organization


If you’d like to enter to win a free copy of The Complete Book of Home Organization, just leave a comment below telling me you want to enter.

If you can’t wait to win a copy, you can purchase the book on Amazon.

The Complete Book of Home Organization

The winner will be announced next Saturday, February 11th. Good Luck!!


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  1. I’d love to win this book … it’s just what I need at this time in my life.im a highly organized woman but since my brain surgery 11 months ago, I sometimes feel Overwhelmed with my new challenges and at times can’t even keep my thoughts organized let alone my home. I am moving to a brand new small apartment soon and after owning the” big family house “- not sure how that will work???? I could use this to help me with the challenge I’ll be confronted with –
    Barbie -elem school teacher 26 yrs/ 53 yrs young/ wife of nearly 30 yrs and a …#blessedwoman

  2. Many thanks for the chance to win the Orfanization book! Believe me. organizing is what some of our rooms need! Thanks again.

  3. My house is so disorganized since I had my one year old – there is clutter all around and it’s driving me CRAZY (is there anything in the book about organizing toys?) – I would love to win this book!! ????

  4. I would love nothing more than to win a copy of this book. I have looked at it several times, but unfortunately I never have the “spare change” needed to buy it. I have inherited 6 households full of antiques and things I know are expensive, I just don’t know how to decorate with them. This book would really help me learn to combine the items from the 1800-2013.
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win!!!

    Rena Abraham

  5. Would love to win this book, but if I don’t I’m still going to order it. I love to organize because I love containers of every type but sometimes I put things into a container when something else or some other way would work better – just to have another container. Maybe this book or the suggestions contained in it would help me “think outside the container.”

  6. I would love a copy. I am constantly organizing, which is fun for a while, then is endless and frustrating. I could really use help.

  7. I would love to win this book on home organization. I could use some organization in my life right now.

  8. Sure would like to Win 🙂 I’m living in older small house. It feels like I should have closets in every wall but I don’t want to.

  9. Please enter me in the drawing for Toni’s book. It looks beautiful and creative. Boy, I could really use some help organizing. I have limited space to store things so I could use her insight on how to get the most out of the space I currently have. Thank you.

  10. I have just moved to a slightly smaller apartment and need to get rid of some clutter. And to get organized at the same time would be perfect! 🙂 So I would love to win this book if it can be sent to Norway.

  11. I think I’m pretty well organized but there always something that needs a little help. I’d love to have the book to help with that and (maybe more so) the lovely photographs for inspiration 🙂

  12. I would love to win because I just moved into a house built in 1913. It is a beautiful home but I need ideas, organizational tiips and just ways to do things and also keep it updated on a yearly basis. I have RA, Fibro, Lupus and some other medical problems and I REALLY need a way to stay organized and updated by not putting me in too much stress all the time. Good luck to all and God Bless each of you!

  13. What a gorgeous and practical book! Would love to a copy so I can achieve optimal home organization. Thank you kindly!

  14. Id like to enter my name into this awesome giveaway (thank you Town and Country Living and Bowl Full of Lemons)! I am a creative, and like many in that arena, organization is something I have to work hard at. I’ve made a lot of strides over the years, but definitely could use this book to help me even more. It looks like it is not only very helpful, but also very pretty to look at.

  15. It looks like a great book to have and learn. I am so glad she agreed to let you put pics on your blog, because I’m not sure I would have seen it otherwise. I love your charming house and I read your blog every week. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy for myself. See you Sunday for home tours

  16. Oh wow, what a neat book! I’m living in and remodeling a 1930’s home and the lack of closets is a real thing. ???? If I don’t happen to win this book, I may just have to order it as a Valentine’s gift for myself. ????

  17. Well, I guess you should count me in. This morning my husband forwarded an email to me about clearing away clutter in our home. Enough said.

  18. I’d like to win! We moved into our home 2 years ago and immediately started the renovations. I’m looking forward to the day when there will be a place for everything and I think this book will help me with visualizing it! THANKS!

  19. I so would love to win this book. We recently became empty nesters and a whole lot of purging needs to be done.

  20. I, too would love to have this wonderful book! “Why you ask???” 2 years ago I moved back to my home state after living in my own home near Sacramento CA for 36 years where I had about 2400 square feet and a three car garage…lots of storage space! So what did I store? Well after retiring I started my own re-design business so I had lots of “décor items” for my client’s use in their homes and of course the usual garage stuff,
    Now I am trying to live in a darling 1492 sq. foot apartment!!! Can you even imagine that!!! I won’t go into the details but so far it’s not a pretty sight. So you can see, I really NEED this book!

  21. Please enter me in the book giveaway. I’ve lived alone in my house for nearly 25 years and while I think I’ve done a good job of staying organized – my sisters make fun of me for the containers and labels in my pantry – I’ve started updating, in some manner even if just paint, nearly every room of my home. My problem is keeping (and organizing) way too much stuff. I need a kick in the pants to get me to do the “keep/donate/throw away phase of organizing and hopefully this book will do just that. Thanks to you and the author for offering it.

  22. I am a bookaholic and if you could see my house, you’d understand why I so desperately need this gorgeous book. Please, please, consider my plight snd help me to regain sanity!!
    A Long Time Follower in Need of Help!

  23. I would certainly love to win this book! I am retired and two years ago my daughter moved back home due to some unfortunate events. My son has gone back to university to finish his degree and is also living with me at this time. So that means extra furniture and STUFF!!! Seems like every corner has STUFF! Some organizing ideas would be greatly appreciated !!!

  24. I would love to win this book! I need all the help I can get when it comes to organizing my home. Thanks for the chance to win!

  25. My kids have moved out and I want to make a craft room. This would be so helpful in helping me set it up.

  26. Hi Jennifer!
    I totally agree it’s a fantastic book!ive had for a few months now and I have to be honest, I haven’t done anything with it yet (busy lives etc!). Although I have been slowly reorganising parts of my house and life, this is a timely reminder. Reading your post this morning has rekindled my interest so I will dust off my book and re-read it over a good cup of coffee.
    Good luck to all the other participants and I wish the winner joy with her new book.

  27. Yes I would like to enter to win the book. I tried to order the book from amazon but I live in Greece and I cant. ????????????

  28. Please enter me! I love the book and would love to get organized in my home. I have so much clutter, and I think if I can organize things I would be able to know where everything is. Thank you for such a nice giveaway opportunity!

  29. I’d love to win this book, I’m not the best at organizing a house and this seems like it would really help me out.

  30. Thank you for giving us a chance at this wonderful book! I am a fairly organized person, however, I was just divorced & my brain doesn’t seem to want to re~engage in the process! I’m selling my home & down~sizing from 2500 sq ft to just over 900 sq ft & will need all the help I can get in trying to make my smaller home organized & comfortable, while at the same time, purging, donating, & re~organizing what I need & love! Thanks again & happy weekend* 😀

  31. Thank you for another chance to win the organization book…do we ever get enough information on all the things it takes to run the house. Organization just seems to slip through the cracks with a lot of the other things on that long list. What a treat for me as well as my family to get organized and make our home truly our home again. Time flies and that disorganization’s ugly head rears up without being noticed until you visit a friend and see their organized home…what a wake-up call!!!!!Make it mine please! Peace, norma

  32. Oh goodness, I NEED this book! My home is an old log cabin, about 700 square feet and with very little storage of any kind. Combine that with a book lover, vintage collector, several pets and no time to do anything, and you have a mess!! This is my year of purge, so I NEED this book!

  33. I most definitely would love to win this book. I’m working on minimalism and organization every day and would love this as a guide. I’ll give it a try and most definitely tell my friends all about the process as I go, too! Looks like the amazing photos are exactly the kind of motivation I would need to keep me going, too. The author of this book probably had someone like me in mind when she wrote it! This is definitely my year! It’s been a process for sure.

  34. I would love to win this book. I’ve always been drawn to the cover photo and the photos from inside the book that you have shown us are just as beautiful. That pantry looks amazing. Thanks for the great contest.

  35. I would love to win this book. I’ve always been drawn to the cover photo and the other pictures you have shown us are just as beautiful. That pantry is amazing. Thanks for the great contest.

  36. I would love to win this book. Living in an apartment always leads me to trying to find clever ways to store and organize all of our things.

  37. I would love to win this book, I NEED to win this book. I am so unorganized, I definitely would use it to get my home in a
    better place. Such a beautiful book, with practical advice. Thanks.

  38. I would love to have this book! I grew up in a big 12 room Victorian style farmhouse and we had that exact sink in the only bathroom! People voice negative opinions when I replaced builder grade sink/cabinets with pedestal sinks. “Well you won’t have any storage!” I traded ugly storage for style!

  39. Adoro decoração e organização, quero muito ganhar este livro, sei que irá me ajudar muito com dicas e informações. Moro em um apartamento pequeno e qualquer ajuda para organizar e otimizar espaço faz toda a diferença. Além do mais irei indicar a leitura do livro para outras pessoas. Aguardando ansiosa para ganha-lo.

  40. Jennifer, I would love to have this book. My husband and I will be retiring within the next few years and I need to begin downsizing. I am very hopeful that as I begin culling away items which won’t be with us in our next move that I learn to organize the things that we will be taking with us.

    Ready and waiting to see what you come up with tomorrow

  41. This is a beautiful book. It’s on my wish list at my favourite book store. What a joy it would be to win it. We are downsizing from a large home to a much smaller one at the end of this month (we are empty nesters) and I’ve got lots of organizing to do when we settle there. Thank you for the opportunity. And good luck to all!

  42. Looks like a great book. The weekly assignments to be completed in 15 weeks sound like a doable plan.

  43. I would love to win this book. I have two young children and work full time. Trying to stay organized is a daily challenge in our house!

  44. I would love to win this book! There are quite a few areas in my home that need some organizing. I’m always searching new ideas too 🙂

  45. The timing for this book couldn’t be better. I’m recovering from hand surgery and there is little I can actually do for myself right now. I’m obsessed with scanning blogs that provide direction for organizing and restyling our home. Kind of gives me ideas and motivation for completing physical therapy. I would love to read this book. Thanks for the opportunity….loving your blog. Good luck everyone!

  46. Jennifer I would love to win this book! My husband and I will soon be moving from the 2000 square foot home we raised our four children in to a 1600 square foot home that we have been remodeling for the last 2 years. We have been in our present home for 43 years so there is sooooo much organizing to be done. I would love to organize as I pack things up, give away treasures to children and grandchildren and charity. I think this will be the perfect time to pare down all my 51 married years of collecting treasures and only move in what I can really organize and keep organized. The “keeping organized” is the problem area and the book looks like it would provide a whole lot of useful information to this “new” organized lifestyle.

  47. I would like to win this book so I can learn tips for organizing & look at great pictures to learn how to style many items together I may find or already own.Thanks

  48. Ooooo! I would LOVE to win this book! I really need to organize. I have a big house and we will be downsizing soon. Need to know how to maximize my organizing. I know if I don’t I will be getting rid of too many things that I still love!!

  49. We too live in an old apartment with barely any closets for storage. I keep wanting to throw things out just because I have no place for them, but always end up keeping stuff because at the end of every organizing attempt, I would realize that we don’t really have too much stuff, just no real place to store them. This book is really pretty. Would be nice and helpful to have my own copy!

  50. I’m one of those people who won’t allow myself to play (do my scrapbooking and hobbies) until my work ( organizing my home) is done. Therefore it has been many, many years since I have played! I’m just so overwhelmed by the amount of work to do; I can’t get going. Where do I begin?

  51. While always interested in how to manage my life better to reduce stress and re-work, I just moved to southern California into a small house. Now I really need help to organize each area a I unpack. The book looks amazing and I so need it right now….

  52. I live in a small and old apartment with very limited storage so I am left putting things on top of every table I see. I can’t even organize my stuff because I really don’t have the talent . Many times I’ve attempted to “organize” to de-clutter but end up messing things up all the more because I can’t find the things I need when I have to use them. I really need a lot of help from the pros and I BELIEVE that this book will do just the way I like it and transform my apartment into a more wonderful place to live in. So PLEEAAASE, do me a favor…. let me have this book. I just don’t want it but I NEED IT. Thank you.