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DIY Fall Wreath and Free Leaf Printable

Today I’m joining a group of amazing bloggers to bring you oodles of Fall decorating projects and each one comes with its own free printable! How great is that? I’m sure you’ll find at least one Fall project you’ll want to try! My tutorial for all of you is a super easy (I love super easy) DIY Fall Wreath along with a free leaf printable for you to download.

DIY Fall Wreath and Free Leaf Template PrintableThis DIY Fall Wreath is such a quick and easy way to add color in your home.


DIY Fall Wreath with Free PrintableIt doesn’t take long to do and you’ll find all supplies at your local craft store.


Grapevine Wreath for DIY Fall ProjectHere’s a list of the supplies needed:

Grapevine Wreath
Leaf Template
Heavy Stock Scrapbook Paper
Scissors, Pencil, Hot Glue Gun


Create a Fall Wreath by Gluing Paper Leaves to Grapevine WreathTrace the leaf templates onto heavy stock paper and cut out.

Lay the leaves in an appealing pattern and then hot glue them to your grapevine wreath.


Details of DIY Fall Wreath with Free PrintableI used a combination of 3 colors of paper. Two in solid shades of turquoise.

And for added interested, I used a script pattern for the third leaf pattern.

I like to use lighter colors at the beginning of the Fall season.


Early Fall Vignette with DIY Fall Wreath and Free PrintableAllow parts of your grapevine wreath to show.

It adds both textural and visual interest.


DIY Fall Wreath with Free PrintableI try to make sure some of the curlicues are showing.

You could purchase a Styrofoam wreath and completely cover it in leaves for another look.


Simple Early Fall Vignette with Enamelware Pitcher of Flowers and Paper Leaf AdornmentSince I had a few leftover leaves, I decided to embellish my enamelware pitcher.


DIY Paper Fall Leaves and Free PrintableI used a little bit of glue in between the leaves.

This way they stay spread apart and all 3 are visible.


Paper Leaves Tied with Twine around Enamelware PitcherThen it’s just a matter of tying them around the pitcher using a bit of twine.

You could easily make a Fall Leaf garland using this same template.


Free Printable of a Fall Leaf TemplateClick here to download the free Fall Leaf printable (it’s a pdf file).

You can scale this to print smaller if you purchased a small wreath.


Fall Vignette with DIY Fall Grapevine WreathNow use your new DIY Fall Wreath in any vignette in your house.

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  1. This is soo cute! I love that you departed from the traditional fall colors and went for turquoise. It looks so pretty with the black and white lettered stock paper.
    Sally @cottagefix

  2. Your fall leaf wreath is so pretty seeing as how you used my favorite colors. I’m terribly into aqua, turqoise, coral. I made a feather wreath similar to this. Thanks for sharing the leaf templates, very helpful so I can get right to it. I bought a pad of fall color card stock at Michaels last night so I can keep my hands busy making leaves for a wreath. I love making leaves and wreaths with them. Not quite ready to get Fall decos out but am ready to make some things for Fall. I was thinking it would be cute to make a gallery wall with all the printables. Could trade them in and out as mood strikes.
    Have you started to make things, put out Fall besides your gorgeous leaf wreath?
    This leaf wreath can be very versatile with many colors of leaves depending on colors in home or whatever makes a person
    happy. Would be gorgeous at holidays with shiny papers. Happy week gal.

  3. Love this so much! I struggle using traditional fall colors in my cool toned home, so this is the perfect idea – so pretty!

  4. Мне действительно нравятся эти тона!
    this image является, конечно, номер один фото!Отличная глубина 🙂 Вот это
    красивое фото с очень хорошим светом 😀 Замечательные изображения захватывают дух.

    Ваши изображения выглядят