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A Walking Tour of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Seems like I’m getting the traveling bug out of me before we hunker down for the winter. My daughters and I took a short weekend trip to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. I chose to go for a walking tour of the historic area and take some photos while they opted to nap Saturday afternoon.

Turquoise Colored Historic Clapboard Home with Wrap Around Porch


I don’t know what it is about old stone and brick houses that I love so much, but this one caught my eye with its dark green shutters, double front door, and black wrought iron fence.

Historic Stone House in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin


Lake Geneva has plenty of older Victorian style homes throughout the downtown neighborhood. Some have been converted into stores. This one has unique embellishments under the peak.

Light Brown Clapboard Victorian Home


A variety of older homes can be enjoyed around the lake area. A creamy stucco charmer wears a red tile roof.

Stucco Home with Red Tile Roof


One house was just as pretty as the next and I imagined what it would be like living on such idyllic streets with a nearby lake.

Classic American Home on a Fall Day in Wisconsin


The Halloween spirit proved to be alive and well at some of the homes on the walking tour. This creamy brick house is just amazing!

Large Stucco House with Halloween Decorations


Halloween Decorations on Front Porch of Historic Home


Not a Halloween decoration per se, but this older Victorian home is painted all black. I’ve noticed more black houses these days when scrolling through Pinterest.

Black Clapboard Victorian House with Red Adirondack Chairs


You know I love a red house and I found a few in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. In fact, we stayed in a red house during our girls’ weekend. I’ll share a tour of it this Sunday!

Walking Tour of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin - Red Victorian House


It’s the little details that make a home stand out – like the patterned peak on this house.

Walking Tour of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin - the Historic District


Fish scale siding, two-toned windows, and more fancy painted trim work appear on this beautiful, green Victorian charmer.

Green and Cream Victorian Porch - Historic Home


Here’s another side of the same house. Thought was given to every viewing angle.

Green and Cream Victorian Porch - Historic Home

This is about half of the Lake Geneva, Wisconsin walk tour photos I took. I’ll share the rest next week – you don’t want to miss them!


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  1. Beautiful old homes! I would have to say the red house was my favorite!

    Wonder why the one shutter was shut tight?

  2. Though I am abut about 45 minutes from Lake Geneva it has been some time since I was there.
    We have gone on the walking trips around the Lake but have not done the walks to see the wonderful homes around the town.

  3. WOW, what an abundance of beautiful old homes. I love them all, but I believe my favorite is the cream house decked out for Halloween. Thank you Jennifer for the wonderful tour. I look forward to seeing the rest next week.

  4. Beautiful walking tour! I love Lake Geneva! Most of my family is from Wisconsin and although I was not born there I lived there for 20 years! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Since we can’t go right now, it was a delight to enjoy your tour. We live in a historic home too and it is nice to see how they are lovingly appreciated . This was just lovely…thank you for sharing!

  6. What an array of beautiful homes. Not sure about the all black one though it kind of blended in all the lovely the details it had. Thank you for sharing.

  7. I love these tours you take and i really enjoy taking them in person. Thank you so much Jennifer. When i was younger i remember someone saying people in the coal country would paint their houses black because of the coal dust so, i never thought of painting one black.

  8. I have been loving Lake Geneva since I was a young girl. I spent many childhood days on the lake ( my aunt and uncle had a large boat that slept 6) and as a teenage my friends and I thought we were so cool to drive there for the day. As an adult I’ve taken my kids there and have often wondered what it would be like to live there. I think the history of the area is sooo interesting ànd the old grand houses are fun to gaze at while imagining the stories they could tell. Thanks for the tour.

  9. You’re making me miss my home state of Wisconsin! Especially fall, since I live in Florida now. I love your walking tours and how you point out the little details of a house whether it be inside or out. I have a question though: I feel so awkward standing in front of someone’s house and taking a photo of it. (So much so that I often take a stealth photo or do it on the run in the car, which usually turns out horrible.) Any advice to get over that weird feeling?

  10. I stopped wondering what it would be like and moved to Lake Geneva 2 years ago and I absolutely love it! I feel like I’m living in a Hallmark movie!! I walk year round now by the Lake and Maple Park subdivision and thank God everyday for this wonderful blessing!

  11. My daughter and I love living here. Beauty all around us every season! Great place to raise a family.