High-End Custom Homes of Lookout Mountain

Hubby and I recently returned from our trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee and I have to admit I fell in love with the area. I’ve been to the volunteer state before, but never to ‘Nooga. We stayed in a charming blue cottage from Airbnb located on the side of Lookout Mountain and took plenty of walks in the neighborhood. Here’s just a sampling of some of the high-end custom homes located at the top of the mountain.

High-End Custom Homes of Lookout Mountain - Older Gray House


We first found this neighborhood when we hiked up to Sunset Rock (more on that later) on our first day. We wandered off the path a bit and discovered these beautiful homes located at the top of the mountain.

Cream Colored Stucco Home in Tennessee


Trees were leafing out, birds were singing, the sun was shining, and all was well with our little world at that moment. I didn’t even notice that it was almost two o’clock and I hadn’t eaten anything yet. Not to mention we spent about two hours climbing the winding path leading to the peak of Lookout Mountain. Needless to say, I sure enjoyed my dinner that night at one of the local restaurants!

Cream Colored Stucco Home in Tennessee


Some of the homes like this red brick beauty have an amazing view of the Tennessee River and the city below. The residential streets up here are quiet and it’s such an idyllic place to live.

Large Red Brick Home on Lookout Mountain, Tennessee


Here’s another view of this same high-end custom home. So pretty!

Large Red Brick Home on Lookout Mountain, Tennessee


And here’s an example of the views that some of the Lookout Mountain homeowners get to enjoy.

View from the top of Lookout Mountain in Tennessee


Not all of the homes up on this hill are massive and grand like this quintessential Southern home with pillars. I’m saving the more affordable homes in this neighborhood for another post.

Grand White Southern Home with a Pillared Porch


Luckily we visited the Chattanooga area during azalea and rhododendron season. There were plenty of blooms to be seen and enjoyed.

Stucco Style Tudor Home in Tennessee


You know, I think I enjoyed the yards and gardens just as much as I did seeing the high-end custom homes. This cobbled driveway caught my eye before the house did.

Colonial Style High-End Custom Home in Chattanooga


If you’ve ever been to Lookout Mountain, you’re probably familiar with the popular incline railway that takes you from the St. Elmo area of Chattanooga to the top of the mountain. We didn’t ride it because we were within walking distance. If you ever take the incline, you can spend time walking around this same beautiful neighborhood before heading back down.

Tan Clapboard High-End Custom Home in Chattanooga


Here’s another Southern style home with its pillared two-story porch.

Grand White Southern Home with a Pillared Porch


The Lookout Mountain neighborhood has so many styles of architecture to enjoy. You never know what you’re going to see when you turn the corner. Part of the mountain is located in Tennessee, and the other part is in Georgia.

Gray Stucco Home on Lookout Mountain


I have to confess, I took a LOT of photos and I don’t know if I’ll share them all on the blog or not. You might get tired of looking at home exteriors. Or maybe I’ll just pace the posts out over the next several weeks to avoid redundancy.

Cream-Colored Stucco Tudor Style House


I don’t know why I love looking at homes so much – particularly older homes. Maybe it’s just the beauty and artistry of the architecture. I’m sure some of it has to do with the attractive landscaping, too. I could walk along streets all day, taking in the views.


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  1. So beautiful and that view!! I need to put this on our bucket list. We stayed the night in Chattanooga on a trip home from Texas but did not get to explore. Thanks for sharing these lovely homes.

    1. The homes are lovely and it is nice seeing other parts of states that we normally would not visit. So post away!

  2. Since we’ve not been able to travel last year and not even this year yet, it really was nice to see your photos of all the beautiful homes and the landscapes. The stone walls and the driveways I’m sure was an expense to create. Maybe those are not as pricey being they are in the mountains?

  3. I can’t choose! Each and every home is unique and beautiful. What a spectacular area, thank you for sharing.
    Stay safe and enjoy your Spring, everyone!

  4. Memories of a trip I took and I rode the Inclined rail, it was fun and loved the homes they had up there on top, so I do know how much you enjoyed the area. I had forgotten till this post. Old homes are wonderful to look at and I love to see the yards also, thanks for this tour.

  5. lookout mountain is rich in history. Today htwere are several tourist attactions and a national battlefield. It is also one of several locations in the area for extra beautiful homes old and new concludng the University of Tennessee, Chattqooga home built in traditional mountain retreat home style. It was stunning.

    1. Nice write up!! We are moving to Chattanooga in a few months. Cannot wait to enjoy it and become part of the community!
      Thank you

  6. KEEP POSTING!! The homes and landscaping are reminders of the creativity that God put in humanity. I, like you, don’t think that I could ever get tired of looking. So, post away!

  7. Dear Jennifer, I lived in Cobb county, Georgia from February of 1999 to November of 2003. You will NEED Air Conditioning from April to October. We moved from Huntington Beach, California. The first thing I NOTICED was HUMIDITY! And, needing a weather radio to warn you in the middle of the night of possible tornadoes embedded in the epic thunderstorms. Our realtor said she wouldn’t show us any houses without a basement. I loved Spring in the South; just not the humid summers and early fall. I took many tours of houses and gardens from Mississippi up to Biltmore House in North Carolina. All were different and beautiful!

  8. I always enjoy “walking” the neighborhoods with you via your camera. Post as frequently as you would like….I enjoy them. Thank you.

  9. Please post more. This too is one of my favorite past times is looking at all the houses and their landscaping etc.

  10. Wow, those homes are gorgeous! So glad you had a wonderful trip to Tennessee. Have a great weekend, Jennifer.