A Snowy Outdoor Christmas Table with Gorgeous Red Flowers

Would you dine outside on a snowy day if the Christmas table was set with the most gorgeous red flowers you’d ever seen? I’m not the biggest fan of winter but even I could be lured outside to enjoy the decadent beauty of this frosty scene.

beautiful outdoor Christmas centerpiece


Wouldn’t it be fun to rent a cabin in the woods and have an outdoor dinner prepared and set up by a high-end caterer or personal chef?

outdoor Christmas dining


The roses in the Christmas centerpiece are so pretty against the wispy evergreens. Elevated by a crystal stand, smaller arrangements gather in the space below. As long as it wasn’t a windy day, I think this outdoor holiday dining experience could be quite enjoyable.

beautiful outdoor Christmas centerpiece


red flowers for the holidays


Even the large antlers create an impression on the rustic dining furniture.

outdoor Christmas dining


beautiful outdoor Christmas centerpiece


So what do you think? Would you enjoy dining at an outdoor Christmas table on a snowy day?

beautiful outdoor Christmas dining table setting


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  1. I am with you, Jennifer in that I am not a fan of winter. Hot chocolate perhaps but I will enjoy my meal indoors where I would not have to hurry to eat before it is cold. Lovely setting though.

  2. So gorgeous! But the wind. I’ve lived in Chicago and its suburbs and now in the foothills of the Rockies and wind would be an issue in both locales. We can dream, though, and what’s keeping anyone from replicating the theme indoors? Just lovely.

  3. Beautiful and original! I love the roses with the winter greenery. I’d do it – even in the cold, snowy Massachusetts winter. Just need a fire pit or heater nearby.

  4. So, lovely, but not for me, in upstate NY. Brr. But why not set up a wonderful holiday feast for the winter birds wherever you live? Having a winter bird feeding station set right outside your window, with a heated bird water source, could bring a whole lot of joy all winter long. Get some basic suet and their holders, whatever types of seeds the birds love where you live, make sure there are shrubs, places to perch and hide nearby, keep the cats away, lol. I don’t clean and cut back my summer plants, leave them for this purpose.
    Make sure the heated water sources are not deep, add some rocks or places to perch. Throw out some unsalted peanuts for the bluejays and squirrels. So much fun.