A Walking Tour of Cambridge, Wisconsin

This is the third post I’ve shared about charming Cambridge, Wisconsin. I obviously fell in love with this small, quiet town in rural America that seems to have everything anyone could ever want. The Cambridge homes and neighborhoods were especially appealing.

Charming Cambridge Homes - Classic White House with Full Porch


This beautiful white, classic home has an ample porch decorated for Halloween. The witch flying on her broom across the moon is the perfect touch with the black wicker chairs and rocker.

White House with Large Porch Decorated for Halloween


A little further down the street is a beautiful bungalow that has to be a Sears kit home. And wouldn’t you know, this just happens to be Pleasant Street. It just doesn’t get any more Americana than this.

Sears Kit Bungalow Home in Cambridge, Wisconson


Here’s the other side of the bungalow with its unique architecture. So many details about this home to love! It would’ve been a dream had the owner invited me inside for a tour.

Sears Kit Bungalow Home in Cambridge, Wisconson


Further down Pleasant Street is this little charmer with colorful mums planted in the flower box at the window.

Tudor Style Home in Wisconsin


Another blue bungalow makes its appearance complete with a stone porch and hammock for relaxation.

Dark Blue Bungalow with Stone Porch


Across the street from these classic American homes in Cambridge, Wisconsin is idyllic West Side Park with a stream running through it.

West Side Park in Cambridge, Wisconsin


This gorgeous building is in the park and right next to a playground where I’m sure we’ll take the grandkids to play when we visit next summer. I’ll have two new grandbabies by then!

Historic Building in Cambridge's West Side Park


Heading over to the other side of town, the houses are equally charming, some a little grander than others.

Green Historic Clapboard Home in Wisconsin


Large Stucco House with Turret


Although it’s not a classic older home, I thought this cozy cottage was quite charming with its appealing garden. Plus I like the color of the siding and shutters.

Cozy Cottage with Front Garden for Curb Appeal


A pretty arbor leads you to the front door of the quaint cottage. I need one of these in front of my home. I’ll work on that project next spring.

Garden Arbor at Front Sidewalk of House


You know, I never appreciated the heartland of America while growing up in the Midwest. But as I’ve reached maturity, I now appreciate all the goodness it has to offer. From fruitful farms to small towns with amazing architecture.

Light Gray Victorian Cottage


Exploring Cambridge, Wisconsin made me realize how much pride the residents take in living here. Not only are homes well kept, but even barns and farm fields are groomed and attractive. I wish I would’ve taken photos of the surrounding countryside. That will have to wait until our summer trip.

Bungalow in the Heartland of America


You just get a fond sense of community here with welcoming porches and friendly faces. Note how the window opens on the front porch of this pretty farmhouse.

Front Porch on American Farmhouse


On another street is a grander home, but it still looks warm and inviting.

Tudor Style Home with Stone and Stucco


This Victorian style farmhouse is one of my favorites. I love the fish tail accent near the roof and the dark-painted window frames.

Large Farmhouse in Small Wisconsin Town

I hope you enjoyed today’s walking tour of charming Cambridge, Wisconsin. If you ever get a chance to visit there, you should take advantage of it. There are plenty of vacation rentals in the area that you can find on VRBO or Airbnb. And if you feel like something rustic and charming, be sure to check out the Yurtcation.


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  1. These are the kind of homes you can truly admire, for all the different architectural designs . They are so pretty and make you wonder what’s inside all those turns and circles. Thank you Jennifer i love these tours, i am ready to move in to one of the,lol!

  2. Thank you for showcasing our town. I live in the bungalow on Pleasant Street.. Had I known you wanted to. See the inside, I would have gladly let you in. The house was built by a local gentleman who is buried in the Methodist Church cemetery a block away, Anton Hagen. He signed the plaster with his name and dated it July 3, 1913 . We are the 3rd family to own it. Hope to see you next summer!

    1. Hi Linda!

      Omigoodness I love your house so much! What a great story about the owner signing his name in the plaster. That’s the type of thing that makes older homes so special. You’re lucky to live in that beautiful house. I guess I should’ve knocked on the door but I’m not that bold! Anyway, your home and town are so charming. Our family will be there the week of August 8th, staying in a house on Evergreen near the Arington tree farm. I’m really looking forward to returning!

  3. I live in Madison and have long enjoyed little day trips to Cambridge. It’s a thriving little town full of character and artistic souls. There are so many wonderful towns like this in Wisconsin. So much pride of ownership. I feel blessed to live here.

  4. The Cambridge Museum is located in the old elementary/high school located on South St. It is a must to visit-check open hours.
    My family has been in Cambridge since 1857-farmers and businessman. I plan to lead a tours of Cambridge in summer 2021 and relive the past to present. My family has a cottage on beautiful Lake Ripley.