Scenic Cambridge, Wisconsin: Best Kept Secret

Well, who knew that scenic Cambridge, Wisconsin is the dairy state’s best kept secret? I’ve lived in Illinois all my life and have traveled many, many times to Wisconsin. My grandmother, aunt and uncle, and cousins lived in Baraboo so there were numerous family trips. And of course Lakes Geneva and Delevan are frequent getaways. But never have I been to Cambridge until last week on our yurt vacation.

Cambridge Market Cafe in Wisconsin


Cambridge is southeast of Madison, Wisconsin and is about an hour and 45-minute trip from my house. As we neared the town, the topography morphed from flat farm fields to rolling hills and beautiful trees. The highway transitioned to charming country roads with neat and tidy farms dotting the shoulders.

Red Barn and Farm in Cambridge, Wisconsin


I expected the town itself to be like any other nondescript Midwestern town, but that wasn’t the case. Main Street Cambridge s neat and tidy, just like the farms and barns in the area. Interesting buildings are in abundance and the homes are so adorable (I have a separate post to share some of the charming houses and architecture).

Stone Storefront on Main Street in Cambridge, Wisconsin


I truly wasn’t expecting to fall in love with Cambridge, Wisconsin – but that’s exactly what happened. You can tell the residents take great pride in their home town.

Charming Brick Building in Cambridge, Wisconsin


Are any of you fans of Rowe Pottery? You’ll find it right here in Cambridge. We browsed the shelves and talked to the store attendant to learn a little more about the famed pottery.

Rowe Pottery Shop in Wisconsin


One of the first things I do when traveling is to find a great place for coffee. Bearded Heart Coffee was our fave pit stop in Door County. The honors on this trip go to Cambridge Market Cafe which served a cozy cup of pumpkin spice latte and other treats.

Cambridge Market Cafe in Wisconsin


The entry to the coffee shop is inviting and decorated for the season.

Cambridge Market Cafe in Wisconsin


Inside, the cafe is equally charming so I had to snap a few photos. Who wouldn’t want to linger in front of this fireplace on a snowy morning?

Fireplace at Cambridge Market Cafe


The painted staircase leads to a meeting room on the second level that can be reserved.

Staircase at Cambridge Market Cafe


And just across the street from our favorite coffee shop is this charming little farm stand that trusts you to pick your produce and put your money in the little lock box.

Cambridge Market Cafe has several little gathering spots for warming up to coffee and a muffin – or meeting with friends for lunch.

Cambridge Market Cafe in Cambridge, Wisconsin


Cambridge Market Cafe in Cambridge, Wisconsin


Right next door to the coffee shop is what appears to be a craft area and store. We were there early in the morning so it wasn’t officially open.

Cambridge Store and Workshop


Step outside the cafe and you’ll find this little farm stand that functions on the honor system. You take what you need and place your money in the locked payment box.

Charming Farm Stand with Fall Produce


Charming Farm Stand with Fall Produce


The Keystone Grill restaurant is right around the corner. Another restaurant called “Plow” was temporarily closed which was disappointing. It’s a farm to table restaurant and I would’ve loved to dine there.

The Keystone Grill Restaurant


Coincidentally, we booked our 2021 summer family vacation for this same area in Wisconsin so I wanted to explore a bit while staying at the yurt. I knew approximately where our August rental was located and embarked on a mission to find it.

A country road let me to its idyllic location just outside of Cambridge, Wisconsin. The house is big enough to host our entire family and is located near a pretty farm complete with goats that we can visit every day (this is important to the kiddos). When you split the cost with three other families, the cost of lodging is really reasonable.

Summer Home Farm Vacation


Also important to the kids on our summer family vacation is a place for swimming. No worries – Cambridge has Lake Ripley which has ample beach space, a playground, and several picnic tables if you want to bring lunch.

Lake Ripley in Cambridge, Wisconsin

If you’ve never visited scenic Cambridge, Wisconsin and want a peaceful getaway with both natural manmade beauty, this is the place for you. The pace is slower than more popular getaways but it’s just as charming and enjoyable. I’m looking forward to returning for our farm vacation next summer!


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  1. What a great looking place. I have not been anywhere in so long that this might be a place to go just for the day.
    It is about a bit over an hour from my home (Illinois) but it is probably a doable day trip.
    Thank you for the suggestion and the pictures.

  2. Sounds like a place my husband and I would thoroughly enjoy visiting. We are a farm family from Indiana and love visiting other farming areas. In fact, my husband’s idea of a perfect vacation would be to visit with farmers across the country and be able to share and learn the “business”.

    1. Due to covid 19, Kalidescope Fibers isn’t open except by appointment but is a terrific local yarn shop. Avid Gardner is a local gardening center and has wonderful things you didn’t know you needed. There is a spring and fall art tour and don’t forget the Midwest Fire Festival in July.

  3. That little town is breathtakingly beautiful. You are so fortunate to have so many historical and quaint towns surrounding you. Thanks for sharing, Jennifer.

  4. Now living in Florida, my husband and I both grew up in Wisconsin. I’ve never been so homesick and sad that we can’t visit our friends and family there during this %*!#@ pandemic. Thanks for this wonderful blog post (and the one about the yurt). That home you’ll be staying in next year looks amazing and can’t wait to hear more about it.

  5. I think you have found a pot of gold, looks like a place you could go back to more than twice, lots to do and explore. I need to see if i can find a place like that. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us.

  6. We have family in Cambridge and will be moving there late spring. We love the small town charm and can’t wait to raise our son there. The trails, parks and quaint little shops and a warming community. Love your post and making so anxious to get moved there. We are in my home state of Michigan now.