October Fall Activities to Enjoy Now

Hello October – one of the most beautiful months of the year! Today I’ve got a list of fall activities you can still enjoy right now before the weather gets a little too nippy. Most of these are outdoors, but a few are inside. (This post contains affiliate links.)

Roasting marshmallows by a campfire with mugs of hot chocolate


Since today is the first Saturday of the month – it means it’s Cozy Living Saturday. I’m joining a few blog friends to share what makes us feel warm and cozy in October. You’ll find links to their inspiration at the end of this post.

One thing that I love to do this time of year is take a picnic. The fall colors are so amazing and it’s not too cold to enjoy the outdoors, provided you have a warm plaid blanket or two.

Fall outdoor picnic with plaid blanket, pillows, hay bales, and pumpkins


How about a casual bike ride? Our area has plenty of woodsy trails to explore on a pair of wheels. If your bike has a basket, be sure to take along a thermos of hot chocolate to enjoy during a pit stop.

vintage bicycle with basket picnic set hot drinks in autumn park


Make a floral arrangement. If you planted dahlias, zinnias, or mums, chances are they’re still thriving out in your garden. Pick a few and arrange them in a hollowed out pumpkin or small gourd.

Fall Flower Arrangements in Hollowed Out Pumpkins


Bake something – anything – with apples. Even more fun is going to a u-pick orchard to get fruit fresh off the branches. Try my apple cake with caramel sauce recipe for a sweet and satisfying treat.

Apple baking seasonal. Apple pie with hazelnut and cinnamon on a rustic wooden table.


While you’re in the kitchen, don’t forget about the soup! Chillier days call for something warm in the tummy. Try my savory butternut squash soup or my favorite Italian vegetable soup.

Bowl of pumpkin soup, fresh pumpkins and autumn leaves on rustic wooden background


Once you’re done in the kitchen, take a brisk walk outdoors. Change up the scenery by driving to another neighborhood for your walk. One of my favorite fall activities is to shuffle feet through the leaves on the ground.

Fall Activities - Take a walk in a quiet neighborhood and enjoy the fall colors


Don’t forget to plant your tulip bulbs! How often do you see beautiful tulips in the spring and wish you would’ve remembered to get them in the ground the prior fall? Don’t be that person anymore and make a date to get out in the garden before the ground freezes.

A bunch of tulip bulbs ready for fall planting.


Visit a local winery. Fall is my favorite time to drink wine and visiting a winery provides a great backdrop for enjoying a glass or two of your favorite vino.

Fall Activities - visit a local winery


Dine al fresco in your backyard by setting a pretty table and stringing up a strand of Christmas lights for added effect. This is just another of many outdoor fall activities you can enjoy before the snow flies.

Fall themed holiday table setting arrangement for a seasonal party, glasses, pumpkins, candles, field flowers


Something to do indoors is to set up a candle tray. Find a wooden or enamel tray and gather up a few of your favorite fall candle scents. You can create a custom blend of fragrances. Pair a cinnamon candle with a vanilla, apple, or sugar-cookie scented candle. It’s fun to blend scents.

Gathering of candles and mini pumpkins on a wooden tray

What are some of your favorite fall activities?


Be sure to visit my cozy living blog friends below. You’re sure to find some inspiration to enjoy during the month of October!


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  1. I love fall. Always have.
    Northern Illinois has beautiful colors.
    Apple picking is what I would love to do but not this year as some of the places we have gone in the past are not opening this year or on very limited time.
    So I agree being able to go for a walk even in the neighborhood is a good one.
    Need a good and comfortable pair of shoes though.

  2. All fantastic ideas Jennifer, I wish it would quit raining here so I could get outside and wrap up things before winter hits. Thank you for including me in the round up my friend.:)

  3. Jennifer, thank you for the wonderfully cozy and beautiful fall activity ideas. The picnic does look so dreamy, Have a great weekend.

  4. Everything looks so festive! I’m so glad you mentioned planting tulip bulbs because I would have probably forgotten and I really want to do that this year!

  5. I loved that picture of the tree lined street, it would be wonderful to walk down. These are great ideas and i am ready, been looking at recipes and walking around my neighborhood, thanks and have a fun time out in your yard.

  6. This is the perfect list Jennifer! I absolutely love the fall season and the month of October. I think I’ll have to adopt this for my family as well!