Beautiful Gardens of Stone’s Throw Winery

Have you ever visited a winery? We enjoyed a trip to the beautiful gardens of Stone’s Throw Winery in Door County, Wisconsin.

Gardens at Stone's Throw Winery


A couple of weeks ago my entire family and I were vacationing in Baileys Harbor and drove past a pretty winery and decided to make sure we took a trip there before returning home. I’m so glad we did.

The building is somewhat wedge-shaped and just outside is a patio surrounded by flowers of all kinds. We sampled wines and small plates outside while jazz-type music flowed from the speakers.

Beautiful Gardens of Stone's Throw Winery


Whenever I gaze at lush gardens, I’m always inspired to change something in my own yard. I have all of the flowers shown in the photo below in my own garden already – rudbeckia, coneflower, phlox, and daylilies.

I’ve been looking at evergreens to create a natural fence and I like the appearance of the arborvitaes in the background. Hubby and I went to the nursery this weekend and found some to add to our landscape, so I’m excited about that. We want something to create privacy next to the fire pit area we’re creating.

Beautiful Gardens at Stone's Throw Winery in Door County, Wisconsin


The beautiful gardens of Stone’s Throw Winery include pretty raised beds built with wood and corrugated sheet metal. They contain a mix of vegetables and flowers.

Zinnias and Tomatoes in Raised Garden Bed


A pretty pergola frames one side of the garden.

Flower and Vegetable Gardens at Winery


Pretty petunias line the canopy of the pergola while morning glories wind their way up the posts.

Winding Pergola with Morning Glories


Look closely and you’ll see tomatoes and zinnias in the raised garden beds. I was happy to see the winery used a lot of my favorite plantings in their fragrant gardens.

Wood and Corrugated Metal Raised Garden Beds


One flower I don’t have in my garden is the nasturtium. They look so pretty here that I’m going to make sure I include them next year.

Nasturtiums in Raised Garden Beds


A fire pit is nestled in the midst of the gardens at Stone’s Throw Winery. We plan to use a similar style of stone when we install ours. We already have the fire pit; we just need to cut the grass out so hubby won’t have to move the chairs when mowing the lawn.

Pea Gravel Patio with Fire Pit


This pretty display of wine barrels includes the winery’s sign. It’s such a beautiful and peaceful place to enjoy a glass (or two) of wine with tasty appetizers.

Stone's Throw Winery in Baileys Harbor of Door County, Wisconsin


I also spied olive trees growing in pots. I have a fig tree in a pot but would love to have olive trees like this!

Potted Olive Trees at Stone's Throw Winery


Even if I didn’t drink wine, I’d still love visiting the beautiful gardens of Stone’s Throw Winery. Next year we plan to go to Michigan and we’re already looking at which nearby wineries to see!

Do you have a favorite winery that you like to visit?

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  1. Hi,
    How beautiful this winery is! I have just stumbled upon a beautiful winery Faith Hope & Charity in Oregon. They have a beautiful garden and a pond with seating nearby. There is also a tasting room with great wines and small bites! The view is of the three sisters which I learned were first called Faith Hope and Charity. We had a lovely time visiting this beautiful place!

    1. Hi Vicki! The Faith, Hope, and Charity winery sounds like a dream! My son took a winery trip in Napa and said it’s his favorite vacation so far. Someday I need to go!

      1. Faith Hope and Charity Winery is one of my favorite places to perform. The setting, the gardens, the wine and the staff are all beautiful and are an integrated part of the experience. Nextdoor is a fantastic AirBnB experience “the Alpaca Ranch” You should treat yourself and visit this wonderful part of the world. Let them know that John Hoover and the Mighty Quinns recommended this.

  2. Love the blog. You make all your various topics interesting, motivated us to move forward and create comfort and beauty.
    My favorite winery is the Chateau Grand Traverse Winery. And I’m not a regular drinker. Perhaps a glass of wine every 4 months! But anyways, I had recommendations of a slightly sweet white wine by that winery called Late Harvest Riesling. They even have cottages to rent while you are there vacationing in that beautiful west side of Michigan.

  3. I’ve visited two wineries in the past and those days were some of my best ever. Don’t know what it is about a winery, but it takes you away from your own mundane day-to-day and makes even one day feel like a vacation. The two I’ve visited are complete opposites. One was in a middle-of-nowhere region several miles outside of Austin, TX. It was hot and dry and rather desolate, but in the midst of all that, the winery was lush and green with beautiful flowers and amazing and unusual cacti everywhere. The other winery is right here in Indiana, between Indianapolis and Bloomington and is the Oliver Winery – the wine I drink most often. When there you forget you are less than 100 miles from home. The grounds are beautifully, yet rustically, landscaped, with large shade trees, shrubs, flowers and plantings of every kind and color. Such a fun and relaxing way to spend time.

  4. I LOVE Karma Vista winery in Coloma, MI. The owners are friendly and knowledgeable and the surrounding area is gorgeous! After reading your posts, I need to go to Door County soon. We haven’t been there for a few years. Thanks for sharing your vacation!