Add a Charming Garden Shed to Your Yard

Welcome to February, which thankfully is the shortest winter month. I’m already thinking about the garden and what I’ll add to it this year. A charming garden shed would make a great addition, and any of these will do! (This post contains affiliate links.)

Small green garden shed with shovels and flowers


If I put a shed out by the vegetable garden, it needs to have a window or two in order to start some cuttings or plants from seed.

Natural wood potting shed with window


Red always makes for a charming garden shed and this one reminds me of a small home in Sweden.

Small red shed for gardening and utensils


How cute is this little pig weathervane atop this little shed? There’s even a rain barrel to collect water off the roof. The rain water can then be used to water the plants in the raised garden beds. I have a rain barrel that captures water off my garden shed roof and I love the convenience it provides for watering flowers and plantings around the pond. Not to mention, the water contains great nutrients!

Brown and pink garden shed with whimsical, running pig weather vane in a garden with raised beds.


A cheery green shed enjoys a wood-shingled roof and a picket fence flower box. Bird houses attract feathered friends to the garden. A little white bench provides a place to rest while gardening. So cute!

Small green cottage style garden shed


A Dutch door allows breezes to blow into the potting shed on a hot summer day. Although we have a shed for our lawn mower and shovels, I would love to have another charming garden shed that’s just for potting things up.

Gardeners paradise with stunning flowers and plants glowing in pots near a potting shed


A green roof with sedum tops a little red brick shed with blue trim. Foxglove add to the cottage appeal of this garden structure.

Small garden brick shed with a planted Sedum roof and a boder pink Foxgloves Digitalis


This is the style of shed my parents had in their backyard, although it wasn’t made of barn wood like this one.

A charming, rustic garden shed made from reclaimed timber (barn board)


Oftentimes, the inside of a shed can be just as charming as the outside.

Inside an English potting shed


Garden Shed Options

Here are some cute garden sheds that would look great in the yard. Click on any of the images to learn more about them.


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  1. Garden sheds can be so cute, I have been looking for one, even saw someone turn an old outhouse into a cute shed. Thanks and good luck finding the perfect one.

  2. I just love garden sheds. I’m not a gardener, but if I ever get the small swimming pool I want, I hope to have a pool shed. These are all adorable. I’m sure you will find the perfect shed to go in your perfect garden.

  3. I love garden shed and this is inspiring. I will be putting one on my property too this year but only allowed a 10×10 size. I will be using mine mostly for storage though. That doesn’t mean that I still can’t have it look pretty.