Favorite Houseplants to Filter the Air

Some people collect antiques. Others collect shoes. Lately I’ve been collecting houseplants. I’m trying to place a few plants in every room of the house to help filter the air. Here are some of my favorite houseplants.

Philodendrons are an easy-to-care-for plant that enjoy bright, indirect sunlight. Allow the soil to dry out slightly before watering. This plant has a nice green hue to it.

Philodendron - Favorite Houseplants


Probably my favorite houseplant right now is the Creeping Fig – or Ficus Pumila. I love the mounding and trailing characteristics of this plant. Water it thoroughly and don’t place it in direct sunlight. It likes a bright spot, but can also tolerate low light (it just won’t grow as fast). There are a lot of types of ficus available – sometimes it’s hard to choose! I have two of these pretty plants.

Creeping Fig or Ficus Pumila


Creeping Fig or Ficus Pumila


If you don’t have a green thumb, give succulents a try. You only need to water them about once every two weeks. They come in a variety of shapes and colors. I love the little red one! I planted these in a cigar box lined with tin foil.

Succulents planted in cigar box


Succulents planted in cigar box


I adore topiary plants and this boxwood topiary is a favorite. When it starts to get a little straggly, simply clip it back into its ball shape.

Boxwood Topiary


Alsobia is a gorgeous plant with velvety soft leaves. Water this plant when the soil is dry to the touch. I made a kokedama with this one. The trailing vines are feminine and pretty.

Alsobia Lace Plant


Ivy plants come in a wide variety of options. From solid green leaves to variegated to slightly mottled. This one wears several shades of green on its leaves. The ivy makes a great hanging plant – or set it on a shelf to let its vines cascade down. I typically water my ivy plants once a week as the like when the soil dries out between water applications. They also prefer bright light.

Variegated Ivy


Purple Waffle houseplants are fun, adding texture and color to your home. They need frequent watering and prefer medium light. In fact, if the light is too low, the leaves will lose their purple hue.

Purple Waffle Houseplants


Lavender is a wonderful plant to grow indoors. Brush your fingers across its soft leaves to release the fragrant lavender scent.

Lavender Houseplants


A schefflera was one of the first houseplants I ever had. You can find them big or small. They enjoy indirect bright light, and will get leggy if the light is too low. Allow it to dry between waterings, and then water the plant thoroughly so it’s moist, but not wet. You can prune the schefflera as needed.

Schefflera Indoor Houseplants


If you truly don’t have a green thumb, don’t despair. Try your hand at air plants. They come in unique shapes and if you’re lucky, your air plant will produce a pretty flower. They only flower once in their lifetime.

Air Plants


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  1. Thanks for valuable info and tips on an often overlooked subject. I am really big on ivy plants right now. I think that I am expecting too much of them because I have them in some low light areas. May have to go back to my tried and true pothos. Blessings on this Easter weekend. His Light is certainly shining in and through you!

  2. I too am trying to grow ivy plants in what is probably not enough light. They are my favorite plant but am starting to feel sorry for them, especially in this rainy, lack of sunshine weather we’ve been having. Hopefully once Spring actually does get here, my home will get more brightness and both myself and my ivy plants will better flourish. Your variety of plants is interesting and makes me want to go plant shopping. Thanks for the suggestions and the pointers on care.