Charming Cottage Garden Tour with Fountain

Walking through pretty neighborhoods to look at landscaping is how I get most of my ideas and inspiration for garden spaces. On occasion, I stumble across a beautiful garden tour online like this charming cottage garden with a unique fountain.

Cottage Garden with Arched ArborPhoto by Mom’s Design Build

When designing garden spaces, it’s always helpful when the house itself is beautiful like this one! I love how the sidewalk has daisies and ornamental onions on one side, with landscape shrubs on the other side hugging the home. A charming flower box is the finishing touch.

Cottage Garden in Minnesota with Daisies and Ornamental OnionsPhoto by Mom’s Design Build

The walkway would be pretty if it was just brick, but the garden designer takes it to the next level by adding complementary gray diamonds in strategic places.

Cottage Garden with Brick Walkway and Stone FountainPhoto by Mom’s Design Build

I think every yard should have some type of water feature. Even if it’s just a bird bath. The little lantern is a charming touch in the garden. I need to add some lighting to my new shade garden.

Small Stone FountainPhoto by Mom’s Design Build

A pair of obelisks and a white picket farm enhance the appeal of this cottage garden located in Minnesota. I would love walking through this neighborhood.

Garden with Obelisks and White Picket FencePhoto by Mom’s Design Build

Such a cute stucco and clapboard home with plenty of architectural details to admire. I’m glad the cottage garden is just as appealing as the home itself.

White Stucco Cottage with Brick Walkway and Unique GardenPhoto by Mom’s Design Build

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  1. love this garden and house so much! Always wanted a yard with a white picket fence, thanks for sharing

  2. It is so charming, thanks for this tour, maybe someday with more work mine will be a little like this one.

  3. Tha5s a very charming hime and garden. I love the added details. I’m not even using my birdbath right now due to the mosquitoes, the filthy little Devils. And that reminds me, are mosquitoes an issue with your Pond? I am in love with your yard and pond.

  4. I love all these gardens. My gardens are always evolving. I think I need to add a lantern or two to my share garden too.