The Phenomenon of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

For many years I’ve been a huge fan of painted furniture. I love that you can transform a junky old piece into a thing of beauty with just a few coats of paint. I do not, however, enjoy painting furniture … that is until I discovered Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®. The paint adheres easily to all surfaces (I painted my claw foot tub with it) and doesn’t require a lot of prep work. Score! I no longer use regular old house paint for furniture pieces. Here’s a few of my own pieces, along with some painted by friends …

Summer-Country-Dining-RoomMy dining room set wears Annie Sloan Chalk Paint – the end chairs and table are painted in Old White, while the table legs wear Paris Grey. The side chairs have an initial coat of Duck Egg Blue followed by a coat of Paris Grey. I then sanded the grey so a bit of Duck Egg Blue would show.


Farmhouse-Dining-CabinetThe inside of my farmhouse corner cabinet is painted with leftover Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Duck Egg Blue (you can always find a use for the leftover paint!). I think the color really makes my collection of white ironstone stand out.


Artsy-Chicks-Rule-Coastal-ChestNancy at Artsy Chicks Rule painted this beautiful, coastal chest with graphics. So creative!


My-Passion-for-Decor-DresserAnother beautiful dresser painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is this gray and white one from My Passion for Decor. The paint colors go so well together!


French Dresser in Annie Sloan Chalk PaintOne of my favorite pieces that I’ve seen using chalk paint is this French Dresser that was painted by my friend Danielle at Finding Silver Pennies. Click on her Before-After tab for even more inspirational pieces!


Jocasta Desk in Annie Sloan Chalk PaintLook at what Danielle did to the inside of this antique writing desk, also painted with chalk paint.

Gorgeous, right? Everything she touches turns to gold.


Blanket Chest in Louis Blue and Pure WhiteThis old blanket chest was dark and dingy and you couldn’t see any of the detailing on the front, until I painted it with Pure White and Louis Blue. I added a dark wax to the top to tone down the blue and make it look more vintage.


Buffet in Old WhiteThe buffet in my dining room is painted in Old White – I bought it this way from Carter’s Cottage, which has tons of furniture painted with chalk paint. Christie sells the paint in her store and is my source whenever I need a new can.


Girl-in-the-Garage-VanityJen at Girl in the Garage proves you can add whimsy to a piece of furniture with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. The options are endless as you can also mix the paint to produce custom colors. After painting, simply apply clear or dark wax, laquer, or leave it as is. The paint is truly versatile.


French Claw Foot TubFinally, here’s my claw foot tub that I painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (just the outside). I added the fleur-de-lis in leftover Paris Grey paint that I had. I didn’t have to wax the tub when finished.

And if that wasn’t enough eye candy for you, check out my digital Flipboard magazine!

Annie-Sloan-Chalk-Paint-Flipboard-MagThe Phenomenon of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is filled with painting tips, resources, and inspirational photos. If you haven’t tried this paint yet, you might want to give it a shot. It’s a little expensive, but worth every penny!

(I was not compensated in any way for this post featuring Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.)

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  1. I love the dining-room colours. Grey and white together are so ‘calming’. And that little lamb…oh my, so cute! Your buffet is gorgeous as is the way you decorated it. Deb

  2. I also love gray and white together. Jennifer, thank you so much for including my pieces in this post and for your kind words. I truly love chalk paint. I love all of Annie Sloan’s products. x

  3. I do love the look of ASP. Now that I have accumulate enough pieces to paint to make it worth the investment I am considering it. One question tho… I am thinking of doing a vanity sink from a dresser I found. Do you or anyone know if you can use a treatment over it to waterproof it?

  4. Your home and all your painting projects are simply beautiful!! I’m still struggling with not using too much dark wax on my projects. Anyway, I’ll figure it out one of these days. Have a great week! ~ Jamie

  5. Wow!! I love this post on Annie Sloan Chalk Paint! I’ve just begun to use this paint and am in love with it! I love your digital flipboard magazine!! So cool!! I’m always on the lookout for inspiration and there is so much in one place for my eyes to feast on and fill my head with ideas!! Thanks for sharing all of this!
    Cheers, Colette
    Ps. I love your house!! You really inspire me to create!

  6. Every piece looks so beautiful!! I can’t imagine using any other paint for my furniture projects, Jennifer. Just love how easy it is to use! I used it on my tub, too! lol

    xoxo laurie

  7. These are all beautiful and isn’t it great that there is no more primer??? I too no longer dread painting furniture. One of my favorite pieces is Danielle’ s piece too. I have a favorite at Atta Girl too, I always tell her I want it when shown, LOL.