Summer Snapdragons from the Farm Market

Where I live, farmer’s markets are all the rage. You can find one in several nearby suburban towns to the east every weekend of the month. But head west in the other direction toward the country and you’ll find a place that trumps all of these wonderful farmer’s markets, hands down. I’m talking about Wiltse’s Farm Market located a mere 5 miles from my house. They have amazing fresh-picked produce at great prices. This past Saturday I took a trip to Wiltse’s to get some veggies and fruits and came home with plenty, along with a bunch of beautiful snapdragons.

Snapdragons from the Farm Market via Town and Country LivingSnapdragons hold a very special place in my heart. My grandmother grew these in her flower garden every year. She had a cutting garden overflowing with snapdragons and the most amazing mums and marigolds. She liked sunny colored flowers.


Summer Snapdragons via Town and Country LivingSo when I saw this big bunch of summer snapdragons at the farm market for just $3, I had to have them. I was a bit surprised at the pleasant emotion that welled up inside me when I saw them and thought of my grandmother, who we called Mimi. She passed away about 10 years ago but the memories of her are still fresh in my mind and heart.


Summer Snapdragons in a farmhouse kitchen via Town and Country LivingMimi and PawPaw (my grandfather) lived in PawPaw, Illinois. As a kid, I would often spend a week or more with them during the summer. They owned and lived on a Christmas tree farm, where people could choose their tree and cut it down, or have my grandfather cut it down for them. It was a magical place to me.


Yellow and White Snapdragons from the Farm Market via Town and Country LivingMimi would have fresh cut flowers in her home every day, including summer snapdragons like this. She had no formal floral training but she could arrange the prettiest centerpieces and I know my love of flowers comes from her.


Summer Snapdragons from the Farm Market - Town and Country LivingLately I’ve had a strong desire to move to a farmette where I could have my own cutting gardens, a barn or two, and a little more space. I think memories of my time spent at Mimi and PawPaw’s house is driving this desire. I find myself wanting to recreate the childhood experiences.


Summer Snapdragons via Town and Country LivingFor now, I have to settle with visiting farms like Wiltse’s. I’m not sure I’ll ever move to a farmette but it’s a nice dream to have. If anyone offered to buy my house, I’d probably sign on the dotted line and move a little further out in the country.


Snapdragons in a white ironstone pitcher via Town and Country LivingI took a few snapdragon stems and placed them in this little ironstone pitcher. You can squeeze the sides of the flowers and make them open and close as though they’re talking.  Did you ever do that?


White table setting with snapdragons via Town and Country LivingMy white mismatched dishes seem to be a perfect match with the snapdragons and I think Mimi would like this place setting. She suffered from Alzheimer’s and now my mother has Alzheimer’s too … so I’m probably doomed to the same fate.


White table setting with summer snapdragons via Town and Country LivingThe white glasses with the bunches of grapes on them are identical to the ones my grandma had. I found them at the flea market last year and snatched them all up. Every time I see them I buy a couple more. I almost have a full set of 12 now.

I was so happy to find these summer snapdragons at Wiltse’s this weekend! I need to add them to my flower garden. Is there a particular flower that reminds you of your grandmother whenever you see it?

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  1. Yikes, I hope the horrible disease isn’t passed to you:( I do love your snapdragons though, it is a flower I have never grown. I didn’t realize it made such a pretty cut flower.

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    Oh I love snapdragons too. They are dainty and so pretty. I love that these bring back such good memories of your MiMi.
    I grew up in Michigan and we would travel to Christmas Tree Farms each Christmas to cut down our family Christmas tree. That brings back such great memories.

  3. What great memories of your grandparents. I am a snapdragon fan. I have only seen them in NJ for the spring. I am going to have to check this out for our new home. I would love to have snapdragons all summer. They are so colorful.


  4. Oh, what a beautiful post! My grandmother’s favorite was violets. So they always make me think of her when I see them growing all over my yard. I think they might be a weed because they come up everywhere or maybe she’s just letting me know that she is with me 🙂 I think you should find a little farmette up here just over the border in Wisconsin. I will be praying for you that Alzheimer’s skips over you and the rest of your family.

  5. Those pictures brought back so many memories! My grandmother grew them in her garden as well and my grandfather used to pinch them, so they would open and he would growl “hoo-hoo”, because in French those flowers are called “Wolf’s mouth”.

  6. Your photos are just gorgeous – you are very talented. Whenever I see Poodles and walking sticks – they remind me of my grandmother!!! Leaps and bounds are being made with regards preventing and stabilising the A disease. My father died of Parkinson’s last year and that can be genetic too – they are all part of the same family. I pray the gene has skipped you.

  7. Snapdragons are one of my all time favorites and these yellow ones are especially pretty. It makes me happy to look at them. How beautifully you have displayed them!