Red and White Scandinavian Christmas

I can’t pinpoint when I first fell in love with Scandinavian style. It might very well have to do with the fact that I was raised in Geneva, Illinois … a quaint Midwest town west of Chicago with strong Swedish roots. I remember shopping as a child with my mother at The Gift Box , a Swedish store with those beautiful Dala horses that I always wanted. The Gift Box is still in business today, I’m happy to say. And they still sell Dala horses! Today I thought I’d share inspiration photos featuring a red and white Scandinavian Christmas.

Red and White Scandinavian ChristmasCharming red and white Scandinavian pillows at Little Sooti


Nordic Style Christmas at Junk Chic CottageNordic Farmhouse Christmas Tour at Junk Chic Cottage


Red Nordic House at ChristmasRed and White Scandinavian Christmas House at Learning to Love White


Modern Scandinavian ChristmasRed and White Christmas Living Room from Lowe’s


Red and White Scandinavian Christmas TreeRed and White Scandinavian Christmas Tree by  Hibs 100 Co.


Red Farmhouse DoorScandinavian Inspired Red Farmhouse Door at Country Living


Scandinavian Christmas DiningScandinavian Christmas Dining Room by PCGLAD


Christmas Pillows by HMRed and White Christmas Pillows by HM


Red and White Christmas Kitchen DecorRed and White Christmas Kitchen Decor from Home in Tradition


Simple Scandinavian Christmas TreeSimple Scandinavian Christmas Tree at  Apartment Therapy


Scandinavian Inspired Farmhouse KitchenMy own red and white farmhouse kitchen that you can see at my Christmas Home Tour.


Snowy Barn from Country Living MagazineSnowy Red Barn Scene at Country Living Magazine


Red Swedish Dala HorseAfter looking at these Scandinavian inspired Christmas photos, I’m tempted to take a trip to Geneva this weekend to visit The Gift Box. I just might have to take home a wooden Swedish Dala horse. I never did get one as a kid … I think I’ve waited long enough, don’t you?


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  1. Having come from a Swedish background, I enjoyed all the beautiful photos. So clean and striking….just so pretty.

  2. I love Scandinavian style at the Holidays. Nothing say welcome like a red door on a white house in winter snow. My daughter and I went to Ikea to buy a sewing table, ( beautiful pine) and I fell in live with the simple style of pine . I have a colonial home so cannot do but my door always greets visitors with a pine wreath with a red bow.

  3. Yes, you have waited long enough…you must treat yourself. Two years ago I spent a week in Sweden….the week before Christmas. Everything is understated and wonderful! Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing.

    1. Omigoodness! You must’ve loved that week in Sweden. What a great idea to travel there just before the holiday. I’m sure it was gorgeous!!

  4. I love Scandinavian design. Especially with pops of red!
    We even considedered painting the exterior of our farmhouse falu red last summer, but I chickened out and we painted the house white. We did paint the doors red, thou! That’s as bold as I get. 🙂

  5. Obviously I love your home 😉 but I also love Scandy style. I like decor with red, white, grey and green ALL year round, not just Christmas 🙂 Thank you for showing gorgeous interiors (and exteriors too)! Happy Christmas from Melbourne 😀

  6. So beautiful. I do love the Scandinavian style! Red and White oh yes. Merry Christmas, Di@Cottage-Wishes

  7. Beautiful pins, my moms grandparents came over on boat from Sweden and Swedish days in Geneva has been a tradition since I was very young. I have a two dala horses one red and one blue. And love to decorate at Christmas time with my Swedish ornaments.

  8. Jen,

    I never knew Geneva had Swedish roots! I’ve been a few times…my hubby is an attorney and sometimes I accompany him to the courthouse and then we have some good downtown fun! Love the red and white holiday spirit!!

    Jane xx

    1. Thanks for inviting me to your beautiful home, Donna! It’s so charming with all your Swedish Christmas decorations. Enjoy your Christmas Eve celebration!!