Container Flower Garden Ideas for Summer

Last night we covered our plants outside due to a freeze warning. Today we’re heading to the nursery to buy more flowers for the yard. This is the stuff we deal with in Illinois. Regardless, I’m looking forward to summer gardening and thought I’d share container flower garden ideas to help inspire you with your own garden plans.

Pedestal planter with verbena and petunias against a teal colored wall.


My yard has big trees and plenty of shade so the majority of my flowers are shade lovers – like this mix of red impatiens and blue lobelia.

A terracotta garden planter filled with impatiens and lobelia.


Who’s a petunia lover? There are so many varieties of these colorful flowers. Try a wave petunia in a container and add a trellis so the flowers can climb up as well as spill over the edges of the flower box.

Millions of calibrachoas, red and purple dazzle and attract the butterflies to this patio garden


Every year I always hang a couple of simple flower baskets like this on my picket fence. It adds a nice pop of color against the wood.

Flower Pots Hanging on Picket Fence


The main challenge with a container flower garden is having to water it more frequently than those planted in the ground. Keep that in mind when you start potting up flowers. You might want to keep them to a minimum.

Potted pionk geranium and house leeks on a stone garden bench.


Or, consider grouping a bunch together like this cottage style porch. It makes an easier and faster job of watering them.

Summer flower pots and shed


We have a tree stump about this same size in our backyard. I usually set a flower pot on top but after seeing these happy geraniums, I think I’ll have hubby carve out a bowl of sorts and we can plant flowers in the stump.

Red Geraniums Planted in Tree Stump


Although I enjoy formal gardens, I prefer slightly messier gardens with a cottage vibe in my own yard. Here a pot of blue lobelia mixes with rocks, a wood stump, and another container flower garden.

Lobelia Container Flower Garden


Who has a painted bicycle in the yard with a basket filled with flowers? I love the color the yellow bike with purple petunias against an aqua fence. I think I’ll be on the lookout for an old bike to paint this summer to use in the garden.

vintage decorative yellow bicycle with flower basket up against green wooden fence


This vintage white bike looks like it was made for flower gardening!

Vintage white bike and flower pot decoration in cozy home flowers garden on summer.


A vintage wooden wagon makes for a great container flower garden. I forgot I have an old wagon that’s just sitting in the shed. This is the year I’ll bring it out and plant it up!

Red Geraniums in Vintage Wood Wagon

I hope you found some gardening inspiration from today’s post. Hopefully last night was the last of our weather challenges. I’m itching to get dirt under my fingernails!


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  1. Loved seeing the variety of flowers and plants. Sadly, we can’t do that yet. It’s still to randomly cold at night. And out garden centers are not fully open yet. Thanks for your happy post this morning.

    1. Hi Linda! I hope your garden centers open soon. We have to wear masks and practice social distancing when shopping but I have to say – it sure is good therapy to go to the nursery. I try to shop when it’s not busy. 🙂

  2. I have window boxes on both my garage and front windows of my house. I always buy annuals every year that do well. But this year with not wanting to go to any stores because of coronavirus I decided to invest in some fake flowers. Now, there are some really poor imitations out there, but there are also some very real looking flowers too. I found mine at Joann Fabrics online and had them delivered. So far everyone who has seen them thinks they are real, and they survived our frost last night!😉

    1. Hi Karen! You’re so resourceful! I’m glad you found a solution and were able to get some flowers “planted.” Times like this call for a little creativity!

  3. This makes me miss our home in the country where I could plant random wild flowers in whatever I wanted to. In our new neighborhood everything is a bit more “modern” looking keeping me a bit restrained. Although! I had hubby start an arbor in the back and I ordered some white roses online with some lavender plants..woo hoo!! On my way to a little wild flower raisin’ in my own backyard!! …See now maybe I can sneak in some more lovely wild flower growing that creates my cottage garden again:0)
    Love the bikes in the garden. Thanks for the beauty this morning. A frost last night..hopefully our last.

    1. Hi Lori! You’re so lucky to be getting an arbor in your yard. Keep your cottage garden dreams alive! Flowers are so therapeutic – and we all certainly need a little therapy right now! 🙂

  4. These are so many pretty selections to think about creating, i hang something on my fence, have an old bicycle, and a tree stump that a put a plant on but it would look cute hollowed out for a plant. Thanks and have a happy Mothers Day.

  5. The yellow bike has white twinkle lights on it. Bet that is so darling at night time, reflecting off the flowers!

  6. The container gardens are inspiring. Sooo grateful to be in central FL with the glorious weather and freedom to go to stores and be able to be garden and go forward with our lives. Every other yard in our city has a sign in the yard, “Faith over Fear.” That’s inspiring too!