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Do any of you dream of a remodeling your kitchen sometime in the future? I love my old farmhouse kitchen but I do dream of a kitchen remodel some day. You know, a kitchen where there’s more storage space and a better work flow. I came across a beautiful kitchen remodel by H2 Design + Build that I think you might like!

Seems we’re seeing more and more two-tone kitchens, with dark cabinets on bottom and light cabinets on top. Do you like this look? I do! I feel like it gives a kitchen more depth and character.

Photo by H2 Design + Build

Today’s kitchen remodel tour features lots of great details like glass-front cabinet doors and a wonderful industrial stove. I would love to have a large stove like this where there’s room to place several large pots or pans on the burners.

Photo by H2 Design + Build

Stainless steel appliances provide classic appeal and a breakfast bar makes great use of counter space. The unique pendant lights add a bit of their own flair to the kitchen remodel.

Photo by H2 Design + Build

Gold fixtures are making a comeback, as evidenced above the deep-set sink. A wall of windows captures plenty of natural light and a marble counter top ushers elegance and class into the space.

Photo by H2 Design + Build

White subway tile creates a bright space in a butler’s pantry.

Photo by H2 Design + Build

The kitchen remodel includes a charming breakfast nook with an over-sized pendant light. Green walls and upholstery balance the rich, warm leather of the dining chairs.

Photo by H2 Design + Build

Dark hardwood floors underfoot lend an air of drama. I still want floors like this in my own kitchen.

Photo by H2 Design + Build

Today’s two-tone kitchen packs a punch of style into a small space. Classic and elegant, and I love every square inch of it!

Photo by H2 Design + Build

See more of this kitchen remodel by H2 Design + Build.

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  1. I do like the 2-tone cabinet colors, I have white upper and gray lower cabinets which I’m happy with, but I really like the black lower cabinets- very classy looking. I’m not on board with gold fixtures yet, I grew so tired of gold everything in the 80’s, I don’t think I can ever go back to that, but this is a beautiful kitchen.

  2. A total kitchen rehab would be wonderful but the budget allows only for a few tweaks. This post gives me some ideas. Pinned it to the Kitchen board!

  3. Beautiful kitchen! I have noticed another trend in kitchens—open shelves replacing top cabinets. It is aesthetically pleasing, but I don’t think I would like the functional aspect. I am so happy to see brass coming back. We used brass fixtures, doorknobs, cabinet handles, etc when we built our house in the 90s. Now we need to replace a lot of things and they are so hard to find.

    1. Hi Kathi,

      Yes, I’m seeing more open shelves too. We have open shelving in our kitchen primarily because of the way its laid out and the position of the windows and doors. I’d prefer regular cabinets though because they’d provide more storage. Maybe someday. I’ve noticed brass coming back, too. If you keep something long enough, it seems to always come back in style. 😉

  4. Very nice remodel, beautiful kitchen. We remodeled ours around five years ago with beautiful hard wood warm color cabinets and white counters, but the black cabinets here end up ugly and old in not much time, as it it is with white, I know cause we had it before. it’s not a great choice. I’m liking green lately. Love the brass here.
    Thank you for sharing. All the features are great.

  5. I am curious to see your current kitchen with the green Mexican tiles on the floor. I need to imagine this look. You said you wanted to change the wall color? You are very talented Jen at your color choices. I am anxious to see the now and maybe your ideas? It would be hard working around green tiles. I am a liking them. My front door is still green and my carpet. I hate the carpet but I can not yet afford wood or wood something engineered. So, it stays for now..