How to Style a Console Table

One thing has led to another here at home and I’ve been tackling one project after the next. I think a big reason for that is because once the Christmas decorations come down, the house feels a bit barren. The goal has been to add warmth and texture to living spaces and I started with the dining room. More specifically, the console table. It started with a search for console table baskets. (This post contains affiliate links.)

Styling a Console Table with Baskets and Vignettes


Styling a console table isn’t all that hard once you figure out the type of look you’re going for. I wanted something casual and country. Pieces for the table needed to be functional as well as pretty. The only baskets I could find that fit this table were at Pottery Barn.

Styling a Console Table with Baskets and Vignettes


The Pottery Barn console baskets are thick and sturdy and create a perfect spot for holding extra blankets and pillows. I ordered two and then set my sights on the top of the console table. My herd of cows replaced the Christmas painting and I brought my bird prints back out.

Console Baskets from Pottery Barn


Several months ago I featured the black-framed bird prints on my blog, along with a free printable which you can download here if you want to create your own. I think this is my favorite print project to date.

Styling a Console Table with Plants and Pictures


A gorgeous wooden pedestal bowl from Kirkland’s holds a new Terecela Ficus plant. You might remember this bowl from my fall farmhouse tour.

Wooden Pedestal Bowl with Ficus


When I was in Pottery Barn for the console baskets, I spied the most gorgeous, oxidized mercury lidded bowls gracing one of the store’s entryway tables. I was immediately smitten with the earthy color and delicate etchings.

Pottery Barn Candle


Dark Mercury Glass Lidded Candles


Removing the lids revealed fragrant candles inside. I wanted the large one – badly. But the price was a bit steep and I started having guilt about taking one of these beauties home. So I simply ordered the console baskets and walked out the door. But those darn candles kept haunting me.

Dark Mercury Glass Lidded Candles


I knew how good they’d look on my console table. My mind dreamed of them sitting right in the center of the table, with some greenery on both sides of them. Ugh. I couldn’t take it any longer and went back to the store to get the smaller one. As you can see, I wasn’t satiated and went back to the store a third time to get the larger candle. Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this! I told myself I was buying a special gift of my own and would be able to enjoy the etched oxidized mercury bowls long after the candles had burned all the way down.

Dark Mercury Glass Lidded Candles from Pottery Barn


To the right of the dark mercury bowl candles is a bit of more greenery.

Greens to Add Texture and Earthy Style


Styling my console table was just a matter of adding new baskets on the bottom for texture and extra storage and …

How to Style a Console Table


On the top, the Pottery Barn candles take center stage in the middle, with various greens flanking the right and left to add an organic vibe. I propped the birch vase up on a pair of vintage books to match the height of the wooden pedestal bowl. And finally, all the artwork on the wall has a black frame to create a unified look.

Greens to Add Texture and Earthy Style

With the console table complete, I’m now working on the mantel which hubby reconfigured ever so slightly. You’ll be seeing it soon!


Shop the Look:

Pottery Barn Console Basket

Beachcomber Console Basket


Pottery Barn Oxidized Mercury Lidded Candle Pot

Oxidized Mercury Lidded Candle Pot



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  1. I also have been looking for console table baskets, but PB price is too steep for me. Still looking ……
    Yours are perfect for your table and your table top is both organic and beautiful.

    1. Hi Pat! Normally I would never pay that much for baskets, but I haven’t found anything the right size so I caved. I have to say though, they’re extremely sturdy so they should last a long, long time. I did manage to get them during a 20% off promotion, so that helped a bit.

  2. Beautifully styled table. I’m really drawn to the wooden pedestal bowl and those candles!!! So…what’s their scent??

    1. Hi Deb! I meant to include the scent of the candles and completely forgot! The big one is Lemon Verbena and the smaller one is Moss and Oak. On the website it says it’s white cranberry and thyme but it must be different online than in stores.

  3. Hello Jennifer,
    What a beautiful post! I love that table and those baskets – swoon!
    It is so true that once Christmas is packed away, the whole house becomes a new and exciting project. One step at a time is the best process in tackling, though.
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    Have a wonderful Saturday,

  4. Table looks good. I had never heard of console baskets. Thanks for enlightening me.
    Your stairway is beautiful with the window, crocks and plant.
    In my opinion, it steals the show!
    Thanks for sharing. Waiting for the mantel.

    PS house plants are very hard to locate. Seems less stores selling them. You can forget finding large ones.

    1. Hi Nan!
      Those crocks used to be where the console baskets are now. I was scratching my head wondering where to put them and I thought, why not the stairs? I still have poinsettias that are thriving after Christmas so put a couple of them in one of the crocks to look like one big plant. 🙂 Oh, and I think stores are just now starting to get plants in with their spring bulbs. I was in the grocery store (a big grocery store) the other day and was amazed by all the plants they had. They must have just gotten in a shipment of them! They didn’t have any really big ones though. It’d be nice to find a fiddle leaf fig.

  5. Jennifer, I love the plant in the wooden bowl. I tried to look up terecela ficus or terecela plant with no luck. Can you confirm the name of the plant for me.

  6. I love your console table! It’s styled perfectly. And, no, unfortunately, you are not the only one who talks herself into special gifts and rationalizes it out to justify multiple trips to a store. And, the candles are beautiful, well, the bowls I mean. I was wondering, what’s behind that door to the left of the table?

    1. Hi Nancy!
      Glad to know I’m not the only one! We should all just save ourselves the time of multiple trips back to the store by buying what we love the first time we see it! I also rationalize by telling myself I’m keeping the economy going and helping people remain employed. 😉 Behind that door is our very ugly laundry room. It’s on our project list but I keep pushing it off because no one sees it but us. One of these days we’ll get to it.

  7. Love how you styled this table! LOVE that pedestal stand and the plant in it! I will look for one of them and see in the comments it may be hard to find! The candles are gorgeous but way out of my budget:):) Happy Sat.!