Bottle Brush Trees: Creative Ways to Display

It’s no secret I love bottle brush trees and I’m always thinking of creative ways to display them during the holidays. Sometimes the smallest detail can make a big difference. I haven’t used up all my ideas yet for displaying bottle brush trees, which is a good thing. I can use the ideas next year!

Bottle Brush Trees in a Box

I have the perfect size, white little boxes that hold my larger bottle brush trees. It’s like finishing off your big Christmas tree with a skirt.

Creative Ways to Display Bottle Brush Trees


Place tiny Christmas trees in a shadow box to act like a frame.

Bottle Brush Trees Displayed in a Shadow Box


Corral a group of trees in a simple crate and place on a table.

Bottle Brush Trees Corralled in a Crate


You can also use a cigar box to create a vintage holiday tree display. Decoupage or paint the cigar box, fill with epsom salt or faux snow, and position your trees inside with a fun little snowman or Santa.

Snowy Christmas Scene Using Cigar Box


Bottle Brush Trees on a Plate or Tin

Using a vintage ironstone plate, metal tin, or even a slice of wood to cradle Christmas trees is probably my favorite way to display my favorite holiday decoration.

Bottle Brush Trees in a Tin


Sometimes I use both a plate and a tin at the same time.

Bottle Brush Trees on a White Ironstone Plate


A slice of wood proudly supports a gathering of light green bottle brush trees; the newest in my ever-growing collection.

Light Green Bottle Brush Trees Displayed on a Wood Slice


Paper Mache Pots for Christmas Trees

I love paper mache anything and when I find pots small enough to hold a bottle brush tree or two, all the better! This one’s been painted and embellished with script font reading The First Noel.

Bottle Brush Tree in Altered Paper Mache Pot


You might remember this line-up of trees from my Christmas Home Tour.

Bottle Brush Trees in Paper Mache Pots


Paper mache boxes are another creative way to display tiny trees. Decorate the box with scrapbook paper and hot glue the tree on top of the lid. Easy to make and they’re great for holding tiny gifts like jewelry.

Christmas Paper Mache Box


Christmas Paper Mache Box


Other Handy Vessels and Ideas

Use ordinary items from around the house to display bottle brush trees. Small gravy boats are perfect!

Use a Gravy Boat to Display a Tiny Christmas Tree


I can’t take credit for this idea; I bought this vintage tree in a trophy cup from Jennifer Rizzo‘s flea market booth. She tucked the tree at an angle and I found it rather endearing.

Vintage Bottle Brush Tree Askew in a Trophy Cup


Votive candle holders are also perfectly sized to hold your bottle brush trees.

Use a Votive Candle Holder to Display Bottle Brush Trees


Of course, tiny trees look wonderful under a cloche (and they’re protected from furry friends).

Christmas Vignette - Bottle Brush Tree in a Cloche


Of course, bottle brush trees look great all on their own!

Bottle Brush Trees and a Bowl Full of Vintage Ornaments


Decorating for Christmas with Tiny Trees

Creative Ways to Display Bottle Brush Trees

Do you like the green or white bottle brush trees best?


Where to Find Bottle Brush Trees:



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  1. Great ideas! I found myself buying bottle brush trees several times this holiday season. I think you played a part in that. ???? Merry Christmas, Jennifer!

  2. Merry Christmas Jennifer
    This is my first time commenting and I wanted to let you know how much I admired your bottle brush displays. I have been collecting them for awhile and would say that the white trees are my favorite however, my first bottle brush tree I bought was a very old tiny green plain one which Is a favorite one of mine.
    Whenever I see pretty white ones I usually buy them because it seems that they are not so easy to find. Do you have any particular sources?
    Thank you for your beautiful photography. It brightened my morning!

  3. Wonderful idea especially helpful for those Target trees I bought this year that are lovely but a little lopsided. Will elevate my tress.

  4. I love bottle brush trees! You have a great collection of them. May I ask if you buy vintage or new ones, or combination of both. I found some at Walmart with the village scenery pieces. I enjoy your blog and your great ideas to make your home homey and comfortable. Merry Christmas to you! Nancy

  5. I love bottle Brushes! And you have excellent ideas. I discovered by accident that sometimes the round wooden base will fit in a candleholder too. When you need some height it works pretty neat.

  6. P.S. I thought maybe I had a problem ,and it was connected to hoarding bottle brushes, but I was relieved to see you have more than me. Phewww.

  7. My husband and I have e shop on Etsy and we are always looking for bottle brush trees. SingerMini Shop.. We build Putz