My Christmas Home Tour ~ 2016

Glitter is flying everywhere, ornament boxes are strewn about the floor, and kitties are chasing errant curls of ribbon around the house. My favorite season of blogging is finally here and once again I’m honored to participate in Jennifer Rizzo’s Holiday Housewalk, sponsored by Wayfair. The past few weekends have been a little chaotic getting things ready, but it’s all been worth it. Welcome to my Christmas home tour; I’m so happy to have you here!

My Christmas Home Tour


Are you here from Nina Hendrick’s blog?  She has such an amazing home, don’t you think? Nina is stop number 14 on the housewalk, and she’s a tough act to follow.


Now onto my Christmas home tour! The first thing I tackle each year is the tree. I try to make it different each time and this year I chose to dedicate the trimming of the tree to my mother.

Her favorite color was pink … so I created what I’m calling a Pink Champagne Christmas tree in her honor … even though she was a teetotaler (except for that one time at a family reunion when I talked her into enjoying a bit of the rum punch, but that’s another story for another day).

Pink Champagne Christmas Tree


I thought hubby might think our Pink Champagne tree is too pink but when he saw it he said it was my most beautiful tree yet. And he said this before he knew it was in memory of my mother.

Every once in a while he surprises me.

Ornaments for a Pink Champagne Christmas Tree


Mom would’ve loved this little quail. So would my grandmother who always put birds on her Christmas tree, but she typically opted for red cardinals.

A Quail in a Pink Champagne Tree


What is it about beautiful Christmas trees that captivate the heart and create a sense of wonder?  That scene from Home Alone when Kevin is gazing at the Rockefeller Center tree?  I can completely relate with what he’s feeling at that very moment.

Ornaments for a Pink Champagne Christmas Tree


My Pink Champagne Christmas tree resides in our family room, which also wears touches of pink.

Farmhouse Family Room Decorated in Pink for Christmas


Farmhouse Family Room Decorated in Pink for Christmas


A simple wooden crate filled with pink poinsettias decorates the coffee table, which is my childhood toy chest. My father made it himself.

Pink Poinsettias


Mr. Heidgen from Shady Hill Gardens told me that pink poinsettias are their best seller this year.

I can easily see why. I wanted to take them all home with me.

Pink Poinsettias from Shady Hill Gardens


My mercury glass ornament garland returns once again to be draped across the old ceiling tin above my sectional, but this year I added a soft green garland.

Christmas Family Room


Next up on the tour is my living room. Christmas trees can be found in every room this year.

Bottle Brush Christmas Trees and Vintage Aqua Bottles


Bottle Brush Christmas Trees and Vintage Aqua Bottles


The vintage mantel in the living room features mirrors, Christmas trees, vintage aqua bottles, and my Merry banner!

Christmas Mantel with Bottle Brush Trees and Vintage Aqua Bottles


My initial thought was to use just the trees on the mantel, but there was the problem of the aqua-colored mirror not fitting in. So the bottles got to stay and I adorned the mirror with a bottle brush wreath to tie it all together.

Christmas Mantel with Bottle Brush Trees and Vintage Aqua Bottles


The Merry and Bright pillow from Wayfair is new this year.

Merry and Bright Pillow


Christmas Vignette


The reindeer also makes his appearance flying above my desk.

Farmhouse Christmas


The ever-popular pink poinsettias from Shady Hill Gardens grace the west side of the living room.

Christmas Decorations in a Farmhouse Living Room


Vintage pink and blue ornaments fill my new reindeer bowl, which I thought was a great addition to this year’s Christmas home tour.

Reindeer Bowl with Vintage Ornaments


Reindeer Bowl Filled with Vintage Ornaments


My stairway is also on the west end of the living room, and it’s become a tradition now to line the steps with some type of lights. I recently shared how to make the frosted mason jar votives you see marching up the steps.

Christmas Stairway in a Victorian Farmhouse


A new, smaller Christmas tree from Wayfair cozies up under my wooden sheep hanging, with Mr. Cow looking on in approval. The cow canvas was created by the talented Julie Norkus who has a booth at our local flea market.

Christmas Farmhouse Vignette


Christmas Farmhouse Tour


Christmas Farmhouse Vignette


Christmas Home Tour with Tree from Wayfair


Branches on the new tree have tiny twigs entwined.

Christmas Home Tour with Tree from Wayfair


Presents Under the Christmas Tree


I couldn’t resist a creamy white poinsettia while making the rounds at Shady Hill’s massive greenhouse bursting with holiday blooms.

Christmas Decorations in a Victorian Farmhouse


Let’s move into the dining room, where you’ll find more of the pink poinsettias.

Farmhouse Dining Room in My Christmas Home Tour


I wanted a vintage Santa picture for the dining room, but they tend to be pricey. Fortunately, I found a Santa wall poster for $5 that I applied over an existing wall hanging.

Christmas Decorations in a Victorian Farmhouse


The poinsettias are tucked in galvanized garden pots with a pretty patina. Yesterday this room featured my deer table setting for Christmas.

Christmas Dining Room


The corner hutch always showcases some of my white ironstone collection.

Christmas Hutch


More bottle brush trees line the shelves. Because you can never have too many trees at Christmas.

Bottle Brush Christmas Tree Display


Christmas Vignettes in Farmhouse Hutch


This summer we scored an old window frame that perfectly frames the ceiling tin on the dining room wall. It’s new to this space.

Christmas Dining Buffet


Christmas Dining Buffet


Finally, let me move this Christmas home tour into my farmhouse kitchen with its fun touches of red. I’m ready to bake some Christmas cookies in here now that the holiday decorating is done!

Christmas Farmhouse Kitchen


Wooden stars line the kitchen windowsill.

Christmas Farmhouse Kitchen


Christmas Farmhouse Kitchen


Hubby and I both think this poinsettia topiary is pretty amazing and had to bring it home with us from the greenhouse. A friend of mine made the Christmas Peace sign.

Poinsettia Topiary


Christmas Farmhouse Kitchen


I love paper clay figurines and the little snowman is one of my favorites.

I’d like to add more, so if you know a source where I can find them, please let me know!

Christmas Vignette with Pink Poinsettia


The kitchen sideboard is simpler this year, with just a few holiday touches.

Christmas in a Farmhouse Kitchen


Christmas in a Farmhouse Kitchen


Christmas in a Farmhouse Kitchen


I’ll feature my bedroom in a future post. For now I need to get busy buying gifts and wrapping them.

Gingerbread house gift boxes make pretty packaging for presents.

Christmas Vignette


Christmas Boxes for Holiday Wrapping


Don’t you love the twinkle of lights and the glow of Christmas?

Dark Pink Christmas Ornaments


Thank you so much for joining me on my Christmas home tour!

I hope that you found a bit of inspiration and that your day is a little brighter because you visited!

Pink Champagne Christmas Tree


Next on the Holiday Housewalk is Laura from Duke Manor Farm. I know you’ll enjoy her home as much as I do! She has the same flying reindeer as me, but I don’t know if she’s using it in her decor this year. You’ll have to visit her blog to find out!

Duke Manor Farmhouse

You can start the Holiday Housewalk from Day One by going to Jennifer Rizzo’s.


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  1. So many beautiful touches and I LOVE that the tree is for your mom. it looks so beautiful! Thank you so much for your beautiful words to me yesterday. They made me tear up. You are a beautiful friend and I appreciate you with all my heart…xoxo

  2. Marty Oravetz says:

    Gorgeous. Everything is so beautifully done and your collection of bottle brush trees is amazing.

  3. Beautiful! I love the Champagne pink tree decor! I use birds on my tree also – do you mind sharing where you found the little quail? I also love the pitcher in your kitchen with the Christmas tree on it and the aqua blue mirrors. So pretty!

  4. Wow! Your home is beautiful! Love all that you did, it is just so charming.

  5. Nan, Odessa, De says:

    Love, love the simple decorations that say it all with your WHITES!
    I am surprised you don’t have a banner. You always enjoy them. Still time to add with a tutorial for me?
    What is the mirror called that is on the side board under the new window?
    How are you hanging the greens over the windows?
    Please answer! I need your help.
    And thanks for inspiring me!

  6. So charming- I love it all!

  7. Raising a rum punch in memory of your mom and your stunning tree and home!

  8. Your pink tree is absolutely stunning, Jennifer! And I love that it is in honor of your mom…so special. I always enjoy a look inside of your beautiful home.

  9. So funny! I was just taking the Holiday Home Tour and noticed my “Cow Canvas” . Looks great on your wall and in your home!
    Great style, beautiful decor!

  10. I always enjoy your blog, especially at Christmas time. Such a beautiful farmhouse. What a pretty place.
    Thanks for the inspiration! May God bless you and your family this Christmas.

  11. Your home and decorations are beautiful,I love the little touches like the pearls and the little birds on your tree.

  12. Love the beautiful way that you used pastels in your Christmas decorating. What a sweet tribute to your Mom. You are modeling something very precious to your children in continuing to include your Mom in your holiday memories. The kitchen is so happy and merry!! There’s that beautiful green tile floor again. SOOOO perfect for Christmas!! Thank you, Jennifer. Out of the park as always.

  13. Lisa Mothersead says:

    So pretty! I always enjoy your Christmas kitchen, especially. ????

  14. Beautiful, Jennifer!

  15. LOVE the staircase. Oh my goodness! 🙂

  16. Everything is absolutely Christmasy beautiful. Best Christmas tour.

  17. Jennifer, I love your tree especially since it’s for your mom! And I LOVE all of the bottle brush trees too!! Thank you so much for opening up your home and being on the tour!!!

  18. Jennifer every single detail is more lovely than the next and what a special tribute to your mom. Your home is truly beautiful and all of the nooks and crannies held such perfect Christmas touches. You have a gift my friend! xoxo

  19. As always, a truly beautiful home tour Jennifer. Love it all, but especially your tree dedicated to your mum and those pink poinsettias. Sharing and pinning!!

  20. Jennifer, here detail is magical. If I were going to break my traditional colors on my christmas tree, i think i found my color….pink. it’s gorgeous and such a beautiful tribute. Ha about the deer. I am using him outside this year. Happy holiday to you and your family.

  21. A beautiful bottle brush collection get’s me every time. Loving your festive decor! Just beautiful!

    xo Michael

  22. I think your home tour is my favourite so far with all of the vintage touches and all of the beautiful touches. Thoroughly enjoyed every bit!

  23. So whimsical! Love it. xx

  24. Jennifer, your home is always so stunning at Christmas time. My moms favorite color was pink too. Love t her fact you still haven your childhood toy chest.. I thought I was addicted to bottle brush trees. Now I don’t feel bad brining more and more into my home, LOL


  25. You always have stunning Christmas trees. I love your sweet farmhouse style around Christmas– so charming!

  26. Beautiful!!! I’m here from a photo I saw on Pintrest. Just wondering if you have the name of the color on inside of your pretty corner cabinet in the kitchen with the white stoneware? This is exactly the color I’ve been looking for. Just a lovely home. So envious! Nan

  27. I look forward to your Christmas home tour each year, Jennifer, and just when I think you couldn’t possibly change anything, you surprise me with a wonderful new look! Your pink tree and flowers are such a fresh approach to seasonal decor. You’ve outdone yourself and I thank you for sharing your home with us again this year!

  28. I would also love some splash of pink in my tree. Yours look lovely!

  29. Absolutely stunning!

  30. Magical Jennifer! I am a bit in awe ok maybe even jealous of your bottle brush tree collection! Merry Merry to you & yours!

  31. Jennifer, your home is just perfect. Your tree in honor of your Mom, oh, that is so beautiful, and special. I think about my Mom most during the holidays, especially when I decorate our tree, as she loved to come over and “help” although that usually meant she sat on the couch and tried to boss me and our ornaments around! 🙂 Wishing you a beautiful, meaningful Christmas with those you love.

  32. A Winter Wonderland of beautiful Christmas decor…so love how you incorporate your vintage items in the decor. Gorgeous, gorgeous trees. Merry Christmas!

  33. I am just blown away with how gorgeous your home it, it’s right out of a beautiful magazine! Every single detail is perfection! I love the way you set the tone of the story, and that tribute tree touched my heart. Merry Christmas!

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