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I’m Dreaming of a Vintage Christmas

 They say Christmas is for kids, but I still love Christmas.

With each passing year I’m drawn more and more to the nostalgia of Christmas past.

Memories of childhood Christmases haunt me and I find myself wanting to recreate that magical experience.

So it’s no surprise that this year I’m dreaming of a vintage Christmas.

Frosted Fraser Christmas Tree from Balsam HillThis year I have a new flocked tree from Balsam Hill and I love it!

You’ll get to see the fully decorated view during my Holiday Home tour the first week in December.


Flocked branches of Balsam Hill Christmas treeI’m only sharing a sneak preview sans ornaments today.

Aren’t the flocked branches beautiful?  Balsam Hill trees are so realistic looking!


Flocked vintage Christmas treeWhen I was a kid, we had a fully flocked live tree every year. It was ginormous!

Our living room had a very high vaulted ceiling and that tree stretched to the top.


Vintage Christmas Decorating. Shiny Brite ornaments on a flocked treeThis year I want to capture that same wondrous awe I experienced as a little girl.


Christmas Decorating with a Vintage Bowl of Shiny Brite OrnamentsGazing up at that beautiful tree with its twinkling lights and fancy glass ornaments.


Collection of Vintage Christmas Ornaments from Shiny Brite and SantalandI’m stockpiling the Shiny Brite ornaments to create the vintage Christmas I’m dreaming of.


Sparkle and Snowflake Ornaments from Balsam HillI also spied this beautiful ornament set from Balsam Hill.

They remind me a bit of the pastel glass ornaments that hung on my childhood tree.


Vintage Style White Christmas Tree from Balsam HillThis gorgeous white tree from Balsam Hill is very similar to the one I remember when growing up. Except our tree was live and taken to a big garage where they flocked it. I remember riding with my father in the station wagon one year to go pick it up.

This year I considered getting an all white tree …


I'm Dreaming of a Vintage Christmas with a White Flocked TreeBut in the end chose the Frosted Fraser Fir from Balsam Hill*.

I think it will fit beautifully with my vintage Christmas theme this year.


Balsam Hill Christmas Catalog Cover #BalsamHillSign up to receive a complimentary copy of Balsam Hill’s catalog and see more inspiration.

Finally, just for fun … here’s my favorite Christmas cartoon from my childhood …

I think Suzy Snowflake was played primarily on Chicago stations.

Hope you enjoy this little blast from the past! Let me know if you’ve seen it before!


* Balsam Hill provided a gift card to cover a portion of the cost of my new tree. All opinions are mine.

~My disclosure policy~


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  1. Your tree is gorgeous!! The theme will be so wonderful!! I have wanted a white tree for years. My budget doesn’t allow for a really nice one. I did get an inexpensive one and I have it all blue and white and silver. I love it! Very simple, but it still brings me happiness when I look at it. This is my favorite time of the year, so I’m a very early bird with it, but it makes me happy and that is what it is about!! Most of all, my happiness comes from the fact that a baby was born in a manger that came to save my soul. Hope your season is a very blessed and happy one!!!

  2. Beautiful vintage Christmas inspiration! Good old Ray Raynor and Garfield Goose used to play the Suzy Snowflake clip all the time during the holidays. Thank you for the trip down memory lane!

  3. Gorgeous! I can’t wait for Max to settle down so I can have a tree again. Would you consider sharing one of your holiday home tours (any year will do!) on my Open House Sundays feature? I’d love to share your home! xox

    1. Kathleen, I have no idea if you can still get trees flocked today. I don’t remember where our dad had ours done. I just remember it was a huge garage.

    1. Hi Morwenna! So glad your hubby enjoyed seeing Suzy Snowflake again! I think I look it up on YouTube every year. 😉

  4. Yay! Suzy Snowflake! Thank you so much for including this clip in your post. I haven’t heard that for so many years. My mom used to sing it to me, when I was young. It brought back great memories ~

  5. Yes, “Susie Snowflake” played on television in our city, too! During the 1950’s-early 60’s, Cleveland had a tradition, known as Mr. Jing-a-ling, he was the keeper of Santa’s keys, and his right-hand elf. Mr. Jing-a-ling had a show during the few weeks before Christmas, and this was one of the little bits he would show. . .This really brings back fond memories! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Cynthia! I think Suzy Snowflake was played primarily in the Midwest region. I have another old Christmas video I’m going to share in a future post.

  6. I love your new Balsam Hill tree, Jennifer! I have been liking the flocked trees more and more in recent years. I like the size of this one, too. I am looking to get one a bit smaller than what we have now, especially since I am the lone person taking it down from the attic, putting it together, decorating it and then doing the reverse come January 6th! I think it would be a lot easier on my back to have a smaller tree to deal with. : ) I have one of their wreaths and I’m sure the trees are just as nice.

    1. Thanks, Kathy. I hear you about the size. I get tired of trying to reach the top of the tree while standing on a chair!

    1. Hi Teresa. So glad you were able to watch Suzy Snowflake for the first time. Cartoon graphics have come a long way since then!

  7. Jennifer, the flocked Christmas tree is gorgeous. Seeing it got me all excited to decorate. LOL But, I will wait a couple more days to start and a couple weeks for the tree. I think your tree looks sweet as is too. Our kids learned the song – Suzy Snowflake – in kindergarten.

    1. It’s funny how many people remember Suzy Snowflake! I have another vintage Christmas video I’m going to share in a few days.

  8. You Have the Christmas spirit Jennifer and it is contagious! Loving all the photo’s and you have reminded me of lovely past Christmases.

  9. Is the flocking/ice coming off easily? I love a heavy flock but seems not practical year to year in a fake tree as the flock fall off.

    1. Hi Cat! Yes, the flocking does flake off a little bit when setting up the tree, but it’s not that bad. There are 3 sections to the tree so it assembles quickly.

  10. Thanks for the cartoon. I remember this, it was also aired in the Akron, Ohio area!! My sister and I even had the record of the song. Thanks so much for the wonderful memory!!! I love you blog by the way!!