French Script Butterfly Wreath

“Butterflies are self-propelled flowers.”    ~ R.H. Heinlein

Two things I’m lovin’ these days … French Script … and Butterflies! So when I saw a beautiful French script butterfly wreath in one of my fave stores, I really wanted to buy it. But at $36 and some change, I just couldn’t bring myself to open up my wallet. After all, it’s just paper, right?

Still … it was haunting my dreams.
I thought about how I could make one.
But then I’d have to buy a Cricut to make all the butterflies.
Although that would cost so much more than $36, it’d be an excuse to get that little gadget.
I resisted the urge to buy the Cricut, even though I could use it for other projects.
I had to consider my daughter’s upcoming wedding on June 9th and the expenses involved.
I kept thinkin’ about those stinkin’ butterflies on that cute little wreath.
And then I received the email that changed my world. An email from Decor Steals (formerly Wuslu).
They were offering the adorable butterfly wreath for just $21.50! Helloooo butterfly wreath!
Yep, I bought it right then and there.  {{LOVE}}
I hung it atop a repurposed tile tin I found at the Kane County Flea Market.
I’d been eyeing a similar tile tin at another fave shop … but it was $69! Are you kidding me??
It’s just a piece of tin, after all. I held out and didn’t buy the overpriced tin.
So glad I had willpower because I found this tin at the flea market for just $30. Less than half the price!
This one has a cool story, too. It came from the ceiling of a nearby historic church that’s no longer a church.
At least, that’s what the vendor said and she looked like she had an honest face.
Now my butterfly wreath and old tin ceiling tile hang next to this little blue lantern in the family room.
So it just goes to show … good things really do come to those who wait!

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  1. LOVE the butterfly wreath!! It is so delicate and pretty! Your tin piece is beautiful too and I love that you got good deals on both of them. You’re a girl after my own heart! I am a bargain hunter to and get so excited when I find my treasures for less.

  2. That looks so good and at first I thought wow you did a great job making that and then you said you ordered it. At least you did same some money and time.

  3. That is soo pretty . I do love butterfly’s . It had your name on it from the begining. Glad you were able to buy it . Have a good day !

  4. I love the wreath. Paired with teh tile and latern is wonderful!

  5. It always feels good to get a good deal on something you’ve been wanting to buy. A nice summery addition to your room.

  6. I love that wreath!! Wise woman for waiting. Hope your weekend is grand.

  7. Those butterflies are stunning! I may have to pull the trigger and get a butterfly punch now… I’ve been eyeing them but haven’t been able to make the commitment (I’m not a scrapbooker so it seemed silly to get one for one little project I saw.) Now I have an even better reason!

  8. Jennifer, So glad you got your butterfly wreath and tin at great prices. I love a bargain on something I have been wanting.

  9. Oh it is a lovely wreath…
    And now we know why people say that patience is a virtue. You got a great deal there.

  10. this is so clever and pretty, jennifer!

  11. I love the wreath. So pretty and different.


  12. Jennifer,
    Love this Butterfly wreath.Aren’t you glad you waited?

  13. Beautiful! Love the wreath, Love the tin, Love the lantern. Good things come to those who wait!

  14. I love that wreath, too! It looks perfect on the ceiling tile. Great patience you have!

  15. Love your wreath! I have seen different versions of things with paper butterflies, and they are always so delicate and pretty. Your tin tile is wonderful. They really do sell for those high prices here. You gotta snap them up when they show up at a good price!

  16. So pretty!

  17. Your butterfly wreath is soooo cute!
    Thank you for stop by me and for your kind words. You’re welcome!

  18. That really is beautiful. So dainty. I just love it. Thanks for sharing, liz

  19. Hi, You can never go wrong with butterflies. Beautiful wreath…Connie

  20. I love butterflies! They hold a special meaning for me. They have been present in one form or another on many happy occasions. Yours are lovely. Hugs!

  21. This is so pretty! I do hope you’ll visit me at My Dream Canvas!

  22. I just got mine in the mail!!! I won it from a giveaway on Miss Mustard Seed’s blog. Now I need to find a space for it!

  23. Thanks for sharing at cowgirl up. I love that wreath, and aren’t you clever for finding a bargain. Love decor steals myself.

  24. TDC… to darn cute. Pinned.


  25. I have to print out your article so I can have a good picture of that wreath. Think I’ll make the body of butterfly with clay in different colors, how fun that would be, so colorful. I’ll have to print out some French script for paper to make the wings.
    Happy for you that you got the wreath and the tin.
    I have some faux tins and a frame so will see if I can’t make something in same idea at least out of them. Crafters will prevail when they want something. For me half the enjoyment and challenge is being able to make something similiar I see out of what I have.

  26. I LOVE this wreath. If you’re thinking about buying a Cricut, you might want to check out my blog post, just FYI. It might help you to make a more informed decision.
    Fondly, Tami

  27. It’s beautiful! I am sorry I missed that deal! Have a great weekend!…hugs…Debbie

  28. Your butterfly wreath is wonderful and I love the tin tile. Your patience paid off! Congratulations!
    I hope you have a great weekend.

  29. The butterfly wreath is adorable and so pretty for spring. Love the tin it’s hanging on too.
    Mary Alice

  30. The butterfly wreath is really special! Love it.

  31. So pretty – butterflies and french script – perfect combination!

  32. Love, love the butterfly wreath.
    Thanks for sharing.

  33. Wish they had more, I would have bought one to. Love butterfly theme. Congrats on your great find.

  34. It’s gorgeous!! you really did find a deal, thanks for linking up to Vintage Inspiration, great photos too!!

  35. Love it!! Thanks for linking up at FNF! 🙂

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