Create a Quick and Easy Christmas Banner!

Can you believe there are just two-and-a-half weeks until Christmas? Yikes! I haven’t even started my shopping yet because I’ve been busy decking the halls! This week I’m excited to be joining 24 other bloggers for “Creating a Handmade Christmas” which started a couple days ago. You can see the full schedule at the end of this post and visit all the inspirational handmade holiday ideas! Today I have a quick and easy Christmas banner tutorial to share with you. Make this on your own, or get your children involved!

Quick and Easy Christmas Banner by Town and Country LivingYou can choose any holiday saying for  your Christmas banner.

I decided upon “Ho Ho Ho” because it’s whimsical and I needed a short banner for this space in my kitchen.


DIY Christmas Banner via Town and Country LivingMy little Christmas banner took less than 2 hours to create! Here’s how I did it …


Quick and Easy Christmas Banner by Town and Country LivingI used plain large tags, red acrylic paint, glitter, and red ribbon.

Not pictured is the glue, brush and stencil.


Stenciled Christmas BannerPlace the stencil atop your tag, making sure that edges are even.


How to make a Christmas bannerUsing a stencil or stiff artist’s brush, apply just a slight amount of paint. Your brush should be almost dry.

Too much paint on your brush and some of the paint could ooze underneath the stencil onto the tag.


How to create a Christmas bannerUsing a pouncing motion with the brush, gently fill the stenciled space being careful not to move the stencil.


Create a quick and easy Christmas bannerVery carefully lift the stencil template from the tag.

Enjoy a cup of coffee while you wait for the paint to dry, which doesn’t take long.


DIY Christmas BannerPaint a border of glue around the letters (I used Mod Podge) and add glitter. Shake off excess.


Quick and easy Christmas bannerMy tags already had a hole in them, but I punched 2 more so I could thread the ribbon through.


How to make a Christmas bannerYou could easily use a hot glue gun to apply the ribbon, but by threading your ribbon through the holes, it allows you to slide the letters along the ribbon.  This way, you can space the letters to your liking.


Quick and Easy Christmas BannerAll that’s left to do is hang your banner!


Create a Christmas BannerBe sure your ribbon is long enough to tie the ends for hanging!

If you like this project, be sure to check out my instructions for creating a pine cone garland!!

I hope you’ll visit the other bloggers participating in Creating a Handmade Christmas!

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  1. A friend of mine gave me a box of tags. I’ve used them for various things but never thought of this. And I just might have time to make this easy project! Great idea especially cuz I have the stuff on hand.

  2. So simple and sweet … I especially loved the drinking coffee part in your tutorial. 🙂 Your home looks so bright and cheerful! Love it all!!!

  3. SUPER CUTE BANNER. WHAT AN AWESOME IDEA MY FRIEND. Thanks so much for sharing this . I think I will try and make one. xoxoxox HUGS

  4. I love that you included “drink coffee” in your instructions. That’s essential when crafting. Unless you’e crafting at night, then it’s “drink wine!.”

    I love your festive banner!