More Historic Homes in Sycamore, Illinois

A little over a week ago my hubby and I took a little jaunt over to Sycamore to take a walk in the historic district. I took too many pictures to share in one post, so this is part two of some beautiful homes in the Land of Lincoln. (You can view the first post here.)

A blue exterior and wrap-around porch paints a charming slice of Americana.
Another roomy porch shows off unique half-moon cut-outs in the railing.
A gorgeous brick home with stunning trim and arched windows.
A quaint lamppost and wrought iron porch railing adds a touch of rusticity.
The all-American farmhouse with scalloped lace curtains peeking through the windows.
Clapboard homes are scattered throughout the streets of small-town Illinois.
A side-view of the same, charming home … complete with a wrought iron bench in the garden to the left.
An aqua door adds just the right touch of whimsical color, while a spirited puppy welcomes visitors.
This red home was a delight and a surprise. 
South facing multi-paned windows ensure bright and airy interiors spaces.
And oh, how I’d love to explore the interior!
Is Victorian more your style? How about this grand old lady?
I wonder how much it would cost to paint her?
Notice the details even on the roof! Gorgeous!
I want to climb up in that turret and read a book.
So many details to take in and savor. She’s a beauty.
Would you live in a lavender house? I would!
This stucco home rounded out the architectural styles of Sycamore’s historic district. 
Two-tone windows like this are a feature I’ve always loved.
We’ll return to Sycamore for another photo shoot some day. There are even more lovely homes to share.

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  1. Yeah! I have been waiting for this post! I just fell in love with all the homes in your first post, but some of these are even more amazing. What a fun day you had among all these grand old homes. Thanks so much for sharing all these great photos!


  2. ..just one more thought. If I were to walk up to one of these homes and no one was home, but there was a key under the mat, there is no telling what I might do. I think I’d be up in the turret reading a book too!

  3. Thanks so much for the early morning coffee tour! There’s nothing like looking at these old homes with their beautiful yards to motivate me to get outside and work on my own. I always enjoy your walking tours and your commentary. :@

  4. These are such beautiful homes Jennifer. I would love to have a tour of each one, especially the first one and the red one – my favorites. Thanks for sharing. Pamela

  5. beautiful. i lived in illinois in a former life, and remember sycamore quite well. lovely, old homes. great idea for a blog post, too. thank you for sharing.

  6. Hi Jennifer,
    I just love old homes, they have so much history and character. These are all so beautiful, it would be difficult to pick a favorite. What a beautiful place to take a walk. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  7. What a fun tip, Jennifer! So much history to be found out there. 🙂 I adore the red house with all of the windows. Can you just imagine all the sunlight spilling into that house…?

    xoxo laurie

  8. I’m in the UK, so have really enjoyed your tours. Your houses are so very different to ours – I’m especially envious of porches and verandahs !
    Thanks for the lovely post.

  9. I recently discovered your blog. I love it! What beautiful old homes. You just don’t get the same atmosphere from new homes. New is often beautiful too, but it takes time to acquire that patina that gives it a relaxed, warm feeling.

  10. I used to live in Sycamore when I was a child, and I think I recognize some of these homes! Such charm and character – I have good memories of that little town. If you ever stroll by 365 Crescent Drive, that’s where I used to live. 🙂

    1. it’s such a beautiful house! i’m lucky enough to be related to the owners and spent much of my child hood there. if you ever have a chance stop by on the historic house walk the sycamore community puts on. we always welcome peaople in for a tour of this house it’s stunning

  11. I used to live in that victorian beauty…. the 3rd story turret room was my art room. So many wonderful memories, thanks for sharing.

  12. I actually live in Sycamore 🙂
    Every year during out Pumpkin Fest weekend, there is a house walk you can take and a few of the homes you posted have been on the house walk. You should come and visit during Pumpkin Fest – its a huge deal! Always the last full weekend in the month of October.

  13. I grew up in Sycamore and recognize all of those homes. Thank you for sharing these pictures although it is making me a bit homesick.

  14. This is my hometown; yes, the houses are gorgeous, and kudos to the owners who have worked so hard at keeping them up. In October, we have something called Pumpkin Fest, and usually have a housewalk to coincide. If you come back then you may end up actually going through the houses you have featured! Participation is all up to the owners.

    Here is the website with last year’s info, to give you an idea of what goes on, and when the housewalk is scheduled within the week of festivities! Enjoy, and hope to have you visit. Keep checking for updated info.


    1. Thank you Norma for the link I the Pumpkin Festival. It’s one of my fondest memories of growing up at 427 Somonauk St. (The Blue home w/ wrap around porch.) I am inspired to pass through town on my way to Madison WI this spring!!

  15. Each year in October these houses are opened to the public for touring. There is a cost associated with the tours, but I hear it is absolutely fabulous!

  16. I love living in Sycamore. These are just a few of the really unique homes on Somonauk Street. Another is a hospitality house . It is called The-Pay-It Forward House. Run almost entirlely by volunteers, it provides a homelike place for folks to stay while visiting relatives or friends who are at Kindred Hospital or Kishwaukee Hospital. Stop and see us when you are in Sycamore next time. Marge Johnson

  17. I grew up in the first house, the blue one with the wrap around porch, 437 Somonauk Street. My current home in CT is rememisant of what it once looked like. It was yellow and white back then – 1969-1977. I love the makeover!! I have a few photos of what some of these houses looked like back then. Thank you for the article filled with memories!!

  18. My sister and I do an annual overnight in Sycamore. No husbands, no children. I was searching the web for walking tour info and I came upon your beautiful photos. We’re driving there tomorrow and we always stay at the Jane Austin Hotel downtown (for the last five visits, since we started this tradition, it was called the Strattford Inn). We like to do our own driving tour in the evening so we can see the houses in different light and sometimes have the joy of seeing an interior, however briefly.

  19. Lots of people said they would like to see inside these great homes. Well, you can!! The Sycamore History Museum does an annual Historic Homes Tour, featuring 5-7 of these homes each year as well as the historic Engh Farm, the home of our museum. You get to tour the homes with guides and see our current exhibits at the museum. In 2015, the Walk is on Saturday, October 24. See our website for more details or like us on Facebook. sycamorehistory.org

  20. Does anyone know about 2 Sycamore houses that were moved to the Township of Burlington, Kane County, between 1980 and 1995? I am told there is a book or pamphlet describing the move and the issues. One house got stuck in a field and was their through the winter and possibly longer. If anyone knows the name of the book or how to obtain or see it, please let me know.