Garden Planning Ideas for Your Home

As I write today's post about garden planning ideas, it's 75 degrees outside!  No wonder I'm in the mood to start thinking about what to plant this year. Crocus have been blooming all week and the daffodils are halfway up. I've even noticed my Virginia Bluebells poking their way up through the soil. This is always such an exciting time when the Earth gives birth to all that's beautiful! I'm sharing inspirational photos to help you plan your own … [Read more...]

Garden Pots and Plants to Brighten Your Home

Are you itching to get outside and do some planting? Here in Illinois the spring weather can be finicky so you're never quite sure when you can begin planting. We've had snow as late as the end of April. To bide the time until planting season, I like to get a little creative with garden pots and plants. (This post contains affiliate links.) One of my favorite spring vignettes is this cheerful one with pink flowers and green plants. I tucked a … [Read more...]

How to Care for Poinsettias

Bottle brush trees are my favorite Christmas decoration, but a very close second on the favored holiday decor list are poinsettias! I love this flower's festive color and bushy shape. Many people find this holiday flower a bit finicky, but with a little knowledge you'll know how to care for poinsettias.   A quick email to our local greenhouse resulted in permission to take photos of their beautiful poinsettias. Shady Hill has so many … [Read more...]

Fall Landscape Features with a Splash of Water

Orange, red, and yellow leaves are falling all around our yard, which means we'll soon be raking and bagging them. I had hoped to get outdoors with my camera to capture the riotous colors, but I just never found time. Lucky for me, I work as marketing communications manager for a water gardening company with talented photographers. Tony and Lisa took amazing photos of fall landscape features, and each one showcases water of some sort. Aquascape … [Read more...]

Create a Paradise with a Backyard Pond

What comes to mind when someone says "backyard paradise"? Do you have visions of your yard dressed like a vacation resort with all the bells and whistles? Chances are you envision comfy outdoor seating, waves of beautiful flowers, and areas for the family to gather and enjoy the great outdoors. For me, a paradise isn't complete without a splash of water, because when I go on vacation I'll always choose a waterfront location.  So when I think of a … [Read more...]

What’s In My June Garden

Our summer has been filled with Little League Baseball which means it's been a challenge to spend time in the garden. I've managed to get out first thing in the morning, before the games begin, and do some weeding and watering. I planted extra flower beds this year with cutting gardens so I can enjoy fresh flowers in the house all summer long. While those flowers are still maturing, I thought I'd show you what's in my June garden. On this … [Read more...]

Tips for Growing Strawberries

Last spring hubby planted strawberries in our vegetable garden and I wasn't too happy about it. You see, I've spent years pulling wild strawberries in our flower beds that just won't go away. Their fruit is small and sour and wild strawberries constantly shoot out runners so they're difficult to get rid of entirely. I shouldn't allow my distaste for one variation of a plant to turn me against all varieties, because we're now enjoying the sweet … [Read more...]

Garden Planter Ideas: Farmhouse Friday

Farmhouse Friday comes a little early this month since the first day of the month fell on a Friday. Our farmhouse blogging group chose garden planters as the theme for April and I thought I'd share examples of garden planter ideas I've used around my house, along with a few other ideas for you. Take a look, and then visit my fellow farmhouse bloggers at the end of this post. Most of my garden planters are pretty simple. I've never been a big … [Read more...]

13 Ideas for Decorating with Succulents

Most people enjoy live plants in their home, but they don't have any because they're afraid they'll kill them ... and then what's the point?  Add a little greenery to your home by decorating with succulents. They're an easy plant to grow and come in a wide variety of shapes and shades of green. To help inspire you to grow succulents, I'm sharing a round-up of 13 ideas for decorating with succulents. I love these charming little green plants. … [Read more...]

My Mid-Spring Garden

Our May weather typically swings back and forth like a pendulum between warm days and cool days, with a soft rain tossed in here and there. Today was cool, tomorrow promises warmer breezes. Earlier this week I stepped out into my mid-spring garden garden to snap a few photos after a gentle rainfall. Last weekend I managed to get quite a few annuals planted, like this beautiful pink tuberous begonia. Did you know there are over 1000 species of … [Read more...]

12 Vegetable Gardening Tips

Do you have gardening on your mind? Vegetable gardening that is!  More and more people are growing their own vegetables and herbs these days. It's fun, it's healthy, and it's rewarding to eat food that you grow with your own two hands. Whether you're just getting started growing your own veggies or you're an old pro, I've got 12 vegetable gardening tips to help you on this healthy journey. Special thanks to my fellow bloggers for allowing me to … [Read more...]

Indoor Gardening with Grape Hyacinths

Spring bulbs are popping up everywhere outside and I love seeing them! But I want to see them inside too, so I bought a few grape hyacinths at the flea market with the intent of planting them indoors for awhile.  I've been picking up more plants lately for the house. Indoor plants help to purify and humidify the air. Plus studies show that plants can increase attentiveness by up to 70%.  And so I did a little indoor gardening with grape … [Read more...]

12 Inspiring Garden Ideas

Last year hubby and I painted the outside of our house and this year I've vowed to pay more attention to the garden spaces. Perennials need to be divided and moved around, weeds need to be kept under better control, our backyard fence needs to be replaced, and I need to redefine garden beds. I probably won't get to all of it this year but maybe a decent dent can be made. As usual, I turned to Houzz for inspiring garden ideas. Portland Landscape … [Read more...]

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