Coastal Style: How to Get the Look

Coastal style is relaxed and soothing, and it’s not just for the summer months either. You’ll love its casual appeal all year long in simple colors and mixed textures. Toss in a piece of driftwood or favorite seashell and you’re on your way to achieving the coastal style in your home. Let’s take a look at some of the basic elements for adding a nautical touch to your own furnishings.

Several elements of coastal style appear on this pretty deck. Bold stripes, blue and white, and the natural texture of the chairs all come together to create a beachy feel. You can imagine the waves lapping at the beach just beyond the deck.

Coastal Style DeckFlagg Coastal Homes

Bold navy and white stripes work their way into an ocean-inspired bedroom. A grand sailing ship crowns the headboard with coastal style.

Nautical Style BedroomBeach Style Bedroom

Another seaside bedroom shows the softer side of the ocean. Breezy fabrics, an abundance of natural light, and a hint of sunshine yellow all nod to vacation days by the sea. Light blue seashells and coral decorate the beds lending an air of whimsy.

Soft Coastal Style BedroomDonna Elle Seaside Living

A color combination of blue and white is perhaps the easiest way to incorporate coastal style into your home.

Blue and White Coastal Dining RoomAustin Patterson Disston Architects

A third color to add to the nautical mix is red. It brightens a blue and white color palette. This room adds a few beach treasures on the shelves in the background. And don’t overlook the steamer trunk used as a coffee table!

Beachy Living RoomCapeRace Cultural Adventures

Bare floors are a staple of coastal style. When you’ve got sandy feet to deal with, the last thing you want is carpeting in the home. This beautiful dining room also adds the soft colors of the blue sea and tan sand.

Beach Style Dining RoomCoralberry Cottage

Coastal style incorporates lots of natural light and using white in the room is a great way to bounce the light around. Of course, it also helps to have a view of the marina outside your kitchen window.

Coastal Style Kitchen Don Duffy Architecture

Fun porthole mirrors add plenty of nautical style in this bathroom, along with the blue and white color scheme. Even the vanity takes on the color of soft driftwood. 

Coastal Style BathroomTown & Country Kitchen and Bath

A coastal style entry way and staircase pairs coastal style with Victorian influences. A seaworthy compass design takes center stage on the floor while a portal style window resides at the bottom of the staircase. I’m guessing you can see a view of the water out the windows on the stairway’s second floor landing.

Nautical StaircaseAustin Patterson Disston Architects

Another nautical staircase is fun and whimsical. Rope railing, oars stacked against the wall, a striped stair runner, coastal lighting, and a portal mirror all add plenty of beach appeal to this space.

Nautical StaircasePhoto by William T Baker

Finally, natural textures in the furniture are typical of nautical home decor. Once again, you have stripes residing in the room in the form of a rug, and a fun fish at the window. You can also display seashells and starfish that you’ve collected on a favorite vacation.

Coastal Style Living RoomPhoto by Taylor & Taylor, Inc.

Finally, combine coastal with a bit of modern style for a fresh, soft look in the bedroom.

coastal style bedroom

Coastal style is evident in many ways, but one thing is certain; it’s always fun and stylish!

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    I like the light blue dinning room with French like chairs and the light blue and yellow bedroom atop of it with sea breeze windowing outside. thank you for sharing.