My Mid-Spring Garden

Our May weather typically swings back and forth like a pendulum between warm days and cool days, with a soft rain tossed in here and there. Today was cool, tomorrow promises warmer breezes. Earlier this week I stepped out into my mid-spring garden garden to snap a few photos after a gentle rainfall.

Pink Tuberous BegoniaLast weekend I managed to get quite a few annuals planted, like this beautiful pink tuberous begonia. Did you know there are over 1000 species of begonias? I planted mine in a couple garden pots in shady locations that get a bit of late afternoon sun. I love these lush blooms!


Orange Tuberous BegoniaI added this orange tuberous begonia to a big pot near the back door. In my shady gardens I like to add a few pops of orange. The color makes the garden a little more vibrant.


Trailing Pink VerbenaTrailing pink verbena is a great addition to garden pots and flower boxes.

Its dainty flowers and feathery leaves will spill over the edges.


White AngeloniaI love angelonia and added a few to my flower boxes.

Last year I used purple, this year I opted for white.


White ColumbineAnother white flower in my mid-spring garden is this columbine. Columbine is a perennial that comes in a variety of colors and they’ll spread throughout the garden. Although they prefer sun, mine have done remarkably well in my shade garden.


Virginia Bluebells in a Shade GardenMy Virgina Bluebells will soon start to fade. This gorgeous perennial started on one side of the house, and has spread to several areas all around the house. You can see the hosta leaves coming up to replace the faded blooms.


Virginia Bluebells in a Shade GardenVirginia Bluebells in a Shade GardenI tend to let them go wild because they’re so pretty!


Virginia Bluebells in a Shade GardenTheir buds start out slightly pinkish lavender, and then turn to a beautiful blue.

A few raindrops cling to the pale blue flowers after a gentle spring rain.


Hostas in a Shade GardenI share my father’s love for hostas, and these are looking full and healthy. I weeded and mulched this bed, and dug up the flagstone and re-set it.  Gardening always lifts my spirits and re-energizes me.


Hostas in a Shade GardenIn the front shade garden, a variegated hosta pairs with sedum ground cover. The sedum will develop tiny yellow flowers and the hosta will sprout a pale lavender flower in about a month.


Onion Flowers in the Vegetable GardenIn the vegetable garden, the onions are up and flowering.

I love the architectural element they add to this space.


Flowering Onions in a Vegetable GardenAnd I love watching their flowers emerge.


Yellow Farmhouse in Mid-Spring with Flowering BasketsMy hanging baskets and flower boxes are planted and just getting started. The impatiens will look full and lush within a month. Thankfully, I haven’t seen any downy mildew (knock on wood) on my impatiens and I hope it stays that way.  Now I need to work on weeding and mulching the beds next to the house. There’s always plenty to do in a mid-spring garden!

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  1. BEAUTIFUL gardens Jennifer…loved that last photo!!

  2. I love these photos! And hostas! oh my! Flower pics make me giddy…:)

  3. Love the flowers! There stunning!

  4. Pretty pictures. Bluebells are pretty. Have a super weekend


  5. Beautiful pictures Jennifer. Your garden and cute porch are starting to look so pretty for summer.

  6. Everything is so beautiful! Lots of pretty colors. I didn’t know that there were so many different species of begonias. I like begonias, but they don’t like me much. It’s been raining here in Texas it seem like forever, so I haven’t been able to really get out much and work in my gardens. But I guess the plants are probably enjoying the rain and cooler days. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful flowers.

  7. Everything looks so pretty Jennifer. We won’t be planting annuals for another week or so here but they are for sale at the green houses and stores. Still a risk of frost for us and it’s a nuisance to have to move the containers under cover at night. Have a nice weekend.

  8. I grew up in ”Tinytown USA” [population 500] and what I miss probably more than anything is the lovely aroma of Grandma’s flower garden with jasmine, lilacs and wisteria.
    Jim Deaton
    The Blue Mud Newsletter

  9. These are some great images Jennifer! So many pretty colors 🙂

  10. Your garden is so beautiful!

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