A Picket Fence for Front Yard Curb Appeal

Ever since I moved into my humble home I’ve toyed with the idea of adding a picket fence for front yard curb appeal. I love the idea of a quaint little fence defining the landscape with an element of charm.

Victorian Style Picket Fence with Circular ArborPhoto by Dan Nelson, Designs Northwest Architects

Once the fence is up, garden areas can be established in strategic locations to provide greater viewing pleasure.

White Picket Fence in the Front Yard with Flower BedsPhoto by

Inside the fenced front yard, I can create new garden spaces and eliminate a good section of the grass.

Front Yard Flower Garden with Picket FencePhoto by Woodburn & Company Landscape Architecture, LLC

My neighbor across the street had a wrought iron fence in her front yard. She took it down when she moved – I’m not sure why. But the new owner has ripped out all of her perennial gardens.  He’s a young single man who probably didn’t want to maintain them, so I can’t say as I blame him.

Black Wrought Iron Fence in Front YardPhoto by RailPro of Oregon, Inc.

And so, I keep thinking of adding a picket fence in our front yard to create an enclosed garden space. Passersby can see the tall flowers through the pickets and enjoy the view. And we do get a lot of people walking by even though our town is small, because our street dead ends into the path that cuts through the forest preserve.

Black Wrought Iron Fence in Front YardPhoto by Peter Raarup Landscape Design

I like the idea of fencing off the front yard and creating a cozy courtyard.

Cozy Courtyard in Fenced Front YardPhoto by MGH Gardens

Although a picket fence in the front yard creates a barrier, I think it also adds a welcoming element to a home. Especially if the gate is left open.

Traditional Home with Picket Fence Curb AppealPhoto by EASA Architecture

What do you think? Are you a fan of a fenced front yard? I always like the idea of walking by and peeking over the fence to see what gardens are being protected from passers by. It feels intriguing to me.

And now … to announce the winner of the book, Martha’s Flowers! Congratulations to Marlene S. She’s a regular reader of my blog!

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  1. I have always wanted a house where I could have a picket fence. Unfortunately I haven’t lived in places where it would work. So if you can do it, go for it.

  2. I would love a white picket fence. The problem is the city owns the piece where I would like it. Moving back would actually cut through a circular feature garden we put in last year! It appears we have encroached on city property with it too! All in all it is a beautiful front yard, but after contacting the city a few times for permission on the fence, it’s clearly a no, since nobody returns my calls! I will only admire and enjoy what I have 💕 Angie

  3. I love white picket fences. They are so charming. I would love to put one up but living on two and a half acres would make it to expensive. I just love love love your home Jennifer.

  4. What a wonderful idea!!!! That would be gorgeous in your front yard !!! All of those pictures that you shared are picture perfect !!! Such great ideas………………….

  5. There is a geometry to a welcoming front and it is enhanced by a fence. Thank you for the insp[piration.

  6. I think it depends on the yard and house layout. A shame about your neighbor’s yard but like you I get with it being a single guy.

    The neighbor may have taken the fence if the gentleman was going not keep it. Maybe using it in a new yard.

    Looking forward to seeing your gardens

    Enjoy your day


  7. I have always loved the idea of a picket fence, i think it adds to the appeal of a home. When i see a home that has one i want to stop and really look and enjoy. Thanks,Jennifer i will enjoy the book tremendously.

  8. Love your pics! My neighborhood has small yards and a city sidewalk in front by the street. (Street, grass blvd, sidewalk, my yard)Wondering if you think it would look weird if I just put a black iron fence along the sidewalk but didn’t extend it into the side yards? They’re small and I don’t mind the neighbor kids using my yard. Just love the look in front and would be great to discourage dogs too from “using” it

    1. Hi Teresa!

      My neighbor across the street had a black iron fence along her front sidewalk and it was adorable. She did it just for looks and didn’t have it on the side of her yard. I say go for it! 🙂