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Colorful Farmhouse: Charming Home Tour

Today we’re headed to beautiful Tennessee to tour a colorful farmhouse with loads of design appeal. Todd Richesin Interiors was the designer and believes that indoor spaces should be collected, not decorated. This philosophy creates a more unique approach to decorating and reveals a homeowner’s personality because rooms are filled with favored items.

Photo by Todd Richesin Interiors


The farmhouse entryway reveals the use of fun color throughout this pretty home. Patterned curtains, a rooster oil painting, and colorful rugs add cheer and fun.

Photo by Todd Richesin Interiors


The hallway reveals more hints of color to come.

Photo by Todd Richesin Interiors


The dining space in the kitchen enjoys a fun, colorful pattern on the chairs. A smaller, softer pattern plays on the curtains.

Photo by Todd Richesin Interiors


Cafe curtains are a cottage-style touch in kitchen of our colorful farmhouse. White custom cabinets are anything but boring due to their intricate detail.

Photo by Todd Richesin Interiors


Another hallway pairs wooden doors with white walls and a beautiful blue slate floor.

Photo by Todd Richesin Interiors


Floral chintz fabrics add elegance and color in the rose-painted bedroom. Rough-hewn ceiling beams add a rustic touch.

Photo by Todd Richesin Interiors


The adjoining bathroom wears a playful wallpaper pattern in the same color tones as the bedroom.

Photo by Todd Richesin Interiors


Photo by Todd Richesin Interiors


Another bedroom in today’s colorful farmhouse pairs soft red with white, in the form of toile curtains at the window, a braided rug on the floor, cushions on the wicker chair, and a soft quilt on the bed.

Photo by Todd Richesin Interiors


Note how the majority of the farmhouse interiors are white and color is brought in with textiles that can easily be replaced if you tire of them. You can see more of today’s colorful farmhouse on Houzz.

Colorful farmhouse living roomPhoto by Todd Richesin Interiors

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  1. It is always a treat to see inside places how things are put together to live amongst. One of the things I really like doing. This farmhouse color is cheery. I know the chairs in the Kitchen have to be super comfortable, but I couldn’t get away with this as cooking grease invades the air as one cooks and the upholstered chairs would not escape this. SO not upholstered chairs in the Kitchen for me. Overall think the house is a winner,

  2. I love the molding atop the kitchen cabinets. That gives them that umph to go to another level. I happen to agree with Deanna about the upholstered chairs in a kitchen. Mine would be soiled almost overnight with a car hobbyist spouse. Great looking but only practical for people who never get dirty and order a lot of take-out. Otherwise, this house is so cozy. I live in Tennessee and would like to know where this home is located. Kudos to the decorator.

  3. The color in this home is so tastefully done. The house is comfortable looking and seems to say “Welcome home, relax.”
    Thanks for sharing such a pretty place.