Historic Homes: Geneva, Illinois

Many of you, my readers, have told me how much you love my walking tours around neighborhoods that showcase beautiful homes. I typically focus on older homes because I find them unique and charming. But someday I’ll feature newer homes so you can see the variety of architecture in my corner of the world. Today we’re enjoy a tour of historic homes in my favorite town of Geneva, Illinois (my birthplace).

I’ve admired this blue clapboard Victorian for years now. Note the scallop-shingled roof. I don’t remember seeing a roof like this anywhere else around town.

Historic Home, Blue House, Geneva, Illinois


The sunburst detail on the peak above the porch is a charming touch. I also like how the homeowner placed their matching flower pots out by the sidewalk as opposed to either side the porch steps or front door where most people place them.

Historic Home, Blue House, Geneva, Illinois


A few blocks away is this charmer with its screened porch and matching roof turrets. I would love to see the rooms on the second floor. I love the diamond-mullioned windows.

Charming historic homes in Illinois


The last time we took a walking tour of Geneva I showed you a green stucco house. Not far from it is this taupe stucco house that happens to be for sale. You can tour the inside here.

Historic stucco home in Geneva


Simple lines frame this gray two-story home. I’ve always admired its front porch windows with three little frames at top.

Charming home in Geneva, Illinois


I’ve shown this unique two-story clapboard home in a previous tour of historic homes in Geneva, but I want to share it again now that it’s decked out for summer with hanging baskets and other greenery adding to the curb appeal.

Charming older home with full front porch


A cute, Queen Anne Victorian sits right across the street. There’s plenty of architectural eye candy in Geneva.

Charming Victorian Home


A close-up photo shows the charm of the cozy front porch. Notice how the spindles are painstakingly painted in three colors. I wonder how long it took to do this.

Charming Victorian Porch


Since we’re on the subject of porches, I snapped a photo of this quaint white porch around the corner. There were too many trees to get the whole house in the frame.

White front porch


I love a full front porch dotted with rocking chairs. This house may appear older, but it was built just a few years ago.

New home made to look old


Geneva is an historic river town with the Fox River splitting the west side from the east. We’re now over on the east side of town which also enjoys an array of historic homes. This simple Colonial two-story sports a quaint picket fence.

Old gray colonial home with white picket fence


A classic white farmhouse sits back from the street and is probably one of the older homes in this area.

Charming white classic home


This charming painted lady is also for sale, but has a pending offer. You can view the inside here. You’ll find an abundance of Victorian touches indoors.

Charming Victorian home in Geneva, Illinois


Here’s another new home with some of the charm you find on older homes – like the roof peaks and the numerous spindles on the front porch.

New home made to look old

One of these days I’m going to head into surrounding towns to get more photos of historic homes (and new) with unique architecture and charming curb appeal. What’s your favorite style of home? Victorian? Colonial? Mid Century Modern? Classic Farmhouse? Let me know and I’ll try to include your favorites in an upcoming walking tour!


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  1. Many years ago we visited my brother in Clinton Iowa they took us over to Geneva and i loved that city. Said one day i was coming back and look around a little .So that will hopefully take place in August. Love looking at the houses.

  2. I just read a book that was set in Geneva and really enjoyed the references to the lovely old homes. The difference in homes and houses is seen in new developments. The character of loved homes can be seen
    just riding down the streets.

  3. Thanks for this tour it was a great way to stay indoors out of the heat. I love old homes, you are doing just fine.

  4. I can never see enough old homes! I would love to see more Victorian and Classic Farmhouse please.

  5. You know I love your historic tours. You chose some interesting homes. I love the architectural details and would love to have any one of those homes. As long as I had a handyman to help,with the maintenance. I think I mentioned that I grew up in a home built during the Civil War in Rockford, and the front porch was enclosed with Windows like one of your featured homes. We had a lady come clean those windows twice a year and I have memories of watching her , I probably talked her ears off and hindered her, but it looked like a lot of work. The people who bought the house later removed the windows and half walls to restore it to its original beauty. As much as I 3njoy3d playing on that porch, it looks much better now. I drive by it from time to time, and many dreams take place there still.

  6. I love the old Colonial houses, Jennifer, but I’m “in-love” with American Farm House style. I really enjoyed your post!

  7. I live in Crystal Lake and love walking around the old section of town here,as well as in Woodstock. Have been to Geneva on several occasions, too and always enjoy your tours. I could just move into the house with the little white porch sight unseen! Thanks for sharing