Country Kitchen with Oodles of Storage

Did you survive the holidays? I realize Christmas and New Year’s can be stressful or even depressing for some, but I truly hope that you were able to find a special moment to treasure. I’ll share a little snafu we experienced on Christmas Eve later in this post. Right now though, I want to show you this adorable country kitchen with oodles of storage!

This pretty and practical project is by Hill Farm Furniture, Ltd. What first caught my eye is the charming farmhouse table. But then I noticed the fabulous custom cabinetry and all the treasures it holds behind the doors.

country kitchen with custom cabinetryPhoto by Hill Farm Furniture Ltd


Note how the table is positioned next to the kitchen island, providing more work top area when baking and cooking. Not to mention it’s a great way to maximize floor space by keeping the two pieces of furniture together.

country farmhouse kitchenPhoto by Hill Farm Furniture Ltd


Dish towels and table linens have plenty of room to reside in the kitchen island drawers, along with utensils and flatware.

country kitchen with custom cabinetryPhoto by Hill Farm Furniture Ltd


Big white knobs on the custom cabinetry are a classic country staple in the kitchen.

country farmhouse kitchenPhoto by Hill Farm Furniture Ltd


Not only is the cabinetry exterior beautiful, but open the doors and the interior is amazing, as well! A convenient wine cabinet cradles favorite bottles of Merlot and Chardonnay while deep shelves store everyday dishes and glassware. Small shelves on the backs of the doors are perfect for holding coffee mugs and smaller items.

country kitchen with custom cabinetryPhoto by Hill Farm Furniture Ltd


Light butcher block counters and an earthen tile floor add warmth to the sun-filled kitchen. A pretty floral Roman shade adds a pop of color along with a vase of sunflowers in the corner. Of course, you almost always see a farmhouse sink in a country kitchen.

country kitchen with custom cabinetryPhoto by Hill Farm Furniture Ltd


To the right of the sink is another gorgeous cabinet with oodles of storage.

country farmhouse kitchenPhoto by Hill Farm Furniture Ltd


Open the doors and voila! Shorter space between upper shelves are perfect for holding canned and dried goods, while taller lower shelves come in handy for small appliances. This cabinet has me re-thinking my kitchen’s open shelving. I’d love to have something like this by the back door – I’d just have to find a new spot for the microwave.

Kitchen storage and organizationPhoto by Hill Farm Furniture Ltd

I may not be able to enjoy a cabinet like this one right away, but at the very least I can re-organize my own built-in kitchen cabinet. I’ll show what I do in an upcoming post. I hope you enjoyed today’s tour of a charming country kitchen with oodles of storage. Rooms that provide both form and function are my favorite!

Oh, and that little Christmas Eve mishap I mentioned earlier? Our electricity went out for about an hour on Christmas Eve due to a car accident. We didn’t know how long the lights would be out (which also meant no heat). But no fear, I have a lot of candles and blankets and we hunkered down in the family room. Hubby brought out his guitar and played and we sat there in the candlelit room enjoying a peaceful hour together. I was almost sad that the lights went back on. Sometimes little mishaps can become moments of blessings!

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  1. Oh, to have that kind of kitchen storage! You and your husband will have a special memory of that temporary blackout. It’s amazing how quiet the house is when the electricity goes out. We don’t think of all the things humming along, creating background noise.

    1. Hi Donna!

      I always tell myself my house would be more organized if I had more storage. I think I just need to do a little purging! It was weird having the whole neighborhood go dark – except the house across the street whose Christmas lights were burning brightly! They must be on another service line or something. As I went to bed, I was reminded that some people in Puerto Rico still don’t have electricity. The things we take for granted!

  2. I loved the kitchen and storage and your little mishap, a great memory for you two. There’s a man at our church who is a retired electrician and volunteered to go to Puerto Rico to help them with their electric. He left before Thanksgiving and will be there til March.

  3. My 30 year old niece lives in Elgin and she announced on Facebook that it was Christmas Eve and she was upset that they had no electricity. They left soon after for dinner at her mother’s house and when they returned, it was back on, so her youthful crisis was averted. Love the storage in the home you featured.

  4. Storage storage storage. I always need more. I’d love having those built in cabinets. You know you will always remember that Christmas Eve. Speaking of which, Merry Christmas.

  5. This kitchen is so dreamy. The shade of green is so restful. Your Christmas eve story makes me want to shut off the lights and burn some candles tonight but leave the heat on. It is below zero here in Maine. I send wishes for a happy and healthy 2018 to you and your readers. Thanks for all your enjoyable articles this year.