Handcrafted Kitchen in Powder Blue and Wood

Springtime is the season for pastel colors and today’s featured color is powder blue paired with natural wood in a handcrafted kitchen by Jonathon Williams.

Powder blue kitchen cabinets and natural wood floorPhoto by Hand Crafted Kitchens by Jonathan Williams

The true star of the powder blue kitchen is the custom cabinetry, although there are many stunning design elements in the room. Rounded edges on the kitchen island take a true carpentry master to get them right (I had a rounded cabinet installed under the vintage kitchen sink in my old house).

Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Light BluePhoto by Hand Crafted Kitchens by Jonathan Williams

Wide plank, natural wood floors add an earthy, textured element in the powder blue handcrafted kitchen. It lends a dignified touch.

Custom Kitchen with Natural Wood Floor and Light Blue CabinetsPhoto by Hand Crafted Kitchens by Jonathan Williams

A built-in banquette creates a cozy eating nook at one end of the kitchen. As you can see, there are amazing views just outside through the glass doors.

Custom Kitchen Breakfast Nook in Pale Blue and Natural WoodPhoto by Hand Crafted Kitchens by Jonathan Williams

A special touch is the carved signature touch on the side of a drawer – a sign of love that went into creating such a beautiful handcrafted kitchen.

Handcrafted Kitchen CabinetsPhoto by Hand Crafted Kitchens by Jonathan Williams

Powder blue cabinetry reflects the waterfront view outside, lending a bit of beach style flair to the kitchen. But truly, it’s the details of the woodworking that take center stage, from the pretty mantel above the graceful alcove to the raised cabinet panels and molding.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Light BluePhoto by Hand Crafted Kitchens by Jonathan Williams

It’s the perfect kitchen for spring, don’t you think? You can see more custom kitchens by Jonathon Williams over at Houzz.

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  1. I would have never thought of using that color, but it certainly turned out to be a welcoming, charming kitchen. The cabinetry is top notch. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Seems like it would be a very, very calming space. When I see craftsmanship like his it reminds me of how the Lord specifically appointed different craftsmen to work in the first temple.

  3. That was a perfect ‘ahhhhhhhh’ moment with that beautiful serene color scheme. Loved it. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Absolutely love the craftsmanship and detail. The color, not so much. As usual, still an interesting kitchen and I’m always happy to see viewpoints other than my own.

  5. If I had a painted kitchen I would do a similar color – and combined with lots of wood too – though not the counters:) There are a couple of layout changes i would have made – while I love the look of the stovetop area, enclosed by the side cabinets cramps that cooking space, and I don’t see a convenient landing zone for the oven and fridge – but it is a very pretty space!

  6. A great design….. the rounded bar especially. The eating nook is great, looks like there might be storage beneath the builtin seating. The wide plank flooring is going to be a big hit…love it. BUT, it is a little to much BABY-BLUE for me.

  7. The flooring and all the light wood workmanship is beautiful. The blue cabinets seem to look a bit periwinkle and very matte. I am just not sure about them. However, it is an unusual and quite unique kitchen.