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Discover the Charm of Kennebunk Homes: Idyllic Living in a Coastal Haven

Last week when I shared about Kennebunkport, I promised to share the charm of Kennebunk homes that we saw during our recent trip there. The Kennebunk River divides these two towns and it’s easy to think you’re still in one town or the other after crossing the bridge. I wish I would’ve asked the locals which town they think is better, and why.

Kennebunk is more residential than the resort vibe of Kennebunkport. But surprisingly, Kennebunk has more beaches than Kennebunkport. There’s no shortage of beautiful homes however, both inland and seaside. Today I’m featuring the inland homes that are located closer to the town’s center.

Historic gray home in Maine - exploring Kennebunk


I like the orange color of the Adirondack chairs against the green siding of this house. I don’t know if it’s a duplex or single resident. The doors make me think duplex but the matching furniture color makes me think it belongs to a single family.

Kennebunk green house with porch


How about this salmon-pink beauty with its paver sidewalk? So elegant and interesting.

Pink Victorian Home in Maine


You’ll find plenty of blue houses too, when exploring Kennebunk. I’m glad that Maine homeowners aren’t afraid to use color on their home’s exteriors. I think it makes neighborhoods more interesting.

Blue Cape Cod home with front porch


Kennebunk definitely seemed like the quieter side of the river. I’ll bet this yellow house is truly impressive on the inside, if its exterior is any hint of what to expect.

Yellow stately Maine house


Another impressive exterior features Victorian architecture. Look closely and you’ll see all the details and embellishments.

Historic Victorian home in New England


I found a pair of navy blue homes while exploring the inland-side of Kennebunk. I love the stone “fence” in front of this classic beauty.

Navy blue historic home with red front door


This navy charmer enjoys a white picket fence, and also features a red door like the home above.

Navy blue historic home with red front door and white picket fence


You know I can’t pass up a red house! Notice how the front door has a barn-style door that can be closed over it. I wonder if that helps keep the cold air out during the long Maine winters.

Red historic house in Kennebunk, Maine


Not all the Kennebunk homes are large and stately. You’ll see more modest Cape Cod style houses throughout the area. This light blue house is so charming with its window boxes filled with flowers and a cheery, red door.

Small Kennebunk blue house


And not all the houses are colorful, either. You’ll find plenty of neutral shades like these two gray homes with interesting details. The second one is located closer to the beach.

Gray Maine house with patriotic bunting


Coastal style shingle home in coastal Maine


There’s always a classic white home to be found in coastal Maine. And you do see a lot of flags and patriotic bunting throughout Kennebunk and Kennebunkport.

Historic white house with full front porch


I hope you enjoyed “visiting” the Kennebunk homes of Maine. There’s no shortage of curb appeal in this pretty seaside town. See what there is to do in Kennebunk.


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  1. As always, a wonderful post! It’s gives me comfort to see that this very American architecture is being loved and preserved.

  2. That was so fun, those homes have so much character and make you wonder what’s inside. Thanks and have a great day.

  3. Is the red house a salt box house? Whatever it is I haven’t seen one of these in for ever, The houses are styles found in other parts of the country mixed in. The Victorian reminds me of Cali and the yellow house looks like it sits in the deep south. I think that is why I have loved these post from Maine. Thank you so much for this new post, enjoyed.

  4. So much fun. Would love to see the interiors of some of those more “stately” homes. I’ll bet they are gorgeous at Christmas.