Monstera: The New Trending Plant in Home Decor

Have you heard of monstera? It sounds a little scary but it’s actually a beautiful plant that proves wonderfully versatile in home decor. Not to mention, it’s also fairly easy to grow. No wonder why it’s trending among plant people around the world.

Monstera or Split Leaf Philodendron in Front of Stone FireplacePhoto by


The Monstera, also known as the Swiss cheese plant or split-leaf philodendron, looks great in a corner of a room where it provides height.

Swiss Cheese Plant, Monstera, in Mid Century Modern Living RoomPhoto by Mia Mortensen Photography


As you can see, the plant can grow rather large over time.  These guys are an economical option for filling a vacant space (it’s less money than a piece of furniture).

Extra Large Monstera Plant as Home DecorPhoto by Alfredo Arias photo


The split-leaf philodendron enjoys bright, indirect light but can grow just about anywhere in your home. Avoid direct light if you can, because the sun can burn the tips of the leaves. So if you notice this happening, move the plant out of the direct light.

Large Monstera in Light-Filled Home OfficePhoto by designjunction


Monstera pairs well with other plants. This Mid Century Modern dining room has three of them. Can you spot them all?

Plant Filled Dining RoomPhoto by Kit Republic


How adorable is this smaller Swiss cheese plant propped on a tree stump next to a claw foot tub? Monsteras enjoy a bit of humidity since they’re tropical, so this location is perfect!

Plant Filled Bathroom with Claw Foot TubPhoto by Dee Campling


So what do you do if your Monstera gets too big?  Cut the leaves and place them in water to create a lovely display that can compete with any floral arrangement!

Colorful Transitional Dining RoomPhoto by Brooks and Falotico Associates, Inc.


The grouping makes a stunning centerpiece worthy of any table!

Monstera Leaf Centerpiece on Dining Room TablePhoto by Homepolish


As you can see, the Monstera adapts really well to any style of home decor. The plant is also a great choice because it doesn’t have finicky watering requirements. When the soil is dry to a depth of one-inch (in other words, stick your finger in the soil and the top inch should be dry), water directly into the pot and avoid getting water on the leaves.

Monstera Leaf Centerpiece on Dining Room TablePhoto by Robin Gannon Interiors, LLC


If you’re absolutely convinced you can’t grow any type of green thing in your home, you might want to consider art work. Since the split-leaf philodendron is growing in popularity, it’s pretty easy to find replications in wall decor (or even faux plants!).

Contemporary Living Room with Monstera Art WorkPhoto by Little Ink Empire Art Prints


Whatever route you take, you can’t deny that the Monstera is a beautiful plant that looks pretty amazing in any setting.

Scandinavian Style Living Room with Swiss Cheese PlantPhoto by Bask Interiors


I must confess that I don’t currently own one of these gorgeous plants with its split leaves, but I will one day – very soon!


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  1. They are so pretty! I wish I could have one, but unfortunately, like so many plants, they are toxic to cats

    1. Hi Kim. Try a Parlor Palm! The only problem you might have with it – is the cats like to chew on the fronds. Parlor Palms also react funny to tap water so use filtered water. 🙂

  2. I’ve had these plants before when I lived in a larger home but my current home would need a room added on just to be able to let one thrive. What I need currently, are plants that grow slim and vertically since I do have mostly vaulted ceilings. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Oh yes – Snake Plant! I just got one about a month ago and it’s probably the easiest plant to take care of. I like its structural appeal. If you like cactus, the slim tall ones would work. A philodendron, pothos, or ivy would work too – just train it to climb up a stake or other structure.

  3. Yes, I have had one, in my first home I owned after my divorce , my sons fussed about it, said it was too big and got in their way. They are beautiful and are so easy to care for,gave it to a friend, she had it for ages!