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Easy DIY Spring Bulb Arrangement

Spring bulbs are some of my favorite flowers. They hold a promise of warmer, longer days to come! I found some pretty bulbs at the store and decided to group them together in one planting in my new enamelware bowl to create an easy DIY spring bulb arrangement.

DIY Spring Bulb Flower ArrangementNarcissus, fragrant hyacinths, shamrock plant, and creeping moss come together for a pretty spring centerpiece. I love using the colors purple and yellow together for spring!


Aqua colored enamelware bowl from Decor Steals.My new enamelware bowl is from Decor Steals and I thought it’d be the perfect vessel to hold a grouping of spring flowers and plants.


DIY Spring Bulb Flower ArrangementFrom now through Easter the stores will have plenty of flowering spring bulbs.


How to plant spring bulbs for an indoor centerpieceStart creating your centerpiece by adding potting soil to the bowl.


DIY Spring Bulb Centerpiece. How to break your bulbs apart and transplant them.Remove the flowering bulbs from their garden pot.

You can see how root bound these narcissus are.


How to divide flowering bulbs for re-pottingCarefully separate the bulbs and their plants.


How to re-pot spring bulbsStart planting the bulbs in the dirt, adding more potting soil as you work. Plant the taller flowers in back and the shorter plants in front for the best look.


DIY Spring Bulb CenterpieceAfter planting the bulbs, I added a shamrock plant and some low growing moss.

When the spring bulbs fade, I’ll swap them out with another plant.


Spring Bulbs planted in an aqua enamelware bowlSince spring reminds me of Easter, I added some decorative eggs to the spring bulb flower arrangement. And of course the shamrock plant is appropriate for St. Patrick’s Day, which is right around the corner.

The rest of this week I’m joining other talented ladies for blog hops. On Wednesday there’s a free spring printables hop, on Thursday it’s a thrift store swap (see what I received from a fellow blogger and how I transformed it), and finally on Friday stop back for a spring mantel blog hop! Lots going on this week!!


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