Vintage Spring Décor: Trip Down Memory Lane

Ten years of blogging means I have a lot of posts and pictures about my house. Over the years it’s gone through a lot of transitions and paint colors. I thought it’d be fun to take a little trip down memory lane and revisit some of my favorite vintage spring décor ideas. Will you join me for this bit of nostalgia?

I’m going to start with my favorite flower arrangement – pink tulips in a white ironstone pitcher. I didn’t do much fussing with the arrangement. This was back when my dining room was next to the kitchen. This room is now my sitting room.

Spring Tulip Arrangement


Here’s a spring dining arrangement in my kitchen shortly after I purchased my kitchen island, which I still have today. The second photo is from the same post.

Kitchen Island Set for Breakfast


Faux Tulip Arrangement in a Farmhouse Kitchen


Here’s some vintage spring décor on my mantel, which was painted white at the time.

Vintage Spring Decor on a White Mantel at Easter


I love my Easter egg wreath. It’s in storage right now but I still have time to bring it out for Easter. A collection of vintage mirrors, wood candlesticks, and other items decorate my shabby chic buffet.

Easter Egg Wreath and Vintage Spring Décor


My farmhouse sideboard is still in this same spot in the kitchen. I purchased it from a friend at work. It’s fun to rearrange the shelf from one season to the next. This photo is from my spring home tour back in 2017.

White kitchen sideboard in vintage farmhouse kitchen


Here’s my spring family room before I painted it dark gray. I forgot I had those pillows and now I’m wondering what I did with them. Does that ever happen to you? They must be in our storage unit somewhere.

Farmhouse family room in pink and blue


Here’s another photo of those same pillows in the background. I love the white bowl of faux flowers on the coffee table. I ended up giving those flowers to my oldest daughter, Stephanie.

White bowl of pink and white flowers


It’s funny. Seeing the lighter colors in my home from several years ago makes me want to go back to a lighter palette. I’ll do that though and then I’ll want to go back to darker colors. That’s why we women keep painting our rooms, right? We enjoy change and the creativity that we pour into decorating our homes. I still like the dark gray in my family room though. The pink tulips look great in here. This photo is from a more recent spring home tour.

Pink tulips in a dark gray living room


Here’s one of my favorite Easter table settings from the past.

Easter brunch setting for two


Let’s move on to a couple of spring DIY projects from the past. The first is a spring “wreath” I made from branches and faux greenery.

Spring Branch Wreath with Faux Greenery


The second is a super easy spring flower arrangement.

How to make a spring bulb arrangement


Thanks for taking this trip down memory lane with me to revisit some of my vintage spring décor. If you’re feeling inspired, check out some of these pretty spring treasures below. Click on a photo for information on where to buy it.



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  1. Your home is so lovely and all your spring photos are too. I love tulips as well, and should bring them indoors rather than just enjoy them in my gardens. There’s something about cutting them so I guess I should buy ones to bring home for decorating!

  2. This “blast from the past” post was so fun! I, too, enjoyed your light, bright colors. “Moody colors” are just not me no matter what the trend. haha And YES, I often wonder what I did with decor items that I am reminded I had really liked!