Easy Tulip Arrangement with White Ironstone

When it comes to home decor, is there anything more lovely than a bouquet of fresh flowers in the room? And what could be sweeter than an easy tulip arrangement that spills over the sides of its container? As luck would have it, I recently spied several bunches of tulips in the store that were calling my name. I don’t recall ever seeing tulips for sale this early in the winter and had to have them.

Easy Tulip Arrangement by Town and Country LivingMy love of flowers is credited to 3 people in my youth … my grandmother who grew fabulous mums and roses, my mother who always filled her garden spaces with floral color, and Mrs. W across the street who had me babysit her 3 children on Saturday mornings.


Pink Tulip Arrangement via Town and Country LivingMrs. W also happened to be the local funeral director’s wife so I figured she knew a thing or two about flower arrangements. Every Saturday she brought home a bouquet of fresh flowers and placed them on her dining table.


Tulip Centerpiece at Town and Country LivingThen and there I vowed to have fresh flowers in my home as often as possible.


Pink Tulip Arrangement via Town and Country LivingSo whenever I feel guilty for buying flowers, I remind myself of my childhood oath.

Besides … tulips aren’t that expensive and they’re oh so pretty!


Easy tulip arrangement in white ironstone pitcherAn easy tulip arrangement idea is to simply place them in a pitcher or vase with no other adornment.


Pink and white tulips in white ironstoneTulips hold a simplistic beauty and can stand alone without a fussy floral arrangement.


Easy Tulip Arrangement Centerpiece In addition to this easy tulip arrangement …

Might as well let some tulips spill out onto the rest of the table!


White tulip at a place setting via Town and Country Living


White and Silver Table Setting via Town and Country LivingA single stem at a place setting makes a pretty statement on any table.


White ironstone and white tulips in a dining hutchMight as well grace the dining hutch with some white tulips while we’re at it.

Of course, these were added to a white ironstone pitcher after the photos were taken.


Easy tulip arrangement in a white ironstone pitcherAnd since today is New Year’s Day, I’ll be watching the Rose Parade.

My grandmother and I used to watch it whenever I was at her house on January 1st.


Easy Tulip Arrangement by Town and Country LivingAfter the Rose Parade is over, the family is all coming over for lasagna and gelato!

Wishing You and Yours a Happy and Safe New Year!!


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  1. When arranging tulips, add 4-6 pennies to the bottom and your tulips will STAND not go limp.
    Don’t ask me how or why. You can use the pennies once or twice then this magic will NOT work.
    Guess it is something on the outside of the pennies. Keep the fresh flowers coming.

  2. I love tulips in the winter and will be buying them here when they appear in the grocery store. They are grown in hot houses in Prince Edward Island and are so beautiful in the winter months. Your bouquets are gorgeous and look so pretty with the white background in your photos. Happy New Year Jennifer! Blessings, Pamela

  3. Beautiful, Jennifer! I always say the very first thing I’d do after winning the lottery is have huge beautiful bouquets of flowers delivered for every room of the house! Every single day!

  4. Beautiful! I love fresh flowers in our home too. I don’t have them near as much as I would like. I would live to have a new fresh arrangement each week. My favorite flower is Hydreangea, but my second is tulips. They are so simple, and vyet so elegant! Thanks for sharing your beautiful tulips.

    Happy 2014!

  5. Happy New Year Jennifer. Thanks for sharing your lovely photographs with us. I love tulips too and have planted pots of them for this spring.

  6. So pretty. I love having fresh flowers in the house. That is one thing on my shopping list today. I like to arrange baskets with potted tulip bulbs and ivy or another filler, so that I can plant them outside when they are finished blooming this year. They definitely brighten the cold wintery days. Happy New Year Jennifer.
    Adina @ Simply Country Life

  7. Tulips are for sure my favorite. I love the penny idea. But when you put in water, make it as cold as possible. If they start to droop too much, refresh water with cold water. Like splashing cold water on your face, wakes you up!!

  8. Oh, this is nourishment for my soul. The pink tulips are gorgeous! I agree, fresh flowers in our homes are a must. They are hyacinths that feed our souls.