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One of the great perks of being a blogger is you have a chronicled resource of your projects and life. I can look back and see how my home has evolved over the 2 years since I started blogging. I only wish I had started sooner so I’d have documentation on how this old house looked 16 years ago when it still had carpeting and wallpaper.  Writing and photographing for Town and Country Living has been such an enjoyable task and I’ve met so many wonderful people along the way!

Top Ten Readers' Picks at Town and Country LivingAnd now, here are your top 10 most favorite posts for 2013 at Town and Country Living!


Summer Farmhouse Tour at Town and Country Living1. The favorite post in 2013 was my Summer Farmhouse Tour! I love our old farmhouse but she’s in desperate need of a paint job right now. Giving her a fresh coat of paint was on my 2013 to-do list but it never happened. So for sure, she’s getting painted in 2014!


Christmas Home Tour at Town and Country Living2. Coming in right behind was my Christmas Home Tour. No big surprise there as the month of December is typically a high-traffic month for most decor, food, and lifestyle bloggers.


French Lavender Sachets by Town and Country Living3. Next up is my easy tutorial on how to make lavender sachets. I’m soon going to make a variation of these that you can toss in the dryer, so be sure to keep an  eye out for that DIY project!


Lavender Linen Spray DIY by Town and Country Living4. Apparently French Lavender is uber popular because next up on the list of popular reader posts is my instructions for making French lavender linen spray. I love this stuff and need to make some more!


Farmhouse Decorating Tips via Town and Country Living5. We’re halfway through our 2013 Top Ten list with the 5th most popular post, Farmhouse Decorating Tips. Have you noticed a design trend toward farmhouse style these days?


Fall Farmhouse Tour at Town and Country Living6. Also popular with Town and Country Living readers are home tours! Seems like every home tour I wrote this year made the Top Ten list, like my Fall Home Tour that came in at number 6.  Hope you were able to grab some inspiration from the tours!


DIY Mason Jar Candles by Town and Country Living7. This next Top Ten post at Town and Country Living is one of my favorites. I had wanted to make my own Mason Jar Candles for several years but was too chicken! After finally mustering some courage, I was surprised to find how easy it was!


Spaghetti Squash with Tomato Basil by Town and Country Living8. I’m really glad one of my recipes made this year’s list, but I’m surprised it was my Spaghetti Squash with Tomato Basil Sauce. Who knew spaghetti squash was so popular?


Farmhouse Christmas Tour at Town and Country Living9. I had a second Farmhouse Christmas Tour this year that came in at number nine for 2013.


Springtime Farmhouse Porch at Town and Country Living10.  Last but not least is the post about my Springtime Front Porch. Boy, I sure do miss sitting out here during the winter months! I have some plans for this area in 2014.

Thanks to all of you who visit Town and Country Living! I hope that I’m able to provide inspiration and ideas for you throughout the year. One of my goals in 2014 is to blog a little bit more, if time allows.

Have a safe and Happy New Year!

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  1. Loved it all, Jennifer! I had so much fun peeking in to your sweet farmhouse and your life this past year! Thank you for your friendship – and I really look forward to spending this next year with you! 🙂

    xoxo laurie

  2. Jennifer, I always enjoy my visits to your beautiful country farm home. I enjoyed remembering as I saw your top 10 posts for 2013 and will look forward to more great posts in the next year. I wish you a blessed new year! Pamela

  3. Jennifer, every visit to your farmhouse is so inspirational! I adore your house tours and the way you have translate farmhouse style! I especially loved your Christmas tour… talk about magic! Here’s to a happy, blessed and productive 2014!

  4. Jennifer – I can’t pick a favorite. I love your home and your comfortable style. I love the barns and older homes in your area as well. I dream of restoring an dliving in an old farmhouse one day. Happy New Year. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do this coming year and how your home continues to evolve.
    Adina @ Simply Country Life