Water Lettuce Arrangement: No Flowers Needed

Although I love my flowers and always have them in my house, I had the notion to create a pretty vignette using an aquatic plant that looks like a flower. You may or may not know that I work for an international water gardening company. I’ve learned a lot about water lilies, lotus, and other pond plants.  I used my favorite to create a water lettuce arrangement. I’m sharing the instructions so you can make one of your own.

Water Lettuce Arrangement. See How to Make Your Own

Water lettuce is my favorite non-flowering aquatic plant. It’s shaped like rosettes so it reminds me of flowers. It’s typically grown in a pond, but you can bring them inside too. Water lettuce has such simple beauty.


Farmhouse Entry Way with Vintage Desk

Be sure to place your water lettuce arrangement in a sunny location by a window. Remember, this floating aquatic plant is used to spending time outside in the summer sun.


Glass Bowls to Create a Water Lettuce Arrangement

To create a water lettuce arrangement, start with simple glass bowls.


Add Rock to Glass Bowl

Fill the glass bowl with decorative rock or sea glass.


Rock and Water Create the Base for a Water Lettuce Arrangement

Add water to your bowl so the water just covers the top of the rocks.


How to Create an Indoor Water Lettuce Arrangement

Next comes the fun part of adding your pretty water lettuce rosettes. The roots dangle in the water as the plants float on the pond’s surface. If they get too long like these, you can trim them.


How to Create a Water Lettuce Arrangement

I trimmed the roots to about two inches long using a pair of scissors.


How to Create a Simple Water Lettuce Arrangement

After the roots are trimmed, tuck your water lettuce into the bowl, making sure the roots are in the water. This little bowl had enough room to hold two water lettuce rosettes. Don’t they look like flowers?


Water Lettuce Arrangement. Be Sure to Place in a Sunny Location.

I placed a single, large water lettuce plant in the big bowl. This window in my entry way has the most amount of sunlight. You can place your water lettuce arrangement outside too.  They look great as a centerpiece on a patio dining table.


How to Make a Water Lettuce Arrangement

To care for your water lettuce arrangement, simply make sure there’s enough water for the roots to dangle. If the water should get murky, perform a water change.  In the pond, water lettuce grows and multiplies, creating shade for the fish below.


How to Create a Water Lettuce Arrangement

You can use almost any container to create a pretty water lettuce arrangement. I placed two of them in a white vegetable bowl.


Water Lettuce in a White Bowl

I didn’t use any rocks in this display. I simply filled the bowl with water and placed the water lettuce on top.


Farmhouse Style Entry Way

Just remember to place the water lettuce arrangement in a sunny location, and enjoy!

See more inspiration for creating small water gardens.

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  1. I know what I am doing this aftertnoon! Making one of these!!! And I may use some other aquatic plants too! Thanks for the inspiration!!!