Eclectic Apartment Airbnb in Winnetka

Last weekend, hubby and I took an overnight trip to Winnetka, Illinois and stayed at a darling eclectic apartment I found on Airbnb. I took photos so I could feature the place as one of my Sunday home tours.

White Living Room in Eclectic Apartment


The apartment is on the second floor of an older home in Winnetka, a northern suburb of Chicago. I chose it because I liked the white paneling, wood floors, and spaciousness of the living room.

Eclectic Apartment in Winnetka


We went to Winnetka to see the new light show at the Chicago Botanic Garden, which was spectacular. We didn’t need to stay overnight, but I thought it’d be fun to have a little getaway for a change of pace.

There isn’t a television in the charming little eclectic apartment, but we didn’t need it. We spent time exploring the neighborhood and kept busy. The house featured in the Home Alone movie was just a few blocks away. I have photos of it along with other gorgeous homes that I’ll share soon.

Back to the eclectic apartment – just off the living room to the right is the kitchen, and to the left is the bathroom.

White Living Room in Eclectic Apartment


There’s a little hall with a big closet leading to the cozy bathroom.

Hall Leading to Bathroom


And in that hallway is a charming little bench with a fun Gucci soup poster. What makes the apartment fun is the colorful and unexpected touches like this.

Gucci Soup Poster


The light fixtures and dining chairs are more of the eclectic details in the apartment. It’s not what I would choose, but I do appreciate the creativity of the owner’s design. It keeps the place from looking like every other cottage-y farmhouse room.

Eclectic Apartment in Winnetka


A large bookcase spans the wall between the bathroom and kitchen doorways. The entrance to the eclectic apartment is on the far right.

Built In Bookcase in Older Home


The dining area is adjacent to the large bookshelf. The owner left items for making popcorn here for us. It was a cute touch!

Dining Area with Leopard Print Chairs


Here’s the owner’s framed instructions for making the popcorn.

Popcorn Instructions


The kitchen is small but pretty and functional. It enjoys a vaulted ceiling and a skylight window lets natural light in.

Traditional Apartment Kitchen


To the right of the kitchen is the bedroom – with a step up to it.

Step Up to Bedroom


The artwork above the bed is a painted wood carving. Colorful lampshades add a pop of color to the neutral bedroom.

Eclectic Bedroom in White Apartment


The Airbnb eclectic apartment was perfect for our overnight stay in Winnetka. I took lots of photos because there are so many gorgeous homes in the area. And of course, I snapped a few of the Home Alone house too. I’ll share them later this week!


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  1. They’ve done a marvelous job with this space. I have dining chairs exactly like this and that animal print is making me consider recovering them. Your posts make me miss Chicago and the suburbs so much. I lived in Glen Ellyn for a number of years. Were you able to take photos at the Botanical Gardens?

    1. Hi Teddee! Glen Ellyn is a beautiful town and is on my list for picture taking. One of my favorite restaurants is in Glen Ellyn – Fire and Wine. I did take photos of the light show. I’m sharing them sometime this week.

    1. Lucky you! I’d never been to Winnetka until the past weekend. I love all the old homes and the town’s proximity to Lake Michigan. It looks like a great place to live.

  2. Cute little apartment. I love the eclectic look – the animal print dining chairs and the Gucci soup can painting especially caught my eye – both something I would do in my own home. Thanks for posting.