Everyday Table Setting for Your Family to Enjoy

Life gets busy and it’s easy to settle down for dinner in front of the TV to unwind and catch up on the day’s news. But I do think it’s important to eat ¬†meals together as a family and catch up on each other’s news instead of the world news. To make the evening meal (or even a noon meal) special, create a simple everyday table setting to add a bit of beauty to breaking bread together in the kitchen.

Everyday Table Setting in a Farmhouse Kitchen


I literally created this table setting in just a few minutes with items I had on hand. The polka dot tablecloth is a piece of scrap fabric I rummaged out of my fabric drawer. Since we’re eating in the kitchen, I kept my tablescape simple.

Farmhouse Kitchen Table Set for a Simple Family Meal


My centerpiece is a single boxwood topiary in a weathered pot that I grabbed off the ledge of my kitchen window.

Boxwood Topiary used as a Simple Centerpiece for a Family Dinner


Corrugated brown squares serve as place mats beneath my everyday white dishes. Since I was going with an earthy scheme, I decided to grab smooth rocks from my garden to use as place cards. Normally I don’t use name cards for an everyday table setting, but I thought the family would enjoy these.

Everyday Table Setting with Earthy Elements from the Garden


All I did was wash them off and then write names on them after they dried, using a brown Sharpie marker. I snipped ferns from the same garden to soften the rock on the plate.

Rock Place Card for Everyday Table Setting


Vintage silverware is wrapped with a cloth napkin and tied together with a stretch of twine.

Silverware and Napkin wrapped in twine for an everyday table setting


I snipped more ferns than I needed for my everyday table setting, so I tucked a couple of them into garden pots on the kitchen windowsill.

Ferns in Garden Pots on a Kitchen Windowsill


My everyday table setting took just minutes to put together and cost me nothing. I think my family appreciates the extra little touches at the end of a busy day.

An Everyday Table Setting to Make Your Family Feel Special

Now all that needs to be done is figure out what to serve for dinner!


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  1. The table setting is very pretty in its simplicity. Like you said, it was easy to put together and the family appreciates the special touch.

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