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Fall Home Tour 2014

Welcome to my early Fall home tour! Since it’s still September, I’m transitioning into Fall decorating. I plan to add more autumn inspiration to my home throughout October so I hope you’ll come back and visit if this is your first time here!

So come on in … I’m so glad to have you here!!

Early Fall Front PorchMy farmhouse was built around 1875 and I love all its quirks …

… like the fact that there are 2 doors on the front porch.

The one on the left is sealed shut. The aqua door is the one you want to knock on.

I’ve added just a few mums out here … the pumpkins will be added in a couple weeks.

Asters in an old butter crockPretty little asters sit in a vintage butter crock on a little table next to the front door.

Most of my decorating is fairly simple and I like to use everyday items.

Let’s head on inside …

{ The Living Room }

Country Style Living Room in a Fall Home TourInside, I have another stone crock … this one’s filled with mums.

The big chair is a Craigslist find, and the white secretary is from our local flea market.

Mums in a Stoneware CrockOh, and that crock? I found it at the flea market too for just $5!!

I love the barbed wire around its rim.

Fall Wildflowers tucked in a glass vase inside a burlap sackOn top of the secretary, Fall wildflowers are tucked inside a vase in that little burlap bag.

To give items more height, I simply prop them atop a stack of vintage books.

Vignette of vintage green glass bottlesOn the other side of the secretary are a few of my vintage bottles.

I have a thing for old bottles and have even unearthed some of them out of the dump.

Yes, I admit I dig in the garbage from time to time. But it’s always worth it!

Country Style Farmhouse Living RoomSince it’s early in the season, my Fall home tour doesn’t include a lot of orange.

I prefer cooler colors anyway and use natural elements for most of my Fall decorating.

Living Room Fall Vignette with Pink Sedum and Baby Boos… like these pretty pink sedums from my garden.

Baby Boo paired with Pink SedumI love the color of the sedums against the white of the little Baby Boo.

Baby Boo perched on vintage booksI love Baby Boos!! Aren’t they cute with their little twisted stems?

Baby Boo on Stack of Vintage BooksIt looks almost elegant perched atop a stack of vintage books.

Display of Baby Boos and Vintage Books on Rustic ShelfMore Baby Boos and vintage books sit on the rustic barn shelf above the love seat.

Ornamental Kale in a Fall Home TourA pretty ornamental kale sits on the end table … with a Baby Boo, of course!

Enough of the living room. Let’s go on into the dining room.

{ The Dining Room }

Fall Home Tour - the Dining RoomThe best part of my dining room is Puddy! Do you see him over there on the left? He’s such a good boy.

I kept things fairly simple in this room, adding color with a table runner and colored stemware.

Farmhouse Dining Table Set for Early FallI used the aqua stemware to pull out the color in the table runner.

Centerpiece of Romanian Red PeppersAn ironstone bowl filled with Romanian peppers creates a simple centerpiece.

I plan to make roasted red pepper soup with these!

Blue and White Mismatched DinnerwareI like to mix my dinnerware. Embossed flea market bowls pair with new aqua colored plates.

Farmhouse hutch filled with white ironstoneMy farmhouse dining hutch is filled with part of my white ironstone collection.

I’ve added a few apples for color and interest.

{ The Kitchen }

Farmhouse Cottage Kitchen Because I work in my kitchen … a lot … I keep the decor in here simple.

I pair food with everyday serving pieces to decorate the kitchen for my Fall home tour.

Farmhouse Kitchen VignetteI’ve added some touches of red in here for the season.

Apples and more peppers. I love the curvy shape of these Romanian peppers!

Gala Apples in a Vintage BowlPretty Gala apples in a vintage bowl were later used to make Apple Upside Down Cake.

Country Farmhouse KitchenI love the trio of windows above the kitchen sink.

They make a great perch for flowers, veggies, fruits, and herbs.

Tomato on a Farmhouse Kitchen WindowsillToday, heirloom tomatoes from my garden decorate the windowsills.

Our garden is starting to fade now but there’s still a few tomatoes out there ripening.

Jonamac Apples Paired with Fall MumsThe kitchen table is set with a basket of Fall mums and the makings of a snack.

Jonamac apples and mumsWe have several U-Pick apple orchards in our area with a variety of apple selections.

Jonamac ApplesThese little beauties in the wooden bowl are Jonamac apples.

They’re crunchy sweet with a little bit of a tang in their bite.

Country Style Farmhouse KitchenAll this talk of tomatoes, peppers, and apples is making me hungry.

I think it’s time to whip something up in the kitchen!

Thanks so much for stopping by for my Fall home tour.

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  1. Jennifer I love that you used softer things for your fall decor. So pretty. Love the pop of color the tomatoes give. Love the white baby boos with the pink sedum really sweet and pretty. I tried your apple upside down cake and it came out so wonderful and my hubby almost ate half the cake himself. He loved it. So good. Have a wonderful Friday and great week end.

  2. Lovely, lovely! Orange isn’t a color I admire so I really love that you’ve used natural elements without all hoopla usually seen at this time of year. Nicely done!

  3. Hi Jennifer, your home looks beautiful for fall! I didn’t realize mums could live indoors, what a great idea! Love the colors you chose for the exterior paint, really striking! And the sweet basket of mums on the front door-so cute!

  4. I always enjoy seeing what you do to your sweet home. But…. I tot I taw a Puddy Tat! I love that you named your furbie Puddy! Tabbies are one of my favorites. And the kitties add so much to the pictures of a home. Thank you for sharing !

  5. You have such a beautiful home and I love how you incorporated all your fall decorations. Your photography is amazing as well! Thanks for sharing your many talents with us. 🙂

  6. Just beautiful! I love all of your perfect vignettes – especially the one with the burlap bag on the pile of vintage books. Ahhhhh – you had me at vintage books. 🙂 Every piece of furniture and decor item you’ve chosen for your home is so imbued with history and character. You have amazing thrift-shopping skills! I’m in love with your ironstone collection, the touches of blue glass, and that wonderful armchair. You have such a warm, inviting home. Thank you for sharing it with us. xo

  7. I love your fall decor!! I just got started decorating for autumn around here. I think I am still in denial that summer is over. 🙂
    I love how Puddy is in a lot of your photos. Our cats make it into mine a lot, too.