The Ultimate Beach House in Beautiful Coastal Hues

If I ever lived on the coast, be it east or west, this house by Geoff Chick & Associates is one of several I would choose if money were no object. Today’s home is the epitome of the perfect beach house in its blue and white palette with shades of light wood to represent the color of sand. Let me know if you agree!

beach style living roomPhoto by Geoff Chick & Associates


Shades of blue and white mix with sandy wood tones throughout to give you a true coastal style house. To emphasize the ambiance of nature, this charmer has plenty of custom windows to let in oodles of natural light and sea air.

white coastal dining room with touches of bluePhoto by Geoff Chick & Associates


High ceilings throughout the beach house create lofty appeal and a sense of spaciousness. I like that both the ceilings and floor are planked wood. Red knobs on the stove add a pop of color, along with bowls of fruit sitting out. 

coastal kitchenPhoto by Geoff Chick & Associates


A long hallway enjoys a wall of windowed French doors to the right, with sliding barn doors on the left. Overhead, rough hewn wooden beams break up the expanse of ceiling. 

perfect beach home with luxury stylePhoto by Geoff Chick & Associates


Look what’s revealed when you slide the barn doors open! A beautiful office. You can step out of the office for a break from work and grab refreshment just down the hall where there’s a handy bar. So if you like to work in Mad Men fashion and grab a cocktail in the middle of the day – you’re in luck!

perfect beach home hallway and officePhoto by Geoff Chick & Associates


A two-toned stairway leads to the upper level where you’ll find beautiful bedrooms. You don’t need a lot of wall adornments when you have textured walls like shiplap. A single seascape painting is all that’s needed above the cabinet chest.

coastal style staircasePhoto by Geoff Chick & Associates


The soft shades of blue are a subtle washing of cool color against a background of white throughout this beach house. It’s just the right touch of color – it doesn’t fight with all the fabulous architectural elements. This master bedroom is a true beauty and feels so serene and relaxing. 

serene white and blue master bedroomPhoto by Geoff Chick & Associates


The beach house bathroom is a dream with its painted wood work, stone tile, and free standing soaker tub – not to mention the walk-in shower. Another oceanside painting graces the wall.

master bathroom in coastal stylePhoto by Geoff Chick & Associates


While most people might not like sleeping a room with so many windows, I find it to be my dream. First of all, you can open the windows and enjoy the sea air and the sound of rolling waves. Secondly, you can always pull the curtains shut if need be, but I would probably leave them open and wake with the sun.

coastal style bedroom with gauzy curtainsPhoto by Geoff Chick & Associates


Throughout today’s coastal style home you’ll find plenty of nooks and crannies all beautifully yet simply decorated – like this cozy den with its pretty pendant light.

entertainment den in coastal stylePhoto by Geoff Chick & Associates


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  1. Yes, I could easily live the rest of my life in this home, should I win a large lottery. The turquoise accent color is a bit too bright for me, but I could easily substitute another beachy color in its place.