Favorite Christmas Ornaments to Add to This Year’s Tree

The Christmas spirit is in the air! Stores have stocked their shelves with holiday decorations and shopping ads appear everywhere you look. I actually ordered a new tree even though I vowed not to. But I really like this one! LOL. I don’t intend to buy a lot of new ornaments, but a few favorite Christmas ornaments have already caught my eye. I’m sharing them today, along with links on where to buy in case you might be interested, too. (This post contains affiliate links – see my privacy policy.)

Vintage glass ornaments on a Christmas tree by the fireplace


Vintage Christmas ornaments have always held a special place in my heart. I have several of them that I’ve kept in storage over the years. I might have to bring them out again this year. Here’s a fun set of vintage ornaments from Anthropologie.

Vintage Christmas ornaments from Anthropologie


You can always find vintage ornaments at Etsy. When buying used ornaments, be sure to look carefully at the photo for any scratches or dings. You can also message the seller on Etsy to ask about the ornaments’ condition, too. I love this colorful boxful of Shiny Brights.

Collection of Shiny Brights vintage ornaments



Your favorite Christmas ornaments don’t have to be relegated to the tree. I love to corral a group of them in bowls as an easy holiday decoration.

Miniature Ornaments in Wooden Bowl


You can create the same look with these minis from Amazon or these miniature glass ball ornaments from Anthropologie, shown below hanging from a tabletop Christmas tree.

Tabletop Christmas tree with mini ornaments from Anthropologie


Scroll through this gallery to shop for glass Christmas ornaments:


Wooden and paper ornaments are pretty too, and they hardly ever break like their glass counterparts. How can you not fall in love with these vintage-looking Advent houses from Anthro? They’re so adorable and colorful! I think the little girl in me is yearning to call these my own.

Little vintage house ornaments for Christmas


I used a lot of wood and paper on one of my Christmas trees from two years ago. I usually decorate my trees in some type of theme. I especially love the big paper snowflake ornaments from Crate and Barrel, and they’re inexpensive, which is a big bonus. Fold them up when Christmas is over and use them the following year. They’re pretty sturdy.

Christmas tree with wood and paper ornaments


This is the lace version of the paper snowflake from Crate and Barrel.


And this is the cutout version of the snowflake. I used both on my tree. Each style is just $3.95. Mine still look brand new. You can find the candlestick lights on Amazon.

Cutout paper snowflake from Crate and Barrel


Scroll through this gallery to shop for wood and paper ornaments:


The last two years I’ve been crushing on felted ornaments but have resisted the urge to buy any. Because if I get them, I need to buy enough to fill a tree and do I really need to spend money on that? Maybe I could get a 3-foot tree after Christmas when everything is on sale and stock up on a few felt ornaments. The grandkids could come over and decorate the small tree with me. It could be a new tradition. This cute trio of mice is from Pottery Barn.

Felt Christmas mice ornaments from Pottery Barn


A set of felted gingerbread men from Anthro would also be cute on a tree – or hung on a frosty branch tucked into a vase.

Felted gingerbread men from Anthropology


Scroll through this gallery to shop for felted wool ornaments:


So far I haven’t started any Christmas decorating yet. I’m waiting until a little later this year. By now I typically have my tree up but I want to continue to enjoy fall and the Thanksgiving holiday. Even so, it’s wise to get ornaments and décor now, especially when shopping online to make sure it ships in time.

What are your plans for this year’s tree?



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  1. So exciting to see all the Christmas ornaments! Gets you right into the spirit. Where did you order your new tree from?

  2. I too get the itch to buy new ornaments every year. The thought of storage halts my impulse though. The felt mice trio are just too cute! Your idea for the grandchildren’s tree decorating is a good one. I saved a lesson on how to make felt gnomes but haven’t gotten that project started. Maybe you can make some with the kid?
    My first thoughts are for the outside of the house and window lights. I have had the same window battery operated candles for the last few years but the cost of batteries has me buying plug in style this year. They’ll be brighter in the windows as well but still a warm light. I keep them in all winter and so enjoy the warmness they give.
    Wreaths and greenery will be next. Bought the Afloral Norfolk pine Real Touch wreath for my door. It was less expensive than one on Etsy but the same. A nice farm style casual feel to it:0)

  3. I almost cried when I saw this post. All of my parents’ Christmas ornaments are missing and I have been looking for sites where I can purchase replacements. My dad passed away several years ago and my mom passed away last November just before Thanksgiving. In the commotion of packing up their house and moving, all their ornaments have been misplaced. Looking at these, I realize that I can replace many of them. I can’t thank you enough. You have eased my mind greatly.

  4. I’m really impressed and proud of you making the decision to not begin Christmas decorating and to enjoy the current season to its fullest. Viva la Fall!!! Thanks for the info on the different ornaments. I still have my parents Shiny Brites and other vintage metallics. Since we downsized, we only put up a 4′ vintage silver metallic tree from my husband’s family which graced his Dad’s medical office from the late 50’s until he retired in the late 80’s. I use some of the small treasured ornaments on it and put other vintage balls in bowls, like you suggested. I think the upside of downsizing is being able to pare down to the things that you love the most and bring you the most joy. Still being able to enjoy those sweet ornaments and the memories they evoke, even if they aren’t on a full size tree, continues to be something we look forward to each year.

  5. I love vintage Christmas ornaments and anything vintage Christmas. I have my moms and grandma’s old ornaments which were always on my childhood trees. I also ended up buying more of them years ago. I also love the felted ornaments and have a few felted woodland animals and mice. Years ago when I started collecting things, I collected vintage elves and the little pinecone gnome, and snowmen ornaments that I use in a display. I love these paper ornaments. Reminds me of the straw ornaments my dad and I made when I was young. Ahhh memories. My tree has the same look as the one shown. I really enjoyed this post,, can you tell lol.