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Christmas Home Tour 2020: Part Two

Welcome to the second half of my 2020 Christmas Home Tour! Featured today are the family room and kitchen, the two rooms where we spend most of our time.

Scandinavian Style Christmas Tree in a Dark Gray Living Room

You can tour more blogger homes all week! A special thanks to my friend Marty at A Stroll Thru Life for organizing this week’s tour. The home before my tour belongs to my friend Linda at It All Started with Paint. I just love her Chicago home!

For years I’ve wanted a Scandinavian style Christmas tree and this year I finally created one! I ordered a somewhat sparse, unlit Christmas tree and chose simpler ornaments. Rather than string lights, I opted for clip-on candles. I would’ve preferred real candles but that would be a fire hazard. You turn these battery-operated candles on and off with a remote.

I added my paper mache ornaments with different patterns on them, along with simple wooden tree and star ornaments from Shady Hill Gardens which is where I always get my poinsettias. You can see their display of poinsettias and how to care for them that I shared previously on my blog.

Scandinavian Style Christmas Ornaments


The paper snowflake ornaments are new this year. Scandinavians are known for making paper stars and snowflakes as part of their holiday decor. I found these intricate snowflakes at Crate and Barrel and I love them!

Scandinavian Style Christmas Ornaments


Precious little wood ornaments on the tree were found a few years ago at Little Traveler in Geneva. I’ve been shopping there ever since I was a kid!

Wooden Scandinavian Style Carved Ornament


I’m so in love with my Scandinavian style Christmas tree. It’s the perfect size for this corner of the family room. I used two green trees this year, which means no flocked trees! You can see the other tree in the first part of my Christmas tour.

Scandinavian Style Christmas Tree with Candle Lights


On the other side of the family room is my sectional sofa and my favorite print in the house. It’s an architectural rendering of the Paris train station. It took me a while to find artwork large enough for this wall – and I was lucky to stumble across it at Cocoon, one of my favorite local boutiques.

Dark Gray Family Room with Sectional and Large Architectural Print


And look how much my pothos has grown! The leaves hadn’t grown past the bottom of the pot when I first bought it.

Dark Gray Family Room with Sectional and Large Architectural Print


Whoever sits in the corner of the sectional has to battle it! I should probably cut it back a bit.

Dark Gray Family Room with Sectional and Large Architectural Print


Lately I’ve had a thing for conifers so I added an evergreen print (also from Cocoon) on the side wall. I think my recent love affair began when I wrote an article about them last year for Aquascape Lifestyles, a free digital magazine we produce at work.

Corner of Gray Family Room with Sectional and Wood Coffee Table


A trio of painted, wooden Christmas trees adds a holiday touch on my coffee table. The trees are also from Shady Hill. I like to shop locally as much as possible.

Wooden Christmas Tree Vignette in Family Room


The family room is located just off the dining room and faces south. It gets a lot of sun which is part of the reason why I chose a dark color for the walls. The paint color is Moles Breath by Farrow and Ball.

Christmas Country Home Tour at Town and Country Living


We’ll head into the kitchen next, which is on the opposite side of the house – the north end. This is the view when you enter the front door and stand in the dining room. You walk through the dining room and sitting room to get to the kitchen. My house is about 150 years old so the layout isn’t like new homes today – and I’m totally okay with that.

Sitting Room in an Historic Home, Looking Into the Kitchen


My kitchen is fairly large for an older home but only has a few built-in cabinets. The rest of the pieces are freestanding – or what the English call “an unfitted kitchen.”

Country White Kitchen Decorated for Christmas


Note the evergreen tree print hanging by the back door. I found it in a new vintage shop in our town. I’m going to take pictures of that store because it’s in a really cool, old house.

Unfitted Kitchen in an Historic Home


This trio of windows above the kitchen sink was a deciding factor in purchasing this house. I have a window fetish for some odd reason. Hopefully I can replace the cabinets, counter top, and stove sometime before summer.

Farmhouse Style Kitchen with Green Tile Floor


A few little Christmas touches are added to the corner. I get a topiary red poinsettia every year. Surprisingly they last longer than the regular ones.

Red Topiary Poinsettia in a Country Style Kitchen


Our little breakfast nook resides at the other end of my unfitted kitchen. A bead board built-in cabinet caught my eye when I first saw the kitchen. I added the little buffet (which I bought from a friend) and open shelving a couple years after moving in.

Farmhouse Kitchen Decorated for Christmas


I think I always use red in my kitchen at Christmas time. It seems to play well with the green tile floor.

Christmas Breakfast Nook in Historic Farmhouse


Christmas Breakfast Nook in Historic Farmhouse


Where did I find these Christmas mugs? LOL. I just bought them this year and each one has a different image. I think I found them at Country Naturals.

Christmas Breakfast Table Setting


A snowy Christmas church print always makes its appearance at the holidays. The two small, country oil paintings were a find on my recent trip to Cambridge, Wisconsin.

Christmas Breakfast Nook in Historic Farmhouse


Here’s a close-up of the Christmas decorations on my kitchen buffet.

Christmas Decorations in a Farmhouse Kitchen


Christmas Decorations in a Farmhouse Kitchen


At the last minute, I added a tree in the kitchen. This corner looked a little lonely to me. It fit perfectly in a tall basket.

Farmhouse Kitchen Decorated for Christmas

Thank you so much for joining me for the second half of my Christmas home tour. You can see the first part of my holiday tour where I featured my sitting room, dining room, and main Christmas tree.

Next up on today’s tour is another friend of mine, Doreen at Hymns and Verses. I’ve been following her blog and admiring her home for several years! You can see all the other holiday homes at the links below! The party lasts all week!

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  1. I love your Scandinavian tree! I have the candle lights, too (they’re a big thing here in Germany where I am). They make the tree so pretty. Your home has so much character and charm–old houses are just the best. It’s always a pleasure to tour with you–Merry (early) Christmas!

    1. Thank you, Christy! I get so much inspiration from European blogs! There’s such an Old World charm about older homes in Europe that I find so endearing!

  2. Your Scandinavian tree is amazing. I love those paper snowflake ornaments, such detail and those candle lights are perfect. I have to agree with you, the tree is stunning. You know how much I love your kitchen too. It is such a great space and you have added just the right pieces to it. That green floor spells Christmas for sure. The buffet and open shelves are decorated with the most fun items, love those mugs. Thanks so much for joining the tour again this season, it is always to fun to peak inside your home.

  3. Love, love your kitchen. The tree is a nice addition. Is your white stool vintage?
    Have a blessed holiday!

    1. Thank you, Ethel. I found the stool at a flea market – I actually have two of them. I’m not sure if they’re vintage or not. Have a Merry Christmas!

  4. Your home looks beautiful! Where did you purchase the white mugs with the red truck holding Christmas trees? Are they enamel? Would love to add to my collection. Thanks . Merry Christmas and a Happy, safe New Year!

    1. Thank you, Eve! I found the mugs at a local boutique. They’re not enamel (I thought they were too until I picked one up). I haven’t seen them anywhere else.

  5. Jennifer, I love what you have done this year. I love all the earthy, comfy colors and touches. The trees are beautiful.
    And I love your fun kitchen…I hope you don’t change it too much! Old houses are the best.

    Merry Christmas,
    New Hampshire

    1. Thanks, Christine! I don’t plan to change too much in the kitchen. Just going to swap out the existing cabinets and counter tops, and hopefully get a vintage style oven range. Merry Christmas!!

  6. Your home is so beautiful, and I love how cozy your Christmas decor is! When my kids were younger they always wanted to put up our old, tacky Christmas decorations. Now that most of them are moved out of the house, I can decorate minimally! My favorite part of decorating during the holiday season is getting my upholstery cleaned, fluffing up the holiday pillows on the couch, and taking a nap after all of the decorating is complete!

  7. What a nice change of pace with the beautiful Scandinavian tree decor. I like your homes layout as your rooms can be intimate spaces for relaxing. You have some great artwork that I’m admiring. It’s so nice to travel and pick up keepsakes especially lovely art. Wonderful house tour!

  8. Good Morning Jennifer…The first part of Your Holiday Home Tour was absolutely stunning. Your use of antiques throughout added such a special touch.The beauty of the decor was calming and peaceful, and I loved every detail that you put into the design. This second tour is no exception. It is lovely. For me I think the simplicity of it is what makes it so special. All of your trees in both tours were so beautiful. Have a wondrous and magical Holiday season, filled with good health, love, and peace. I thank you for these most spectacular posts.

    1. Thank you, Joanne. I truly appreciate your kind words! So glad you enjoyed the trees. They’re always my favorite part of holiday decorating. Enjoy your Christmas season!

  9. I love your home and you always do an amazing job of decorating it. I love your new tree and all your cute signs and pictures, thanks so much for allowing us in your home and have a great week.

  10. Your Scandinavian tree is so unique and pretty. I like your cozy touches of Christmas in these rooms. I can picture myself having breakfast in your lovely kitchen. Have a merry Christmas!

  11. Your tree and decorations are as always beautiful.. Your Scandinavian influence with your tree is just wonderful.
    I along with many others agree that your kitchen is just perfect the way it is. It suits your lovely home. …it has so much character as it is. Sterile and blah kitchens are a dime a dozen……you have a ‘real’ kitchen and it looks like the heart of your home …

    1. Thank you, Wan! I do love the built-in hutch in my kitchen. It took a while for me to like the green tile floor. I kept thinking I’d replace the flooring but now the tiles have kind of grown on me so I’ll keep them. 🙂

  12. Christmas Perfection! I love your unfitted kitchen and your green floor. I am hoping to get new counter tops this next year too. Thanks for having us, Jennifer.

  13. As always, your home is stunning! I absolutely adore the Scandinavian Christmas tree and all those amazing ornaments! I may need to find me some of those candle lights – they look amazing! And your family room is so cozy with that dark and moody wall color! Also, I adore your older home layout! Happy holidays, my friend! 🙂 Linda

    1. Thanks, Linda. I was lucky enough to find the candle lights on sale for just $5 a box – but I don’t remember where I found them! LOL. Happy Holidays!

  14. Your home is so beautiful and so warm – and your Scandinavian tree is just gorgeous! So many beautiful Christmas touches everywhere! Merry Christmas!

  15. I love your home. The simplicity is just beautiful. All your Christmas touches are perfect. Most of the blogs out there have the perfect updated home, especially the kitchen. But your home is unique. I absolutely love it.