Friday Finds #23: Looking Forward

Is anyone besides me losing sleep from watching election results this week? Omigoodness what a whirlwind week it’s been regardless of how you voted. We wait with bated breath for final results! And hopefully, the angst will subside and we can work toward unity and love for our fellow citizen. That is my hope anyway.

White Southern Porch with United States Flag

We’re having record-breaking warm weather here in Illinois – around 70 degrees and sunny all week. It’s been so beautiful outside and I can’t wait to get outside to work in the yard and get a few walks in.

The next couple of weeks I’ll be ramping up the Christmas decorating in anticipation of my annual holiday home tour here on the blog. My plan is a simpler approach that doesn’t stress me out. We’ll see if that happens! How soon do you start decorating for Christmas? Do you wait until after Thanksgiving?

Here’s a few Friday Finds to inspire you for the month ahead!

I came across this list of best small towns across the country. Check it out see if you’ve visited any of them.

Speaking of Christmas, here’s a fun holiday flip book to look through and find some decorating inspiration.

And here’s a cute way to decorate Christmas gifts. This post is written in a different language, but the photos provide the general idea. So cute!

Interior decorating trends are moving toward richer, darker colors – which I personally love. If you agree, you’ll love these moody interiors.

Do you and your family like casseroles? If yes, be sure to check out this collection of casserole dishes from Bon Appetit that include vegetarian options. There are several I plan to make.

Have a good weekend – and come back tomorrow for some inspiration from me and my “cozy living” blog friends!

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  1. I just want it over! I have never seen such a tumultuous political champaign in my life! Raking up 25 bags of leaves helped expend that nervous energy and for once in my life I enjoyed it. Also that Chicago radio station that you either love or hate during the holidays will begin nonstop Christmas carols today at 4. I am there for it this year! I’ll even enjoy The Little Drummer Boy…for a while. Lol

  2. Yes, I am praying for unity and love, as well. I am ready to leave this year behind, and hoping 2021 brings with it all things wonderful. I don’t start decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. Right now I have Halloween sitting in bags ready to go back up to the attic, so I can’t even begin to think about Christmas decorations, but I do know that it will be simple this year. Take care, Jennifer, and have a great weekend.

  3. I have visited eight of the small towns. Nashville, Indiana is about 25-30 miles from my small town and we visit it often. This time of year with the fall colors, it’s bumper to bumper traffic. with all the sight-seers. There are lots of shops and places to stay and delicious eating places and a new music venue with popular artists who perform there. A beautiful little town and I urge anyone to visit.

  4. Ug, politics! I think I’m giving up watching the news and will probably be the last to know who will be running the country! Christmas comes after Thanksgiving here, only because there is little time to set all the Christmas decor up until then. Finally getting a little cold weather here in sunny California!

    Enjoy your weekend and thanks for the post!

  5. I loved those presents with the simple tags, that I think are made from thin cork. Yes, who isn’t loving this weather?