Friday Finds #67: Plants and Home Tours

Wow! Our temperatures plunged from 80 degrees down to 50 degrees at night. What a shocker to my system! LOL. And of course, we’ll be back up to 80-degree temps early next week. Welcome to Illinois weather – I’m used to it at this point. Since it got so cold last night, I had to bring my houseplants inside. I think I’ll keep them indoors now until next summer.

Hope Philodendron - Healthy Houseplant in Woven Basket

This plant is my prized Hope Philodendron. I almost killed it! There were just a few small leaves remaining on it due to an overwatering mistake. Last summer I took it outside and it started coming back to life, but only got half the size you see in the photo above. I took it out again this summer and it’s now back to looking big and beautiful. I’m so proud of myself. Whenever I move sickly plants outdoors, they always seem to bounce back. So that’s my tip of the week.

This weekend we’re in Madison for the art fair. There’s also a University of Wisconsin football game going on so it’s going to be busy. I made dinner reservations in advance to make sure we’d get a table at a decent restaurant. I’m sooo looking forward to this trip. I just finished work on a 312-page coffee table book for work and need a break.

Allright, let’s get on with why you’re here – to see this week’s Friday Finds!

First, I’m crushing on this new fall color palette from Benjamin Moore. I might be able to use it in my son’s former bedroom.

It’s apple season and every one of these apple desserts look amazing, but I’m especially interested in trying the Dutch Apple Pudding Cake.

I stumbled across this gorgeous fall mantel created by Leslie at Deeply Southern Home. It’s such a pretty room!

You don’t want to miss Rambling Renovator’s fall home tour. She used zinnias in her decor! It’s one of my favorite garden flowers.

Check out this vintage rental vacation home in Australia and tell me if you’d take a bath in that tub. I’ve never seen one like it!

If you’re looking for a fun and easy Halloween craft, check out my baby boo faces that require no carving whatsoever!

Enjoy this last weekend in September! Christmas will be here before you know it!!

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  1. My mother-in-Love taught me to put sickly plants outside under an azalea or similar type bush. The bush gave the plant gentle shade and protection from hard rains. It usually works. I’m also convinced that living things know if we love and care about them. 🙂

  2. That zinc tub was a great prices. Apple’s anything is alright with me and I loved those paint colors and home tour. Thanks that was so fun, your plant is beautiful.

  3. Your philodendron is gorgeous! How do you keep your cats from chewing on it? I have an olive tree and a blue star fern that always summer outside. I’m so surprised every fall by how much they’ve grown. They look so much smaller in the great outdoors than in my dining room! 🙂

  4. Love that Australian cottage and your exuberant philodendron. I hope you have a wonderful time in Madison! It’s so fun to see the UW campus back to life after the past year and a half. The energy is contagious. Can’t wait to hear about your adventures and the restaurants you chose.

  5. Enjoy your weekend in Madison! Wish I was there so I could visit my son lol. Love your plant, actually they all look so nice. I always struggle with when to bring mine in. I’ve been wintering over geraniums and begonias for years but it’s not easy and they take up a lot of space along with my regular houseplants. Oh Boston Ferns also. I find them tough inside due to the dryness. Going to try a humidifier this year.