Get Cozy with Winter: Friday Finds #81

Brrr! We’re having a cold snap here in Chicagoland and I don’t like it one bit. I don’t mind 30-degree temperatures but when it gets close to 0 degrees out, that’s no bueno! A bit of cabin fever settles in because I don’t like to go anywhere when it’s that cold. And then when the air creeps back up into the 30s, it feels pretty balmy outside!

Midwestern Living in Winter. An Early Christmas Snow.

January is about half way over, so that’s a good thing. And the days are getting slightly longer, ever so slowly. Also, I won’t deny that fresh-fallen snow looks beautiful. When I spend more time indoors, I find more inspiring ideas for Friday Finds. This week I’ve got more goodies for you.

Let’s get started with a Norwegian cabin update that includes before and after photos. The transformation is ah-maz-ing and I love the new look of this sweet little abode in one of the happiest countries in the world.

What’s also amazing are these cool bathroom backsplash ideas. Each one impressed me and of course, I want to try each idea in my own bathroom.

Historic paint colors are back in fashion and this collection from James Coviello’s house are right up my alley. I’m especially loving the beige paint colors.

Here’s a cute flower candle decorating idea for crafty types. I just ordered dried, pressed flowers to do this myself. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Are you thinking of Valentine’s Day yet? Here’s my favorite pink and gray table setting that’s perfect for Cupid’s holiday. Of course, I’m always a sucker for tulips!

We’ll end today’s inspirational round-up with dessert. An Italian orange ricotta cake that looks like it melts in your mouth. Double yum!

Stay safe in this winter weather and enjoy peaceful time indoors. Soon enough, the gardening season will begin and life will get a little busier with outdoor chores added to our daily task list.

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  1. You always show food at the end and make me hungry! haha! What the cabin was transformed is was fabulous. I loved those paint colors, thanks and have a great weekend.

  2. Very nice links today. I am fond of the colors in the cabin update and use them here as well. Tulips are my favorite flower! When I was about five years old I wanted to celebrate May Day by giving our neighbors a flower filled cone. I made a cone, and since we did not have any flowers, I went in their garden, cut their tulips and hung them on their door and went home. I wonder if they figured out who did that 😝 I like the beige colors too. I love white in all the decor photos, but it is a little stark for me. I call our interior paint color ‘oatmeal’ as it is a beige-ish ivory. Also pinned that cake recipe, looks yummy. Finally gave up all dairy, cheese being a last hold out, but now days the vegan cheese products are excellent.