Kitchen Wallpaper: Is It for You?

When I ask people if they like wallpaper, the answer is either a resounding yes or an emphatic no. I’ve yet to find anyone who feels lukewarm when it comes to the subject of papering the walls of their home. Designers are predicting a growing trend back to wallpapered walls and today I’m sharing examples of kitchen wallpaper from Houzz to see what Town and Country Living readers think.

A soft, patterned wallpaper lines the walls of this neutral kitchen. Far from boring, fun geometric fabrics grace the chairs and bar stools. This is a wallpaper I could live with.

Wallpapered Kitchens - see inspiring examplesPhoto by Buckingham Interiors


Another soft wallpaper pattern is seen in this traditional kitchen with custom cabinetry.

Kitchen Wallpaper - 10 examplesPhoto by Caitlin Wilson Design


If you like a bolder look, you might enjoy this bold graphic pattern in a white kitchen. The floor tile reminds me of mine, except my kitchen floor is green.

Farmhouse Kitchen in White and WallpaperPhoto by Studio S Interiors


A contemporary-style kitchen makes great use of pattern. Thin stripes on the range hood mimic the lines of the cabinet doors. Circles add softness on the kitchen wallpaper and a fun touch of blue colors the ceiling.

Contemporary Style Kitchen with WallpaperPhoto by Rikki Snyder 


Soft yellow wallpaper covers the walls of this shabby chic kitchen with its rustic pendant lighting.

Shabby Chic Kitchen with Floral WallpaperPhoto by Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture


Contemporary, leafy wallpaper meets traditional styling in this pretty kitchen. The kitchen wallpaper is relegated to the entry area, which is a great option if you don’t want to feel overwhelmed by pattern.

Gray and White Kitchen with Leafy Kitchen WallpaperPhoto by Dura Supreme Cabinetry


Calling all blue-lovers!  The patterned kitchen wallpaper is toned down with lots of white trim and a mostly-solid blue floor. What do you think of the geometric floor border?

Blue and White Kitchen WallpaperPhoto by Benjamin Moore


Another way to add wallpaper to any room without making a huge commitment is to line one wall with a soft pattern, like this Nordic-style kitchen. It contains enough colors that you can swap out accessories and still have them match.

Nordic Kitchen with Shabby Chic StylePhoto by Holly Marder


Neutral-toned wallpapers always look great with wood trim, as evidenced in this Victorian kitchen.

Victorian Kitchen with WallpaperPhoto by Siemasko + Verbridge


Finally, consider adding wallpaper to the kitchen ceiling, or just a portion of it. You’ll satisfy your love for wallpaper without having to do a lot of work.

Wallpapered Ceiling in White KitchenPhoto by Adams + Beasley Associates

What do you think? Are you a fan of wallpaper and would you ever add it to your kitchen?  I wallpapered our kitchen with a grapevine pattern shortly after we moved in, but eventually removed it and replaced it with bead board and paint. But I still enjoy a pretty wallpaper!


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  1. Linda Manuel says:

    Wallpapers are fun and exciting – to look at. But they grow tiresome after a short time. Wouldn’t use them again, even in a small area. If I want pattern, I’ll stencil. Faster, less expensive, easily changed and no comparative mess. I admit to seeing some rooms with wallpapers that I LOVE, but I wouldn’t want to have to live with them. They just get to be too much, too soon.

  2. Just took off the last wallpaper in my house: border in a bedroom. Love wallpaper but changing it is difficult. That being said, the blue Benjamin Moore room was my favorite.

  3. Ummmm, no. None of those appealed to me, but no one can deny that it is time, on the clock of design, for wallpaper to “come back.” Done right, it will be refreshing and wonderful.

    I did notice the tiled floors. NOT as beautiful as yours! 🙂

  4. Nan, Odessa, DE says:

    I really, really like paper.
    BUT, don’t forget it has to come off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I will admire it in others’ homes, but NO MORE for US

    PS Not sure the kitchen is a practical place to use paper with all the fumes and grease from cooking

  5. These were all very pretty but NOPE I’d never do it in my home. That ship sailed when I had to strip it in our first home. Just becomes dated and I would think that would be especially true with the way things change today in the decorating world.

  6. Stephanie C. says:

    Love the blue & white kitchen! Wallpaper has always been something I’ve loved, even when it was out of fashion. I wish I were brave enough to wallpaper my kitchen but the walls are knotty pine which I hate, Many,many times I have thought about removing or even painting the knotty pine but something holds me back. My Dad installed the knotty pine back in the late 50’s & whenever I think of changing it something pulls at my heart & so it stays.

  7. Nope to wallpaper. Because when we moved in there was wallpaper, ugly old wallpaper in every room and I removed it all.
    My girls remember and say if I ever put wallpaper up they will call a Dr! LOL
    Anyway….are you planning on putting paper up?? Remember to use paper that can be in a kitchen….one that has a coating.

  8. Marlene Stephenson says:

    It’s alright if it’s on just one wall or i did like that one on the ceiling. Some of those might make me a little tipsy, just looking at them. lol!

  9. Doris Buckhannon says:

    Wallpaper is great until you get tired of it and you have to take it down ???? I’m happiest with paint and beadboard but I love looking at wallpapered walls!

  10. Love the wallpaper… I have any?? Nope!!! Especially not in a kitchen, too difficult to keep clean unless you do not cook or bake!!! I’ll take paint any day, the walls can be washed and touched up and change color very easily.

  11. I’ve used wallpaper somewhere off and on for the past 40 years – although it has to be soft in pattern and color. And now, thanks to the invention Gods, we have wallpaper that uses NO paste (not even prepasted) and is movable while hanging and removable when you’re tired it it – just strip it off the walls – no scraping, no wetting, no mess. It’s great for renters and for those of us who want the look without all the labor we’ve had to deal with for so many years. Check it out – it’s amazing!

    • I agree, I love wallpaper…I have taken all of mine down but I’m considering redoing my stairway with a white floral on a white background and I think it will be amazing….now just to get the time to do it…

  12. Bambi Mayer says:

    It will be a cold day in hell before I allow an inch of wallpaper on one of my walls!

  13. Nope, been there and done that. Some are really pretty but limits your decorating options.

  14. I like it until it is time to take it off. What a chore. Unless it is one of those easy to peel off types I will pass on this trend.

  15. Some of it is very pretty, but like the rest of the readers it’s a chore to remove it when you tire of it or it begins to look dated. The last time I had to strip it from walls that had not been properly sized before it was applied to the wall took hours of steaming, spraying, scraping and scratching to get it off. I would think twice about even buying a home with wallpaper for that reason. I will not put it in my home.

  16. Oh, 100% yes on wallpaper! I only have 1 accent wall of wallpaper currently in my home but I think in special applications it should never be considered passe. The problem with it was, everyone did every room.

  17. Carol Carroll says:

    Wow so very amazed at all the NO NO NO… That said “NO” well it may not make a very promissing come back I am thinking…

  18. Not a good time to ask me * * * I am sanding the walls where I had wallpaper in the hall & foyer…… Ask me later! But I do love the White on White for the dining room or foyer ~ Will mull it over…

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